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Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies in UAE in 2024

Top 10 Pharma Companies in UAE in 2024

Pharmaceuticals and medical supplies are essential commodities when it comes to health. There are different companies engaged as suppliers of drugs and other medical equipment within United Arab Emirates.

This article will rank the ten best Pharmaceutical firms in UAE by 2024:

1. Neopharma

Since its inception in 2001, Neopharma has remained one of the top pharmaceutical companies not only in Abu Dhabi but also in whole of UAE. It employs about a thousand people with projected annual earnings reaching $3 billion by next year. Unlike many others, this company offers comprehensive healthcare solutions like prescription & OTC medicines; active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), biomedical devices etc., diagnostic products; veterinary health care support solutions etc., all under one roof.

Its vast array of products combined with dedication and consistency towards quality service provision has made it an industry leader among Pharmaceutical Companies based within UAE.

2. Shalina Healthcare

Dubai-based Shalina Healthcare is another leading player among pharmaceutical companies operating locally since its establishment back in 2004. With over two thousand employees worldwide and expected yearly revenue exceeding $2Bn as at 2022, they boast wide coverage across Prescription Pharmaceuticals; Generic Pharmaceuticals; OTC Products; Ethical Pharmaceuticals etc.

Shalina always strives to take healthcare closer to people throughout Middle East & Africa region while creating cheaper yet effective medicines – an admirable goal considering their commitment towards making healthcare affordable, accessible, available for everyone who needs it most.

3. Julphar

Julphar was founded as a Ras Al Khaimah-based manufacturer but now ranks among key international players within this sector having been around since 1980. Its therapeutic area product range includes those for humans as well animals thus making them catering for different needs even outside UAE where their presence is felt through more than 90 countries spread over six continents globally.

The firm has set a target of generating US $1 billion in revenues by 2022 with about 4000 employees worldwide. One of their objectives is continuous investment into R&D so that they can become not only regional leaders in pharmaceutical production but also global players through distribution hubs located hereabouts – this move will create many new jobs while adding value to local industry and ultimately benefitting patients who have lacked access reliable drugs due to distance or other reasons.

4. Pharmax

Incepted in 2010, Pharmax has always been an aggressive newbie in the world of drug producers in United Arab Emirates. Ahmed Abdulla, the CEO of this company, has seen to it that Pharmax grows at an astounding rate by providing affordable drugs of high standards as well; its projected annual revenues for 2022 are over AED5bn ($1.36bn).

Dubai serves as headquarters where production facilities are concentrated before being distributed throughout UAE and its immediate neighbors such as Oman etc., while employing over two thousand five hundred staff members across different departments like HR department; Logistics department; QC section and Media & Communication unit among others – all these factors contribute towards making it one among leading Pharmaceutical Companies registered under MOHAP Guidelines for Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

5. Glucare

Al Hayat is a pharmaceutical company that was established in 1994. This UAE based concern operates with over 90 employees who work together for the common goal of providing high-quality health care products and services to its customers. The company offers a wide range of medical items including drugs, instruments and other medical supplies which are used in various fields such as hospitals, clinics, nursing homes etc. Besides this it also provides consultancy services related to healthcare business management like marketing strategies, cost controls etc. In order to meet international standards they have adopted ISO 9001 certification system since their establishment. They have always been committed towards patient safety by ensuring safe usage of medications through proper labeling instructions and warnings about potential side effects or drug interactions associated with each product sold under their brand name.

Al Hayat Pharmaceuticals was established in 1995 by Dr. Akhtar Hussain, a distinguished Indian industrialist. Being one of the top pharmaceutical companies in the UAE; it is located in Dubai and has earned revenues worth more than $50 Million projected for 2022 with over 120 employees who are highly skilled. The firm is renowned for its production of quality driven life saving drugs which serve the medical needs of people across UAE and other countries as well.

Their wide range of products include everything from Pharmaceutical Formulations, Medical Disposables, Raw Materials & Pharma Packaging items to Nutraceuticals & Ayurvedic Herbal Products – all produced according to global standards. With such an enormous variety available at hand, no wonder this company has achieved significant milestones within the Pharmaceutical Industry and will soon become number one at some point.

In conclusion,

The UAE has various trustworthy pharmaceutical companies supplying drugs and medical equipment throughout different emirates in the country. Make sure that you carry out proper research on these firms before making any purchase so as not to be conned or buy counterfeit goods!

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