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Which Is The Most Reliable And Best Quality Tyre Company In India?

The Most Reliable And Best Quality Tyre Company In India

Determining the most reliable tyre company in India or the best quality tyres in India can be confusing for some of you. Hence, if you are one of those looking to seek the right answer then this article is for you.

The Indian tyre industry contributes nearly 3% of the manufacturing GDP. But if we tell you the top tyre companies then MRF, Apollo Tyres, and JK Tyres, contribute roughly 60% of the market share (in terms of revenue).

But who is the most reliable tyre company in India? Let us help you to figure out all of those here.

Best Quality Tyres In India 

There are different names or we can say best quality tyres in India, that we have determined.

  1. MRF (Madras Rubber Factory Ltd.)

    MRF is determined to be one of the leading and best-quality tyres in India. It was founded in 1946 by K. M. Mammen Mappillai with a small toy balloon manufacturing.

    Best Quality Tyre Company

    Product ranges

    MRF has a wide range of tyres for cars that mainly include radial tyres, tubeless tyres, and eco-friendly tyres. Apart from this, they also offer two-wheeler tyres, truck/bus and even off-road tyres.

    MRF focuses on strong research and technologies that centre on even improving existing products. If we talk about quality then they emphasize high-quality manufacturing processes.

    Market presence

    They export their products to over 90 countries and this mainly includes Europe, USA, Asia and Africa as well.

    With their consistent performance and innovation, MRF has received numerous awards. This has made them fall within the best quality tyres in India.

    In addition, MRF continues to invest in expanding its manufacturing capacity and even enhancing its product ranges.

  2. Apollo Tyres

    Established in 1972, Apollo Tyres is also one of the leading names among the most reliable and best tyre companies in India. Initially, they started with a single-unit enterprise but later grew towards a multinational company.

    Best Quality Tyre Company

    Product ranges

    Apollo offers a wide range of tyres that include high-performance, all seasons and also eco-friendly. Their team focuses on advanced trends and technologies to cater for the needs of consumers and create eco-friendly products.

    Market presence

    They have established themselves strongly within the Indian market. But alongside, they do have an international presence in over 100 countries mainly Netherlands, and Hungary.

    Because of their quality, innovation and advanced business strategies, Apollo showcases high-quality products.

  3. JK Tyre & Industries Ltd

    JK Tyre & Industries Ltd is also one of the prominent players in the market when it comes to dealing with the best tyres. They were established in 1974 and over the years have grown through strategic expansion.

    Best Quality Tyre Company

    Product ranges

    They deliver passenger car tyres, commercial vehicles, two-wheelers, and off-road. They are known for introducing innovative products and technologies such as smart tyre technology which in turn enhances safety and performance.

    Market presence

    JK Tyre & Industries Ltd have a strong presence in the Indian and international markets. This indicates they have manufacturing facilities in India, Mexico and also the USA.

    Moreover, they are the top revenue-generating tyre companies in India. However, they are also exploring new markets and aim to strengthen their position globally.

  4. CEAT (Cavi Elettrici e Affini Torino)

    CEAT has a rich history towards delivering the best tyres in India and internationally as well. They were originally established in 1924 in Turin, Italy, but later the company was acquired by the RPG group in 1982.

    Best Quality Tyre Company

    Product ranges

    They offer speciality tyres, for commercial, two-wheeler, passenger car and off-road. They are on a continuous mission to improve new products upon implementing new technologies. 

    Further, they also focus on enhancing tyre safety, performance and sustainability. 

    Market presence

    The company delivers the best quality tyres in India and exports its product to over 130 countries worldwide.

    They even have multiple manufacturing plants likely in Mumbai, Nagpur, Nasik and Halol.

    With their consistent business approach and strategies, they are the top tyre company in India.

  5. Bridgestone India

    The other company standing strongly is Bridgestone India which is one of the most reliable companies. The company is recognized globally with a long history of producing tyres and has a strong reputation for reliability.

    They are known for using advanced technologies and undergo strict quality control measures in their manufacturing process.

    Best Quality Tyre Company

    Product ranges

    One of the world’s largest tyre companies offering a wide range of tyres catering to different needs like passenger car tyre, Potenza Series, Ecopia Series, SUV and 4×4 Tires.

    Market presence

    Customers are likely to choose Bridgestone India because it is one of the most trusted brands. 

    They have a strong market strategy and this makes them one of the top companies in India. 

    Delivering positive customer experience across India and other countries too.

  6. Goodyear India

    Goodyear India is known as the prominent subsidiary of the globally renowned Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company. The company was established in 1992 and has become the leading tyre manufacturer in India.

    Best Quality Tyre Company

    Product ranges

    They are known for their quality products and also innovative technologies. A wide range of tyres for cars and also SUVs is available that promotes safety and higher performance.

    Along with this, durable tyres for trucks, buses and other commercial vehicles are available to withstand heavy loads.

    Market presence

    Goodyear India has established a robust market presence and has become one of the leading manufacturers in India.

    They have a widespread network and also distributors across the country. This extensive network ensures they are readily available for consumers in both urban and rural areas.


  7. Michelin India

    The other best quality tyres in India are available with Michelin India and is a subsidiary of a French multinational tyre manufacturer. When you are looking to determine the best tyre company in India then Michelin is proven to be one of those ranking on top.

    Best Quality Tyre Company

    Product ranges

    They are known for their high-quality and innovative tyre solutions and with a strong presence in India. Michelin India offers a wide range of vehicle segments that mainly include cars, trucks, buses, two-wheelers, and off-road vehicles.

    Michelin is known for their commitment to innovation and technologies as well and it reflects the best offerings.

    Market presence

    Michelin has a strong presence not only in India but internationally as well. Upon continuous focusing on quality, innovation, and also customer satisfaction, Michelin maintains a leadership position in this tough competitive market.

  8. Balkrishna Industries Limited (BKT)

    BKT is a multinational tyre manufacturing company in India and is known particularly for off-highway applications.

    They were established in 1987, and have grown to become the global leader in the production of tyres for construction, agriculture and also industrial vehicles as well.

    Best Quality Tyre Company

    Product ranges

    Specializing in off-highways tyres and their products are designed for various applications. They provide Harvester Tyres, Tractor Tyres, Sprayer, Construction and more.

    Market presence

    Balkrishna Industries Limited beyond India, has also developed an international market presence. They are exporting their products to more than 160 countries across the globe.

    This means their products are accessible to North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

    It has been found that the company’s success is directly linked to its quality products and strong customer relationships. Along with this upon understanding the customer’s needs and the advancements, BKT has positioned itself as one of the leading players in the market.

  9. TVS Srichakra Limited

    TVS Srichakra Limited is known as TVS tyres and is one of the prominent Indian tyre manufacturers in India. 

    They are committed to innovation and technology, to bring advancements towards their products. Further, TVS does have a strong presence in sustainability with energy-efficient technologies in production facilities, recycling programs and also eco-friendly manufacturing.

    Best Quality Tyre Company

    Product ranges

    They specialize in two-wheeler, three-wheelers and also for off-road vehicles. They have different tyres available for a wide range of industries.

    Market presence

    TVS, like all other top tyre companies in India, has a strong presence in international markets. This is mainly achieved with the help of a robust distribution network, strategic partnerships and even a strong focus towards customer satisfaction.

  10. Yokohama India

    Yokohama India is also one of the top and reliable tyre companies in India known for its high-performing tyres for cars, SUVs, and trucks.

    Best Quality Tyre Company

    The company began their operations in 2007, and upon extending their hands towards the global market as well.

    Yokohama incorporates advanced technologies to easily enhance tyre performance upon utilizing orange oil to improve tyre performance. 

    Market presence

    Yokohama has also developed a strong market presence with the help of a robust distribution network and also strategic partnership. The company tyres are available at numerous retail outlets as well.

    They are serving more than 100 countries and staying ahead in technological advancements. 


Determining the most reliable and Best quality tyre company in India can be difficult for you at present time. But to help you get sorted, we have summed up all of those companies ranking on top.

Each of the companies has their own strengths, robust dealer network, after sale service and ensuring reliability and quality. Therefore, when you are looking for off-road tyres, construction, commercial vehicles etc. then all of the above companies we have mentioned are able to serve top class facilities.

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