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Tata Technologies ipo allotment criteria

Tata Technologies is known to be one of the leading multinational companies that offers engineering services and also digital solutions across various countries.

There is no doubt that they have a strong presence in the global automotive and even aerospace sectors.

About Tata Technologies 

Tata Technologies ipo allotment criteria

  • Tata Technologies was founded in 1989 and is a subsidiary of Tata Motors. It has its headquarters in Pune (India).
  • Also, it is a publicly traded company listed on both NSE and BSE.

If we talk about the services offered by Tata Technologies then offer:

Product development that ranges from concept and prototyping to engineering. Tata technologies support the entire development cycle. 

Furthermore, they also offer expertise in areas like digital manufacturing, IoT and artificial intelligence. 

Tata technologies have entire lifecycle management and this includes after-sales service and maintenance solutions.

Apart from the information about Tata Technologies, this article is all about Tata technologies IPO allotment criteria.

It has been found that Tata Technologies follows specific allotment criteria and this is to ensure fair distribution among different categories of investors. 

Accordingly, the total shares offered are equity shares at a face value of ₹2 each, priced at ₹500 per share.

The shares further are being sold by existing shareholders, but all of these are followed by the allotment criteria.

Allotment criteria for IPO

Three main factors comes up when it comes to the Allotment criteria for IPO

  • One is to retail investors which are 35 percent of the offer.
  • The other is non-institutional investors that is 15%
  • The last is the qualified institutional buyers that is 50% of the offer.

The allotment process of IPO

The allotment process for the data technologies like other IPOs in India is majorly governed by SEBI and this is done for fairness and transparency.

Basic of allotment 

The allotment here is finalized by considering the demand placed by the different investors. This means the higher the demand and in turn higher the allotment within the particular category.

Credit of shares

Here the successful allottees receive their shares in their respective demat account and this is on the specified date (this is mainly within the few days of allotment getting finalized).

Unsuccessful bidders

In this case, the funds are unblocked for Unsuccessful bidders and this is around the same time and shares are also credited to the successful bidders.

All of these steps are followed when it come to tata technologies ipo allotment criteria.

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