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Top 10 IT Companies in Dubai 2024

10 Best IT Companies in Dubai in 2024

The United Arab Emirates, particularly the city of Dubai, is known as the regional hub of technology and innovation. In 2024, many IT companies are set to expand their operations in the region and become major players in the tech industry. Dubai is one of the most prominent hubs for the Information Technology (IT) sector in the Middle East. The city has a strong infrastructure and technological advancements that make it an attractive destination for tech giants. IT companies in Dubai are focused on providing innovative solutions to their clients, from advanced analytics to cloud-based services. In recent years, many IT companies have set up operations in the city, to capitalize on its growing economy and business opportunities.

Here is the list of the Top 10 IT Companies in Dubai in 2024:

1) Microsoft Gulf FZ LLC:

Microsoft Gulf is a leading provider of software solutions and services in Dubai. The company has offices in several throughout the GCC region, including Kuwait Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the UAE, and Oman. Microsoft Gulf offers a range of IT solutions for businesses of all sizes, including enterprise resource planning (ERP), cloud computing, custom software development, customer relationship management (CRM), analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI). It also provides support services for technical issues and system maintenance.

Microsoft Gulf helps customers in Dubai leverage the latest technologies to transform their businesses and stay competitive in the digital transformation race. With its comprehensive suite of products, Microsoft Gulf is committed to helping organizations achieve their business objectives. The company also provides 24/7 support services for customers to ensure that their IT systems remain secure and compliant.

2) IBM Middle East:

International Business Machines (IBM) has been providing innovative IT solutions for businesses since 1911. IBM Middle East has established itself as one of the leading IT companies in Dubai. It is a major player in the Middle East market with offices located across the United Arab Emirates including Dubai. Their solutions span data analytics, hybrid cloud, security, and more, making them a key player in the technology landscape in the region. With a strong focus on innovation and cutting-edge technology, IBM Middle East has been at the forefront of digital transformation across multiple industries.

IBM helps companies leverage data-driven insights with the help of its advanced technologies such as cloud computing, analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), blockchain, and enterprise mobility solutions. IBM Middle East has also been investing in local talent, offering opportunities for growth and development to young professionals looking to make their mark in the world of IT. Overall, IBM Middle East’s presence in Dubai continues to shape the technological future of the city and the wider region.

3) Fingent: 

Fingent is a full-service software development company offering enterprise IT solutions to clients in the Middle East. It specializes in developing tailored applications across various industries such as healthcare, logistics, and finance. Additionally, Fingent helps businesses leverage the power of data with its advanced analytics tools. The company also provides an array of IT services including DevOps, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and more. Fingent helps organizations create robust digital solutions to enhance their operations and maximize their performance potential.

With its cutting-edge solutions and comprehensive support services, Fingent is equipped to help customers embrace the digital age.  Additionally, the company also provides customized training and guidance to ensure that customers get the most out of their IT investments. This helps them stay ahead of industry trends and make the most out of their technology investments. With its comprehensive portfolio of IT solutions, Fingent is well-equipped to help businesses in Dubai succeed in their digital transformation journey. The company’s services enable customers to increase operational efficiency, improve customer experience and drive growth.

4) Oracle:

Oracle is one of the renowned IT companies in Dubai with a reputable history of providing innovative and advanced technology solutions for enterprises. Since 1977, Oracle has been providing its customers with a comprehensive portfolio of IT solutions such as database software, cloud computing platforms, middleware, and tailored applications for specific industries such as healthcare and finance. It also offers enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to help businesses streamline their operations.

They have helped businesses across various industries achieve their objectives by leveraging technology. Oracle’s expertise in computer systems has made them a household name in the tech industry, and its services have led many companies to enhance their productivity, reduce expenses, and streamline their business processes. With its focus on innovation, Oracle continues to set the standard for what’s possible in the tech industry

5) First Bit Middle East:

First Bit Middle East is a leading IT services provider in Dubai providing comprehensive solutions for digital transformation. The company specializes in enterprise-level systems and helps businesses streamline their operations while providing the latest technologies like cloud computing, data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and blockchain.

Its portfolio also includes customized software development services to meet businesses’ specific needs and ensure their IT systems remain secure and compliant. First Bit Middle East also provides 24/7 technical support to its customers, ensuring they always get the best out of their technology investments. The company is well-equipped to help organizations in Dubai succeed in their digital transformation journey.

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6) SAP Middle East and North Africa:

SAP is one of the most trusted names in enterprise software with offices located across Dubai. The company offers innovative solutions to help businesses increase efficiency and optimize operations. For over three decades, it has been delivering cutting-edge technology solutions to various businesses in the region. With a comprehensive portfolio of software and services, SAP Middle East and North Africa has been enabling companies of all sizes to run smarter and more efficiently.

From enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) to analytics and supply chain management, SAP has been helping organizations streamline their operations and achieve their goals. Its commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction has earned it a reputation as a trusted partner in the region’s IT industry.


PIXCOM is a leading IT services provider in Dubai that offers a wide range of solutions such as cloud computing, software development, cybersecurity, mobile application development, and web design. They house a team of experienced professionals who work tirelessly to deliver tailored services to businesses. With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, PIXCOM is committed to delivering high-quality services that align with their customer’s needs and objectives.

The company also provides professional support for the maintenance and deployment of enterprise-level systems and helps businesses increase their operational efficiency. With the expertise and knowledge they bring to the table, PIXCOM is a top choice for businesses seeking to elevate their technological capabilities and improve their overall performance.

8) Tata Consultancy Services:

Tata Consultancy Services is a global IT services, consulting, and business solutions provider headquartered in India. The company provides comprehensive IT solutions to businesses of all sizes and industries, such as cloud computing, software development, analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), and more.

They have a team of highly experienced professionals who are committed to providing businesses with the best solutions and support possible. At Tata Consultancy Services, customer satisfaction is their top priority and they take pride in delivering tailored services that meet each client’s unique needs and objectives.

With a reputation for high-quality services and cutting-edge technology solutions, TCS has become a go-to partner for businesses looking to stay ahead in a rapidly changing digital landscape. The company offers a wide range of services, including consulting, implementation, and support across multiple industries. As a global leader in IT services, TCS has a proven track record of delivering value to clients around the world.

9) Wipro:

Wipro is an Indian multinational IT services corporation headquartered in Bengaluru. It has a strong presence in the Middle East including Dubai, offering IT solutions such as cloud computing, analytics, and digital transformation solutions to help businesses grow rapidly by leveraging innovative technologies like robotic process automation (RPA), Internet of Things (IoT), and machine learning.

In addition, Wipro also provides end-to-end services for system integration, enterprise mobility, and application development. These solutions help organizations streamline their operations and enhance customer experience. With its cutting-edge technologies, Wipro is committed to helping businesses reach their full digital potential in the Middle East. The company’s extensive portfolio also includes IT security solutions to help customers build resilient systems and protect their data.

Additionally, Wipro provides 24/7 support services with its team of qualified IT professionals to ensure optimal performance. With its comprehensive suite of products and services, Wipro is well-equipped to help businesses in Dubai achieve their digital transformation objectives.

10) Splash Software LLC:

Splash Software LLC is a leading IT services provider in Dubai. It offers software development, cloud computing solutions, mobile application development, web design, and digital marketing services to help companies increase their productivity and expand into new markets. The company also provides custom solutions for enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and allows businesses to create tailored applications according to their specific requirements.

In addition, Splash Software offers technical support to ensure that its customers’ systems remain secure and up-to-date. With a team of dedicated professionals, Splash Software aims to provide cutting-edge IT solutions that will help drive the transformation of businesses in the Middle East region.

These are some of the top IT solutions providers in Dubai. Each of these companies has unique offerings and features that make them a great choice for organizations looking to leverage technology for their success. It is important to understand your business needs before choosing an IT solution provider as this will help you get the best return on investment while also ensuring your data is secure and compliant with local regulations. Choosing the right partner can help you maximize efficiency, optimize operations and ensure continuous growth. So it’s essential to find an experienced company with the expertise and resources necessary to meet all your technology requirements.

With so many options available, it may be difficult to figure out which one is best suited for your organization’s needs. That’s why it’s important to do research and speak with each provider to ensure you make the right decision. Once you have chosen a partner, you can look forward to leveraging their expertise in helping your business reach its full potential. So don’t wait – start your journey toward digital transformation now!  Good luck!


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