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Top 10 Health Insurance Companies in Dubai 2024

10 Best Health Insurance Companies in Dubai in 2024

In Dubai, health insurance is very important in terms of coverage and security for both the locals and foreigners. When choosing the right insurer for a person’s health requirements, it is important to consider factors like coverage options, network of healthcare providers, customer service, etc. Here is a detailed list of top ten medical insurance providers in Dubai 2024 with their offerings and capabilities.

Here is the list of the top 10 Health Insurance Companies in Dubai in 2024:

  1. Adamjee Insurance


Adamjee Insurance’s coverage is one of the most comprehensive and suitable for individuals who have valid UAE visas. This company has been established locally and it offers strong benefits including coverages for hospitalization treatments, chronic conditions, emergency dental treatments as well as maternity care. Key features include:

  • Global Coverage: Expanding up to 90 days outside UAE.
  • Annual Limit: AED 1 million which ensures broad coverage.
  • Pre-existing Conditions: Covers significant amount up to AED 150,000.
  • Maternity Care: Inpatient and outpatient basis are included.
  • Additional Benefits: Emergent dental treatments and wide network support services.

It has a great reputation when dealing with healthcare issues thus making it a favorite choice among many residents in Dubai.

2. Aetna International


Aetna International’s global presence and bespoke insurance packages make it unique among its peers. Aetna International has a coverage of more than 55 million customers in numerous countries globally through:

  • Personalized Plans: Tailored to meet the health needs of individuals and their families.
  • Telemedicine Services: Round-the-clock contact with doctors for immediate medical support anywhere in the world.
  • Outpatient Coverage: This offers comprehensive outpatient benefits across all continents.
  • Emergency Evacuation: Such help includes emergency medical transportation costs.
  • Global Network: It covers 1.4m health care providers worldwide meaning good quality healthcare is guaranteed.

Given its reputation for being a provider of top-notch international medical coverage, Aetna International is one of the most preferred companies by expatriates and other frequent travelers in Dubai.

3. Cigna


Cigna Healthcare is a Fortune 500 company that specializes in offering luxury medical covers within Dubai. The major services include;

Digital Solutions: Highly sophisticated online platforms for easy tracking of plans as well as access to them.

Telehealth Services: Teleconsultation guarantees immediate advice from medics at any given time for patients’ welfare purposes

Large Scope: Partnering with over 3000 hospitals across UAE

Customer Care: High rankings on speed resolution issues and customer support rates

Innovative Measures: On-going technology-based improvements in healthcare provision

By putting its customers at the center of all healthcare solutions, Cigna ensures that its policyholders can receive affordable and effective healthcare solutions throughout Dubai using technological advancements.

Daman Health Insurance


Daman Health Insurance is the leading health insurance provider in Dubai, which offers comprehensive health insurance covers with much emphasis on customer convenience. The following are some of the key points.

Special Packages: Personalized coverages for Golden visa holders based on their unique medical requirements.

Telemedicine Services: Telemedical platforms that give a convenient alternative to physical consultations.

Direct Billing: Claims processing and direct billing services that are easy and trouble free.

Extensive Network: Accessible from over 3,000 healthcare outlets across UAE.

Customer Transparency: They believe in being transparent about what goes on regarding healthcare delivery.

The transparency of Daman coupled with its devotion to customers’ service has made it be an ideal choice for health insurance for residents and non-residents living in Dubai..

Dubai Insurance Company


Founded in 1970, this brand is among the most reputable companies in the entire UAE. Some features of their medical policies are as follows;

Wide Network: Almost all areas are covered since they networked up with more than three thousand medical providers.

Competitive Pricing: Starting at AED 525 per annum, there is an affordable plan for everyone seeking low-cost health coverage.

Financial Stability: This indicates strong financial condition as reflected by A- (Excellent) ratings given by Moody’s and AM Best.

DubaiCare App: User-friendly application which enables policyholders to request e-cards, submit claims online as well as update existing policies easily..

Long-standing Reputation: More than five decades of providing reliable insurance services within Dubai city centre

The company has been serving Dubai interests with high quality insurances for over fifty years; it is thus one of the reliable options when it comes to choosing medical coverage.

GIG Gulf (formerly AXA)


GIG Gulf that was previously known as AXA is popular for its large health care coverage and a client-centered approach. Some exciting aspects about their health insurance are given below:

Network Strength: It has partnered with 3,000 healthcare centers in the UAE offering extensive medical facilities.

Global Coverage: Wide-ranging benefits including global health care access and emergency medical support.

Mygig App: The app that can be used to manage policies conveniently and easily accessed insurance services.

Additional Benefits: Competitive offerings like dental and travel insurance coverage making policyholders get value for their money.

The rich experience of GIG Gulf along with devotion to customer satisfaction makes it one of the best choices when it comes to health insurance in Dubai.



MetLife provides tailor-made health insurance plans which put more weight on critical illness coverages and comprehensive support. They include the following:

Critical Illness Coverage: Shield against critical illnesses with substantial benefits.

Income Replacement: Money ensuring a degree of financial security during illness or injury.

Global Network: Health care services access worldwide, ideal for people traveling often.

Award-winning Service: Its customer service is exceptional along with other innovations made in life assurance industry thus having won awards.]

Diverse Healthcare Support: Comprehensive solutions that cater for diverse healthcare needs.

Dubai’s widespread belief, across the globe, is that MetLife provides innovative solutions to global customers seeking comprehensive healthcare coverage for individuals or families.

RAK Insurance


RAK Insurance provides health insurance plans that are flexible enough and can be adjusted to fit different budgets and healthcare needs. Importantly, it offers:

Freedom of Choice: One may opt for best doctors or hospitals according to their preference.

Competitive Pricing: Pocket friendly policies that allow affordability without sacrificing on the level of the cover.

Comprehensive Benefits: Besides inpatient care and emergency medical services, it also covers outpatient treatment.

Global Assistance: Helps with travelers by providing global emergency travel assistance services.

Affordability combined with a customer focused approach in insurance solutions is why RAK insurance continues to be preferred by both residents and expatriates living in Dubai.

Sukoon Health Insurance


Sukoon Health Insurance offers cheap health insurance options which focus on easy accessibility as well as comprehensive coverage. Some of the offerings are:

Affordable Plans: Available from AED 560 per year – giving affordable healthcare solutions;

Wide Coverage Options: Providing a broad range of coverage starting at AED 150 000 up to AED 5 million, to meet various healthcare requirements.

24/7 Access: Doctors are available for consultations through phones ensuring immediate attention;

Customized Solutions: It designs plans depending on specific health requirements for businesses and individuals alike.

This is the reason why Sukoon Health Insurance has become one of the most popular choices for people looking for medical coverage in Dubai.

Takaful Emarat


Takaful Emarat is a health insurance provider that deals in Shariah compliant products with ethical and comprehensive coverage options.

Shariah Compliant: Insurance solutions meeting Islamic principles guaranteeing fair practices. Coverage Benefits: These cover the prescription drugs, dental care as well as the physiotherapy sessions. Regulatory Approval: Approved by Dubai Health Authority and Central Bank of UAE. Customer Satisfaction: Awarded for delivering hassle free services and achieving high satisfaction rate among customers. Awards and Recognition: Recognized for excellence in service delivery and customer-oriented solutions.

With ethical insurance practices and all-inclusive coverage choices, Takaful Emarat has become a preferred health insurer for halal health insurance in Dubai.


The right choice of the medical insurance company in Dubai involves consideration of specific healthcare requirements, financial constraints as well as preference to service delivery. The top 10 health insurance companies mentioned here are diverse enough to cater for different needs, thus ensuring quality healthcare provision both to residents and expatriates. Therefore, if what matters to you most is global access to medical facilities or low costs or even specialized treatment programs you can always rely on these insurers within dynamic Dubai city. On the other hand all these organizations strengths match those aspects like availability thus offering complete assurance throughout your illness period.


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