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Top 10 eCommerce Companies in Dubai in 2024

10 Best eCommerce Companies in Dubai in 2024

For a while now, e-commerce has become a building block in the world economy and the UAE is no exception. It is a market that has grown tremendously with consumers spending billions of dirhams annually. It is highly competitive and diverse encompassing fashion, electronics beauty and lifestyle among others. The rapid growth of eCommerce in the region can be attributed to factors such as its strategic location, high internet penetration levels and tech-savvy populations.

List and Describe the Top eCommerce companies in Dubai in 2024

  1. Souq.com
  • Company Name: Souq.com
  • Founded: 2005
  • Owner: Acquired by Amazon in 2017
  • Area Served: Arab world
  • Industry: General Ecommerce

Souq.com, which today falls under Amazon umbrella, remains one of the most popular online retailers within the Middle East. They offer over seven million products from more than fifteen hundred brands; this range makes it known for having some of the most extensive product mix worldwide at very competitive prices. Originally it was an online platform for second hand items but it has diversified into comprehensive platform that sells anything from electronics to apparels to home appliances and more. This acquisition has enhanced their capabilities by incorporating global logistics system, cutting edge technologies as well as assortment range. With friendly user interface plus dependable delivering services, Souq.com has made itself a leading electronic commerce platform across the Middle East.

2. Ounass.ae

  • Company Name: Ounass.ae
  • Founded: 2016
  • Owner: Al Tayer Group
  • Area Served: UAE, KSA, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar
  • Industry: Fashion Ecommerce

Ounass.ae is an online fashion store that has a rich collection of top-notch fashion and beauty products. In order to create a shopping experience like no other outlet does; Ounass has got its own delivery team for prompt shipping as well as customer service personnel. The platform also boasts unique exclusives from leading regional and international designers targeted towards the discerning customers. With its commitment to quality and luxury alongside frictionless user experience, Ounass has been fondly adopted by the wealthy shoppers in both the UAE and virtually worldwide.


Company Name: Amazon.ae

Founded: 1994

Owner: Amazon

Area Served: Worldwide

Industry: General Ecommerce

Amazon.ae is Souq.com rebranded as a gateway of Amazon’s global market into UAE. The selection here ranges from electronics to groceries with strong fulfillment and delivery services across the United Arab Emirates and the greater Middle East region. By making use of Amazon’s international logistics network as well as advanced technology and assortment of products offered on site; consumers are able to enjoy more holistic shopping experience. The platform is one of the most reliable with huge inventories at very competitive prices which have helped it dominate UAE e-commerce market.


Company Name: Groupon.ae

Founded: 2008

Owner: Groupon

Area Served: Worldwide

Industry: Online Deal Marketplace

In case you do not know about Groupon, it is an online platform that gives deals every day for wide-ranging items and services such as restaurant coupons, live events. It is a leading source of great discounts on a broad range of goods and experiences for bargain hunters in the UAE. The major attraction of Groupon.ae is its ability to provide significant savings on various commodities and activities. This website’s user-friendly interface and alluring offers have enticed a customer base that seeks pocket-friendly products and services which meet their expectations.


Company Name: Basharacare.com

Founded: 2012

Owner: Jad Haidamous

Area Served: UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman

Industry: Skincare/Body Care

Premium skincare and body care products are the area of concentration by Basharacare.com. With quality assurance being its hallmark alongside breadth of product offering, it serves an increasing number of customers across the UAE and Middle East. Recently launched in 2012, this internet portal works with world-renowned dermatologists who offer a limited range of efficient and safe skincare solutions. Numerous people seeking skincare products in the region go to Basharacare.com due to its dedication towards ensuring quality standards in skincare realm are maintained while satisfying its customers.

Since its establishment, Letstango.com has been offering different products but stressing on customer satisfaction. The company ensures availability of alternative payment options and fast shipping hence becoming the most preferred by UAE customers. They cater for a broad clientele as they offer a variety of goods such as electronics, fashion, home appliances among others in their extensive catalogue. This platform is popularly known for its user-friendly interface as well as excellent customer service which provides seamless shopping experience and is therefore trusted by many people.


Company Name: SharafDG.com

Founded: 2005

Owner: Mohammed Sharaf

Area Served: UAE, Bahrain, Oman, Egypt

Industry: General Ecommerce

SharafDG.com is famous for its wide range of electronic items and inexpensive prices. It however uses sophisticated algorithms to list only high quality products thus enhancing confidence in customers. The site has huge assortments of electronics from phones to laptops to home appliances including accessories. For this reason, it has become a reputable online store in terms of product quality, affordability and good customer service within the region where electronic shoppers go to more often than not.


Corporate name: Noon.com

Year of origin: 2016

Founders: Mohamed Alabbar

Territories served: UAE, KSA, Egypt.

Sector of operation: General E-commerce

Noon.com is a big name in the UAE eCommerce market with a variety of goods and services. With its focus on quality customer care and competitive prices, this has led to its speedy growth and popularity. Under this platform, there are several commodities such as electronics, fashion stuffs, beauty products, home appliances among others. In addition, it should be noted that Noon.com’s innovative approach as well as strategic partnerships coupled with their strong logistics network has made it one of the strongest players in the Middle East electronic commerce.


Company Name – Namshi.com

Year founded – 2011.

Owned by : Emaar Malls PJSC.

Area Served- Over 75 countries.

Industry– Fashion Ecommerce

Namshi.com is a leading online fashion store offering clothing for men and women including shoes and accessories. With its famous customer service policies and extensive brand offerings, Namshi maintains dominance over Middle Eastern fashion industry. It encompasses international and regional brands to bring out an eclectic range of items. Focused on high standards in quality production and customer appeal, Namshi is one of the favorites for people looking for latest trends in fashion within UAE and even beyond.

10. Apple.com

Title: Apple.com

Year of Establishment: 1976

Proprietor: Apple Inc.

Area Served: All over

Sector: Technology

Not only is Apple.com a tech giant, but it is also a major player in the UAE’s eCommerce space. The online shop provides a seamless shopping experience for its array of products hence making it the go-to place for technology enthusiasts. The site showcases the latest range of iPhones, iPads, Macs, and other accessories as well as other exclusive internet-based services from Apple. It has remained at the forefront as one of the leading E-commerce platforms for technological merchandise due to its commitment towards innovation quality and customer service.

Final Conclusion

The e-commerce landscape in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is dynamic and rapidly changing. The businesses mentioned above have set standards when it comes to customer care, variety of goods stocked and technological advancements made. These companies will continue to be market drivers through excellent commitments to their customers despite changes that might arise during e-commerce development. Consequently, there are new entrants into this sector, who are poised to change consumer experiences by putting up innovative ways of doing business; thus making the future brighter for e-commerce in UAE. In addition to offering a wide range of choices, improved services and more innovative shopping avenues these local and international players make sure that competition prevails among them all in favor of better offerings for consumers in terms of optimizing convenience levels while they trade on various items.


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