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Top 10 IT Companies in Canada

The Leading IT Companies Established in Canada

In the past ten years, Canada’s technology industry has grown twice as fast as the rest of the economy and now accounts for 5% of total GDP. COVID-19 contributed to a decline in Canadian economic output last year, but although the technology industry was not immune from the pandemic-induced slowdown, it did not experience a similar fall to other sectors.

Last year, Canada’s IT sector topped $33.7 billion imports and $10 billion exports globally. The US is second only to China as an exporter of Canadian IT goods, while it is also the largest market for Canadian IT exports ($6.7 billion exported to the US last year). In 2020 Ontario ($25.5 billion), British Columbia ($3.6 billion), Quebec ($2.8 billion) and Alberta ($1.1 billion) had the highest total value of IT imports. The Canadian IT market is expected to grow through 2025.

There are thriving domestic tech companies in Canada too. According to ICTC data, employment within Canadian Information and Communications Technologies (IT) sector stood at approximate 43,200 people by 2019 Q4, most working in software and computer services businesses — small firms accounted for around 35,500 (of which nearly half employed only one person); about 100 large enterprises employed more than 500 people including subsidiaries of international multinationals.

List of the Leading IT Companies in Canada 2024:

1. Google:

Top 10 IT Companies in Canada
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Google is a multinational public corporation that manages Internet search engine among many other online-related products and services; it was incorporated as a privately-held company on September 4th 1998 by Stanford University PhD candidates Larry Page (born March 26th 1973) and Sergey Brin (born August 21st 1973). Google operates offices and data centres in numerous countries including Canada. Google is ranked as the top technology company in Canada. The ranking is based on factors such as fast supply of internet services to Canadians, collaborative environment, strong technology and employee welfare. In addition to its core services, Google has a few innovative products that have positive impacts on the lives of Canadians and business operations in Canada.

Over the years, Google has helped to grow the Canadian economy. According to research data published by Public First in 2020, Google’s search and advertising services were estimated to have contributed more than $23 billion to over 500k Canadian businesses in 2019 alone. Its search and advertising activities affected Canada’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Today, many thousands of Canadians are employed by Google across its various offices around the world. The company provides several benefits and opportunities for employees.

The firm also remains at the forefront of driving long term growth for Canada’s technology industry. It donates funds to a number of technology-focused research institutes including Mila which focuses on deep learning research.

2. Microsoft:

Top IT Companies in Canada
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Microsoft is a global provider of computer software, cloud computing, social networking services, personal computers, consumer electronics and video games; it also offers services related to these offerings. The company was founded in Albuquerque (New Mexico) in 1975 by Bill Gates (born October 28th 1955) and Paul Allen (January 21st 1953 – October 15th 2018), before it moved its headquarters to Redmond (Washington) months later.

Microsoft has been supplying incredible goods and services to Canadian consumers since it was established in the country. Microsoft Office, Microsoft Windows operating systems, Edge Browser, and Internet Explorer are all popular with customers. IT industry leaders are also renowned for being great places to work in Canada. Their flexible and friendly working atmosphere earned them a place on the list of the Best Places to Work in Canada.

3. Apple:

IT Companies in Canada
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Apple is a California-based technology firm that specialises in computer software creation and sales, internet service delivery, and device manufacturing. It has offices across Canada as well as thousands of employees.

With its brilliant team of experts, Apple designs and delivers great technological products and services to Canadians every day. The company offers its workers an exciting working environment focused on their health, which helped it earn a spot as one of Canada’s Best Places to Work frequently.

4. Sage:

Big IT Companies in Canada
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David Goldman set up Sage in 1981 as a start-up before joining the London Stock Exchange just a few years later. The company now operates in more than 20 countries worldwide including Canada where it has established itself among the top tech companies. With several reliable technology solutions available at its disposal, it helps millions of financial clients solve their complex accounting issues with ease.

Sage provides cutting-edge technology that supports Canadian businesses across different sectors including real estate management and business payment systems. The company also employs thousands of people who benefit from excellent working conditions.

5. SAP:

Top Canada IT Companies
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SAP is one of the best Canadian tech firms because it is at the top when it comes to corporate application software around the world . With offices in more than 100 countries such as Canada where they have done business for years now, SAP helps businesses operate effectively using their wide range machine learning, IOT ( internet of things ) and advanced analytics technologies .

Canadian businesses continue to grow thanks to SAP’s innovative products and services which enable them to provide long term high-quality services. In addition to this, the company offers an environment in which its employees can grow and develop their creative skills.

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6. Salesforce:

IT Companies in Canada
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Salesforce is a San Francisco-based cloud software firm that operates around the world including Canada where they have established a Canadian office in Toronto . Their customer relationship management technology allows businesses to create better and more genuine relationships with clients . Ever since it came into existence in Canada, it has helped countless businesses address customer issues quickly and efficiently, eliminate redundancy issues in communication as well as customize their interactions with customers using digital technologies .

7. Ericsson:

 IT Companies in Canada for Job
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Ericsson is a multinational corporation that specializes in information and communication technology. It provides businesses with networks and digital services, and has a large operating presence in Canada. The company has grown to become one of the largest and most valued technology firms in Canada by providing valuable services to companies.

An excellent work environment with many benefits and opportunities for advancement are offered by Ericsson. For this reason, Ericsson was named one of the Best Places to Work in Canada in 2021.

8. Accenture:

Top 10 IT Companies in Canada
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Accenture is a global professional services firm with offices in over 120 countries including Canada. Strategy, consulting, technology, digital, and operational services are offered to customers worldwide. Since its inception, Accenture has been providing top-tier consulting, strategy, and digital services to organizations and individuals across the country.

With such an impressive service offering, it’s no surprise that Accenture is recognized as one of the top IT companies in Canada. But it also treats its employees well! It was named one of Canada’s Top 100 Employers as well as one of Greater Toronto’s Top Employers this year alone — both awards were given based on the perks that the company offers its employees such as — but not limited to — digital wellness program; mental health group; maternity & paternity leave top-up payments.

9. Infosys:

IT Companies in Canada
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Founded in 1981, Infosys is a global consulting and information technology services firm that serves clients in more than 40 countries including Canada. The company has been instrumental to Canada’s IT sector and economy since its establishment through excellent advisory services and innovative tech-driven solutions like Reskill and Restart which helps individuals regain their skills while still fulfilling job requirements.

The efficacy of these solutions earned them increased patronage and expansion of their operations across the country. The company also provides a safe working environment for workers as well as follow well-defined policies striving for transparency in its operations.

10. Intuit:

IT Companies in Canada
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Founded in California, U.S.A., Intuit is a financial software company that specializes in the creation and distribution of financial, accounting, and tax preparation software. Over the years, it has become a major player in Canada’s tech economy through finance and accounting software like TurboTax for individuals to prepare their taxes; QuickBooks for small businesses’ accounting needs; Mint for individual personal finances.

Intuit was also named one of Canada’s Best Places to Work this year – an award based on the company’s high regard for work-life balance, excellent work ethic, and positive atmosphere.


Even with COVID-19, the Canadian tech industry is still growing like crazy. There were nearly 135,000 postings for tech jobs in Canada last year. Along with the many different career paths and job options that are available in tech, the industry also pays well. Salaries are 52% higher than the average Canadian wage. In total, Canadian tech accounted for 4.7% of GDP last year, a slight increase from 2018. There’s even more data available on how big it is: I mentioned earlier this week that there are about 73,154 tech business entities with payroll all across Canada.


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