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Top 10 Interior Designing Companies in Canada

The Best Interior Designing Companies in Canada

About Interior Designing Industry of Canada

The Interior Designers sector in Canada has profited most from increases in downstream market demand throughout the five years to 2020. During the bulk of the five-year period, residential building spending increased as worries of a short-term housing bubble dissipated. As a result, demand from the residential sector increased.

The housing market’s rebound benefited the sector because it corresponded with decreases in the nonresidential construction market, however home starts are anticipated to fall in 2020. While oil price drops primarily impacted the mining and industrial sectors, the resultant economic downturn crept into commercial markets.

During periods of turbulent commercial conditions, demand from downstream markets, namely the residential building sectors, has boosted revenue growth. Despite a double-digit decrease in home starts in 2013, the residential market has improved over the last five years. Increased residential development, per capita disposable income, and residential building have further aided the residential market.

Revenue in the industry is predicted to rise at a slower pace than in the preceding five-year period, owing to expected decreases in housing markets, slower growth rates from residential construction, and slower growth rates from residential rehabilitation. During the timeframe, major commodity prices are projected to rise, boosting demand for nonresidential building sectors and supporting overall economic development.

This business is responsible for the design of building interiors as well as their furniture. Companies consider construction codes, health and safety standards, floor planning, electrical requirements, interior fittings, and furnishings. The hotel, healthcare, business, and residential sectors all make use of these services.

List of the Leading Interior Designing Companies in Canada

Below is a list of Top Ten interior designing companies in Canada:


Ferris Rafauli’s amazing inventions never cease to amaze. A must-have on our list of the best interior designers and architects in Toronto. Ferris Rafauli is an award-winning and internationally known master designer and artist that conceptualises, develops, and creates ultra-luxury residences and lifestyle products for an elite clientele worldwide. Each house Ferris Rafauli designs becomes its own full harmonious piece of art, from the external architecture to the interiors to the furniture to the site landscaping.


Founded on a collaborative attitude by David Powell and Fenwick Bonnell, the Powell & Bonnell team has been carefully picked for their ability to fulfil the client’s vision. Powell & Bonnell takes pride in the fact that they are not limited to a distinctive design style, with a philosophy of providing personalised lifestyle-centric solutions of excellent quality. This enables their multi-talented design team to build solutions that fit the client’s lifestyle and wants while respecting indications provided by the environment’s established “architecture.”


Led by Principal Partners Melandro Quilatan and Tania Richardson, the TOMAS PEARCE team provides a full spectrum of commercial and residential interior design services, space planning, project management, and interior styling to a global clientele. TOMAS PEARCE’s style is global, inspired by a passion for beautiful design, both modern and traditional. “Opulence, simplicity, quiet elegance, and timeless aesthetics are all part of their design vocabulary.”


Founded in 1990 by partners Dan Menchions and Keith Rushbrook, II BY IV DESIGN is a creative studio that only those in the know are aware of. II BY IV DESIGN is a multi-disciplinary studio specialising in worldwide luxury lifestyles and architectural interiors, with an emphasis on high-end condominium projects, unique retail spaces, hospitality settings, maritime, and product design.


Yabu Pushelberg, founded in 1980 by George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg, offers a multidisciplinary approach to their immersive, engaging, and intelligent designs. With offices in New York and Toronto and a staff of over 100 creative experts, the business designs with an emphasis on how they make people feel rather than how they appear. One of our favourite design techniques at CEO Review.

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Paul Raff, the studio’s founder, is an architect, artist, and visionary thinker. His studio employs architects and designers. Its collaborative atmosphere is devoted to the greatest level of creative vision. The Toronto-based company works with clients both locally and globally to develop projects in which art becomes reality. Paul Raff Studio regularly creates art that is thought-provoking, evocative, and lyrical.


Jaclyn Genovese founded Spaces by Jacflash in 2013. What began as an unplanned detour from her fashion store evolved into a premium interior design enterprise. Jaclyn’s love of fashion made for a smooth transition into interior design, as she formerly interacted with retail clientele and advised clothing based on their particular style. She selects furniture and accessories that represent the interests and lives of her design customers.


Kate and Amanda have been friends for a long time. Their enthusiasm evolved naturally over time into a company that grabbed their attention. As a consequence, they have a successful collaboration that offers their clients the best of two designers working together in one beautiful place. Kate & Amanda offers bright and fresh rooms for truly living in and making memories, with a casual, family-friendly yet fashionable style.


Camden Lane Interiors is a full-service residential interior design business headquartered in Toronto, managed by Lucy Morozko. Lucy produces beautiful spaces with practicality that reflect an ordinary living through her collaborative design approach. Lucy is also recognised for her cost-effective design solutions for premium interiors.


Dvira Interiors, founded by Dvira Ovadia, specialises in new, practical, and bright designs with worldwide inspirations. Every interior is as one-of-a-kind as the customer for whom it was created. Dvira Interiors has a reputation for creating attractive and smart designs for a diverse range of clients, whether designing residential or commercial spaces. Dvira may also be seen in a variety of design and renovation TV shows.


Interior design accounted for around 45 percent of industry revenues in 2019. In 2016, there were 24,600 interior designers working in Canada. Workplace design is the major expertise of 35% of Canadian interior designers. Ontario and British Columbia are home to 73% of Canada’s interior designers. Statistics for the Canadian interior design business demonstrate that the sector has grown steadily over the last five years. According to industry statistics, the Canadian sector will increase at a 2% annual pace between 2015 and 2020. This expansion was mostly due to increased downstream market demand.


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