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How to Pair Apple Watch to a New iPhone in 5 Easy Steps

How to Pair Apple Watch to a New iPhone in 5 Easy Steps: 

The iPhone line of devices, including the iPhone, AirPods, and MacBook models, is among the most well-known in the world. Talking about the iWatch, everyone’s wrists are displaying the current Apple Watch craze. The. The biggest problem after purchasing a new iPhone is figuring out how to pair Apple to a new iPhone. When trying to detach and reconnect their Apple Watch to a new iPhone, people frequently run into difficulties.

Connecting an Apple Watch to your iPhone is almost as simple as any other Bluetooth-enabled device. What if you just bought a new phone, though? Buying a new iPhone includes a lot of operating tasks and among them you also have to connect your Apple Watch with your new iPhone. There are many steps involved in disconnecting the Apple Watch and connecting it to the new iPhone. But in this blog, I will clarify how you can connect your Apple Watch without wasting time. So, let’s get started. You can surely give the below-mentioned steps a shot.

There is no need to continue your search for information on how to pair Apple Watch to a new iPhone on many platforms. In today’s article, I will cover all the necessary procedures for you to pair your Apple Watch with your new phone effortlessly, quickly, and clearly. Therefore, save these steps and bookmarks as favorites and connect your Apple Watch quickly!

How to Pair Apple Watch to a New iPhone: Here’s What You Need to know

Before connecting your Apple Watch to a new iPhone, you require a few things. And also, if you want to know the steps that how to pair Apple Watch to a new iPhone, first you require these things: 

List of things you need to pair the Apple Watch to a new iPhone: 

  1. You require your Apple Id and Password (as per the activation code) 
  2. You require WiFi activation. Ensure that both (old and new phones) are well connected to WiFi or any network connection. 
  3. Check your Battery Percentage. You have to make sure that both your phones (old and new) are having battery percentage of at least 50% to complete the activation process.
  4. Make sure to have an active Apple Watch Passcode. It is necessary to Activate your Apple Watch (note: in case you forgot your passcode, you can take help from apple support.

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How to Pair Apple Watch to a New iPhone

After purchasing a new iPhone, you must unplug your old iPhone’s from Apple Watch. After that, you can only use your new iPhone to connect to your Apple Watch. 

There are 5 simple steps to connecting an Apple Watch to a new iPhone. These steps will help you understand how to pair Apple Watch to a new iPhone. 

1 .Update Your Old iPhone

Before switching your Apple Watch to the new iPhone, you must update your old iPhone first. You need to update your old iPhone to the latest version of iOS (available at the time). You must also update your Apple Watch. The update usually takes too long to complete. So, it is better to choose the night update version.

2. Go to Your Health and Activity Settings

If you use iCloud to back up your data, check that Health is turned on: 

  • Settings > [your name] >  iCloud

This option will allow your health and activity settings to run. 

3. Take Backup of your Old iPhone

You must back up your iPhone. If you back up your iPhone, this will also back up your Apple Watch. Ensure your iPhone is connected with WiFi or a network connection before taking backup. Select Edit > Preferences, then click Devices to view the current backups on your computer. In the list of backups, encrypted backups are shown by a lock icon. 

4. Set Up New iphone

Set up a new iPhone in the settings or if you have a recent backup of iCloud or iTunes, select that backup. Keep all your data safe, and always back it up. Once you’ve done that, you’ll see “backup” on your list. 

5. Choose Apple Watch    

Now in the “backup” list, choose Apple Watch Back-up and continue. Note: if you cannot see this option, you can also set your Apple Watch manually. 

In the steps before connecting your  Apple Watch to the iPhone you first have to deactivate your Apple Watch from your old phone… 

So here are the steps that how you can Unpair Apple Watch from old phone: 

How to Unpair Apple Watch From Old iPhone

Before knowing the steps of how to pair Apple Watch to a new iPhone you first have to unpair your iPhone from your old iPhone, and for that, the steps are here mentioned below: 

  • First open Watch App on your iPhone. 
  • Second, go to the My watch tab app at the bottom of your screen.
  • Now select the option of All watches showing on screen. 
  • Tap on the Info icon (note: the letter “i” with circle on your screen) 
  • Now you can easily see the option of Unpair Apple Watch. 
  • Now your Apple Watch is successfully Unpair

Wrapping Up: 

Apple and iOS are relatively difficult to operate, but comprehending the step-by-step instructions is necessary for grasp. In this article, I have given you a complete, step-by-step explanation of How to pair an Apple Watch to a new iPhone. This content includes 5 easy steps in depth that will answer your question about how to pair Apple Watch to a new iPhone. I hope you understand the steps here. For more information, don’t forget to keep yourself updated with CEO magazine reviews recent blogs. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: Why am I not able to pair my Apple Watch  to my new iPhone? 

The reason behind this is that even if you have updated your iPhone and Apple Watch     to a new version, you still need a strong wifi connection as well as Bluetooth. First, confirm that Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are turned on and that both devices are within range of one another. also you can try restarting your Apple Watch and iPhone. 

Q2: Do you first have to unpair your Apple Watch from your old phone? 

The answer for this is yes!! Because of the reason that the Apple Watch connects to one device at a single time. So, if you want it to connect to the new iPhone then you have to make sure that it is disconnected from the old phone. If you are looking for the steps to unpair from an old device then we have mentioned it above. 

Q3: Does unpairing erase data? 

There are probably a lot of chances of data erasing that is why taking back ups at each step is very much important. It ensures that your data is safe and backed up at each step of updating your device. 


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