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Top 12 WhatsApp Alternatives You Should Give a Try!

Top 12 WhatsApp Alternatives You Should Give a Try!

There is no doubt that WhatsApp Messenger, owned by Facebook, is the most popular social networking app among all social platforms. Everyone uses WhatsApp these days for their personal and official communication. A recent news report about WhatsApp’s new features indicated to people that WhatsApp is no longer encrypted. It allows companies to collect temporary data from their device. Therefore, today, many people are looking for WhatsApp alternatives that allow users to experience a better communication platform than WhatsApp. 

People once preferred WhatsApp over other apps, but these days, WhatsApp is restoring its old versions making it less to use. In spite of new versions of WhatsApp being released daily and updates being rolled out regularly, people still don’t seem to be satisfied as as they used to be. WhatsApp today is used similarly to many other apps and includes many advanced features such as video calling, sending payment options, and more. If you are looking for a personal messages app that is encrypted and safe, then you will be able to find many such apps in the App Store or Play Store. 

Surely, you will be able to find many apps but which one is the best is still confusing.  Now you don’t have to explore many platforms to search for WhatsApp alternatives. In this blog, I will mention the best apps that perform well on features and privacy. Read this blog and try these apps for better and safe communication. 

11 Best WhatsApp Alternatives You Should Give a Try

The search for WhatsApp alternatives is no longer difficult. I’m going to provide you with a list of the top 11 apps that resemble WhatsApp but perform better. All the features that you want in the top messaging app are present in these apps. So, try out these apps. 

1) Telegram Messenger

Telegram Messenger is among the best WhatsApp alternatives that people are trying. This app includes the same features and functions as WhatsApp but the advanced feature in this is its different channels and public groups. In telegram with secure communications, you can even spend your time by joining different groups and making new friends. Telegram supports more than 100,000 groups of people, different usernames, channels, and many more. Also in this, you can save, and send your files with your contact members and with your friends. Moreover, this app is end to -end encrypted just like WhatsApp. 

Available on: iOS, Android, Pc, macOS

Features of Telegram

  • Supports the hide chat section. 
  • Usual messaging features to anyone. 
  • Supports public channels of music, videos, and movies. 


Telegram is seriously so flexible, it just makes your life easier. Super easy controls and fast texting features. Easy voice, video, and file-sharing options. Lots of fun animated stickers. You can even chat with people without sharing your phone number! The feature that is personally VERY USEFUL for me is “Saved Messages”.

2) Signal Private Messenger

Signal Private Messenger is another highly recommended and safe platform that supports private communication. The app supports unique features along with several security benefits. For better communication, it offers features like signal messages, and password authentication to users. Moreover, the app includes the benefits of self-destructing messages and a screen security option. The screen security option allows users to get a notification of who is watching their chat and when with lock password authentication. It also prevents users from taking screenshots, screen recording, and more. This app supports taking daily backups, calls, group calls, and other data sharing. If you are looking for something unique, this app is the best WhatsApp alternative for you. 

Available on: iOS devices, Android

Features of Signal Private Messenger

  • Simple secure message app. 
  • Include journalist features of reporting. 
  • End-to-end encrypted message option


Love the interface and the privacy. My only problem with this app is that many times it takes a long time to deliver messages. I’d be talking to my friend and sending a message and it would get stuck on one checkmark for a minute or two.”

3) Discord

Discord is one of the most professional apps that is famous for organizing chats and records. It is not just a chatting platform but more than that for playing games, quizzes, organizing groups with friends, and many more. The most unique feature of Discord is its DM functionality. It allows users to send various messages, videos, GIFs, images, and many more. Other than these functions it also acts like a professional meeting tool in which you can invite many people. It also allows the option of screen sharing for professional work. This app is combined with neat integrations from various professional apps. Overall it’s a must-try app in the list of WhatsApp alternatives. 

Available on Android, Pc

Features of Discord

  • It covers all your messaging needs. 
  • End-to-end encrypted messages with steps authentication. 
  • Fun activities including images, emojis, GIFs, and many more


It’s really good and fun. Easy to use and you can keep everything organized. Just One thing! I hope u add a select multiple text messages option (and one saying select all like it usually is in texting apps) to make it more convenient.” 

4) Bridgefy

As everyone knows, messaging apps require internet and data services, but if you’re out trekking in a wooded area there is probably no internet connection. In that case, the Bridgefy messaging app is there to assist you. It is an offline messaging app that helps users to connect with Bluetooth mesh networks and to connect the bridge. Moreover, it includes different types of messaging availability including Person-to-Person mode, Broadcast mode, and Mesh mode. You probably don’t require any data connection to text, someone. This app is absolutely free to download and is best at the time of long-distance connections. This app is unique among the other WhatsApp alternatives. 

Available on iOS and Android

Features of Bridgefy

  • Doesn’t require a network connection
  • Authorized by government networks. 
  • Special messaging service at the time of disaster and protest. 


This app is best for those who are looking to connect from a long distance. Even if there’s any natural disaster or any network problem still people can connect with each other with the help of this app! Totally loving” 

5) KiK

Looking for an app according to your security needs then the KiK app is for you. For those who are uncomfortable authorizing their number in their messaging app, the Kik app is the best option. In WhatsApp, people have to sign up with their numbers only but in KiK you can use your email ID to log in. It will create a special username and password for you which you can use anytime. KiK app never compromises with features as it includes a set of unique features. In this app, you can also send, and save images, and data with your friends and families. This is a trending app among other WhatsApp alternatives you need to try. 

Available on: iOS, Android, and macOS

Features of Kik

  • You may play quizzes, get fashion advice, the most recent news, and more by using bots.
  • Free of cost app. 
  • Include the option of video sharing. 


Now I can use this app without any fear. This app is perfect for me and for my needs. 

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6) Snapchat

Snapchat comes under the most trending apps that is famous all over the world for its theme. It is more than a messaging app that allows users to click different pictures and send them to friends. In this app, you can easily make new friends and connect with them by communicating. It includes unique features including deleting recent messages after 24 hours. In Snapchat, you can even send, and save messages, images, GIFs, and data. So, if you want to explore the latest messaging features and fun activities then give this app a try because it is popular among other WhatsApp alternatives. 

Available on: pc, macOS, Windows, Android, iOS

Features of Snapchat

  • Create group calls and do fun activities. 
  • Option of playing games with friends while chatting. 
  • Video call with friends. 


Snapchat is a very creative app and I really love it. I have a good user experience as it provides great features. Snapchat redefined social networks with it’s disappearing photos and videos and odd interface, but its recent updates make the app more accessible and less ephemeral.” 

7) Skype

When it comes to business then everyone looks for an app that is professional and in that case, Skype is the best WhatsApp alternative. This app is developed with the backend of Microsoft Technologies and includes unique features. You can make unlimited video calls and chats with hi-tech quality. The best part about Skype is that now you can react to messages, and send and save important data, images, and Gifs to other users. It’s a more than-normal messaging app that is used for business and marketing. If you are a kind of video calling person then you will surely recommend Skype over WhatsApp. 

Available on Windows, iOS, pc, and Android. 

Features of Skype

  • Include group call video functionality. 
  • Advanced features include video calls and messaging. 
  • Shows different types of active status. 


Very good and much improved than earlier versions. The only thing I noticed is heating issues, a bit more unusual than normal, even with the latest hardware configuration. It will be great if this is addressed and resolved by the Skype team.”

8) Keybase

Keybase is a secure chatting app that allows the creation of a professional platform for companies and organizations to connect in one place. It is an app similar to Slack. In this app, you can create different groups and join. Here the messages are always end-to-end encrypted. The app takes care of your privacy very strictly. It doesn’t allow users to take screenshots and do screen recordings. This app’s main target is not only the business platforms but also supports single users to connect on this platform. In terms of security, Keybase is a must-try in the list of WhatsApp alternatives. 

Available on macOS, Android, pc, iOS 

Features of the key base

  • Open-source app with full protection. 
  • Pure authentication with ID and passwords. 
  • Allows you to share different things. 


I really love the concept, and I have KeyBase installed on several of my devices, and use it often. I like having visible public keys. However the quality of this app is superior, it’s like it’s a web app on mobile, regularly things work well” 

9) Viber

Viber is among the best social apps that is used for connecting friends from all over the world. It is a social app that is used for video calls, personal messages, quality voice, and many more. You can connect with more than millions of people at the same time. The best part about this app is that it always keeps your conversation secure and end-to-end encrypted. This app also supports Viber calls and personal authentication to set up. In this messaging app, you can also share your images, files, and data with your friends. For the most appraised WhatsApp alternatives try Viber. 

Available on Android, Pc, macOS, iOS

Features of Viber

  • This app supports Viber calls. 
  • All-in-one social media app with various tools. 
  • Supports high-quality video calls. 


I started using this app 2 months back and shockingly I loved this messaging app a lot this app always works ok time and includes fun emojis and gifs.” 

10) Threema

The Threema app is a secure app that not only ensures security, but it promises that it encrypts all text messages end-to-end as well. This app will keep your files, data, images, messages, shared files, and even your status. Even though it is a good security app for messaging, the only disadvantage is that it doesn’t support high-quality voice and video calling options. The app’s main feature is that no third parties can collect any type of information from your device metadata.

Available on iOS, Android 

Features of Threema

  • Supports various security features. 
  • Include many tools and updated features. 
  • Encrypted backup options. 


“Threema is totally a secure app that I love the most to use!! I’ll rate this app 4.5 out of 5 because of its superior quality and its instant working ability. 

 11) Elements

Elements are one of the best self-hosting apps that is well-secured with the collaboration of many advanced features. If you are looking for WhatsApp alternatives then surely you can give this app a try. This app is designed in Matrix software that is end-to-end encrypted. This app claims to keep your data and your chats safe from third-party users. Moreover, this app includes various features and high-quality voice and video call options. Users can even customize the settings of this app according to their suitability

Available on: Android and Windows

Features of Elements

  • Secure Collaboration app features. 
  • Open source instant messaging services. 
  • Available in 10 different languages. 


“I wish to have an app which is end-to-end encrypted and then I come to know about the app elements. It is one of the best apps.

Wrapping Up

There is no doubt that everyone is experiencing problems with WhatsApp, and that is why they decide to switch to WhatsApp alternatives. In this blog, I have mentioned the best apps that stand out with the best features and quality. You can surely give these apps a try. Don’t forget to bookmark this blog for further use. For more such lists of alternative apps don’t forget to keep yourself updated with CEO Review Magazine’s recent blogs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Which app is better than WhatsApp? 

If you are looking for WhatsApp alternatives then you can give these above-mentioned apps a try. For a better experience, you should give a shot to Telegram, or Discord. 

Q2: which apps save my messages securely? 

If you are looking for the most secure app then you can use the Signal app. This app allows you to create the safest line between your messages and will keep your chats and data end-to-end encrypted. 

Q3: which app is better for video calls than WhatsApp? 

If you are looking for WhatsApp alternatives for video calls, you can give a try to Skype or Discord. These are the apps that are superior in their video quality and are giving the users an experience to try the most superior video quality. 

Q4  Which app can I use without any phone number? 

For WhatsApp alternate is without using your phone number then you can use the Bridgefy app. The app doesn’t require your phone number, it only requires for email id to connect. 


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