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LPL Today Match 2023 Schedule, Match Fixtures, Points Table, Live Score

LPL 2023 Schedule, Match Fixtures, Points Table, Live Score

Cricket fans, rejoice! All your LPL 2023 information is here for you. Check out the Match Fixtures, Points Table and Live Score updates – it’s everything you need to stay up-to-date with this thrilling tournament. Plus, don’t forget to take a look at the full Schedule so that you can plan and make sure not to miss any of the action!

LPL 2023 Schedule

Soon, you’ll be able to experience the exciting action of the Lanka Premier League live on your TV. Despite its recent economic woes, life must go on for Sri Lankans and fortunately, this tournament will bring them much-needed relief and entertainment! The third edition of LPL is debuting today with a spectacular opening ceremony at Mahinda Rajapaksa International Cricket Stadium – an event that surely won’t disappoint.

Dates Matches Time (IST)
6-Dec Jaffna Kings vs Galle Gladiators 3:00 PM
6-Dec Colombo Stars vs Kandy Falcons 7:30 PM
7-Dec Dambulla Giants vs Jaffna Kings 3:00 PM
7-Dec Galle Gladiators vs Kandy Falcons 7:30 PM
8-Dec Dambulla Giants vs Colombo Stars 3:00 PM
10-Dec Kandy Falcons vs Jaffna Kings 7:30 PM
11-Dec Colombo Stars vs Galle Gladiators 3:00 PM
11-Dec Jaffna Kings vs Dambulla Giants 7:30 PM
12-Dec Kandy Falcons vs Galle Gladiators 3:00 PM
12-Dec Colombo Stars vs Jaffna Kings 7:30 PM
13-Dec Dambulla Giants vs Kandy Falcons 3:00 PM
13-Dec Galle Gladiators vs Colombo Stars 7:30 PM
14-Dec Jaffna Kings vs Kandy Falcons 3:00 PM
14-Dec Colombo Stars vs Dambulla Giants 7:30 PM
17-Dec Dambulla Giants vs Galle Gladiators 3:00 PM
17-Dec Kandy Falcons vs Colombo Stars 7:30 PM
18-Dec Galle Gladiators vs Jaffna Kings 3:00 PM
18-Dec Kandy Falcons vs Dambulla Giants 7:30 PM
19-Dec Jaffna Kings vs Colombo Stars 3:00 PM
19-Dec Galle Gladiators vs Dambulla Giants 7:30 PM
21-Dec TBA vs TBA – Qualifier 1 3:00 PM
21-Dec TBA vs TBA – Eliminator 7:30 PM
22-Dec TBA vs TBA – Qualifier 2 7:30 PM
23-Dec TBA vs TBA – Final 7:30 PM


Five teams are vying for cricket’s most prestigious trophy, providing fans with a plethora of matches to watch. As the 2nd ODI is underway in Dhaka, another major sporting event–the FIFA World Cup taking place in Qatar–is also drawing attention from around the world.

Gujrat Titans vs Chennai Super Kings: Tata IPL 2023 Match 1 GT vs CSK 31 March 2023

LPL Match Fixtures

Cricket fans, the Lanka Premier League is currently underway! You can check out who’s playing this season and witness your favorite team in action. To help you plan ahead, we have included the scheduled game dates below. Don’t miss out on all of the cricket-filled excitement – get ready to cheer for your champions!

LPL Points Table

The Lanka Premier League Points table below gives you a comprehensive look at how the matches have gone. Keep up with all of the competition by checking out their scores here! Motivate your favorite team to keep giving it their all and make sure that they stay in contention for the top spot – let’s see who comes through on top!

Lanka Premier League P W L D NRR Pts
1  Kandy Warriors 1 1 0 0 5.450 2
2  Jaffna Kings 1 1 0 0 1.200 2
3  Dambulla Giants 0 0 0 0 0 0
4  Galle Gladiators 1 0 1 0 -1.200 0
5  Colombo Stars 1 0 1 0 -5.450 0


LPL Live Score

Live coverage of the Lanka Premier League is available on various channels, and the third match of the day is now underway between Dambulla Giants and Jaffna Kings – with Dambulla winning the toss to bat first. Both teams are blessed with talented all-rounders in their respective lineups, making for an exciting matchup that can’t be missed!


Are you excited to see who will be crowned champions after LPL 2023? With a full schedule of fixtures, points table, and live scores available, there’s never been a better time to keep informed about the league. Keep up with the game times from all around Sri Lanka as well as check in on standings with an easy-to-navigate points table. Whether you’re looking for general information about LPL or are an avid fan passionate about your team, this blog is here to provide comprehensive updates throughout the duration of the tournament.

Introduce the schedule and match fixtures of LPL 2023

LPL 2023 is an exciting event and the schedule and match fixtures will leave you on the edge of your seat. With a hefty lineup of talented teams, fans can look forward to some intense matches during this tournament. Each team will play 16 matches among themselves in a double round-robin format and one final play-off to determine the winner. Matches will be updated with live scores on our official website so that you don’t miss any action. Moreover, our points table allows you to determine how each team has been performing, so make sure to keep an eye out so that you can cheer for your favorite teams all through the tournament!

Explain the points table in LPL 2023

The points table in the LPL 2023 is an important part of each team’s success in the competition. Teams are awarded points for winning, losing, and drawing matches. The more games a team wins, the higher the number of points they accumulate on the table. At the end of the season, these accumulated points decide which team finishes atop the table, thus being crowned champions of LPL 2023. For fans, these standings provide knowledge about how their favorite teams measure up against other opponents. Additionally, it gives the incentive to compete fiercely so that teams can move to a higher spot on the table and secure greater glory.

Provide information on how to view the live score of matches

Looking for live updates on the LPL 2023 schedule matches? You’ve come to the right place! All you need to do is find the Points Table and Match Fixtures tab, click on it, and view the Live Score. The Live Score will provide a comprehensive overview of up-to-date scores in near real-time so that you always have your finger on the pulse of LPL 2023. Don’t miss out on the excitement; check out the Live Score options now!

Highlight key teams and players participating in the League

The LPL 2023 schedule is set to kick off a highly anticipated tournament this season, with an estimated 20 teams competing for the top spot. One of the most prominent players featured in the league is Yen ‘Yenkeer’ Ho from team E-Arrow Gaming. Another rising star to watch out for is Mingtu ‘Minty’ Li from Lunaic Esports. Both of these stand-out players are sure to ignite some exciting showdowns between teams, so make sure to follow closely on the Match Fixtures and Points Table updated live on the broadcast each week. As soon as you check out all the regular season games and knockouts, head over to the Live Score page for real-time updates on all your favorite teams. Don’t miss out on any of the action!

Detail how viewers can follow their favorite team/player’s progress in the tournament

Viewers of the LPL 2023 tournament have plenty of ways to follow their favorite teams and players. Through the Schedule page, viewers can track when and where games are being played. The Match Fixtures page will provide details on who each team is playing throughout the tournament. The Points Table offers an up-to-date overview of every team’s standings as well as a comprehensive breakdown of each team’s past performances. Finally, for real-time updates on games, viewers can visit the Live Score page to get accurate scores along with stats such as runs scored and wickets taken. Those hoping to cheer on their selected teams or players need only look to the LPL 2023 website for all the latest updates on their progress.

Outline the teams that were eliminated during the course of the League

The League of Professional Legends (LPL) 2023 featured some of the world’s biggest teams rising to the challenge to compete in a tournament full of excitement and entertainment. At the halfway stage, however, there had already been eliminations as five teams were no longer eligible to progress further. These were EDG, ESX, FFQ, G3, and V5. Even though these prestigious organizations were no longer part of the league, their ingenuity was still celebrated for their contribution and commitment throughout the entirety of the course. Despite these departures, the match fixtures remained ever-competitive as other powerhouses continued to fight for a place at the top of the points table. Fans followed every second through live score updates and eagerly await what lies ahead!

The LPL 2023 has truly been an adrenaline-filled and intense tournament. Countless teams, some of them being familiar fan favorites, have been competing fiercely to win the title. This year’s League has proven to be a thrilling affair with high-quality matches every week, leading to several memorable wins as well as defeats. From the eager introduction of debutant players to superstars such as Kumara and Izzy excelling in their respective games, this League has something for everyone! Plus, not only can we keep an eye on our favorite team & players in the league but intense score predictions can also be made thanks to the simplicity of viewing live scores. With just two days left for the ultimate showdown between W&W and QLF, let’s hope that this season is crowned with an earth-shaking climax!


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