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Addmotor Grandtan E-Trike Makes a Difference in Your Ride

Addmotor Grandtan E-Trike Makes a Difference in Your Ride

Enjoying the ride by holding the ergonomic handlebar over the different rough terrains, feeling the wind in your hair and face. Sitting on the comfortable saddle of the Grandtan electric trike with the help of an adjustable backrest to explore new places with motor assistance and support and the 750W motor helps you move forward with the ultimate pace, like beating your last best with an exciting experience. Isn’t it amazing? Yes, Grandtan makes it possible by making a difference in your ride.

We will highlight the features of the Grandtan electric trike that make a difference in your ride. It explores unique and innovative features and understands how these features deliver the best experience to the riders.

#1 Fill Relaxed with Wooden Footrest

Addmotor Grandtan E-Trike Makes a Difference in Your Ride

The wooden footrest specifically delivers better relaxation and a better riding experience. It allows the riders to feel more relaxed by relaxing their feet during the rides when they are using the throttle. It is useful for the rider when they want to explore new places and go for long rides. The adult electric bike allows the riders to explore nature and create memories by feeling active and energetic.

#2 Front Suspension Fork

Addmotor Grandtan E-Trike Makes a Difference in Your Ride

The front suspension allows the riders to enjoy thrilling rides by acing the hard and uneven terrains. Whether it is uneven roads or on bumpy terrains, the front suspension fork ensures delivering stable and shockproof rides. It enables the riders to enjoy the rides without any back pain or inconvenience because of the customized backrest and comfortable saddle. Also, the suspension efficiently absorbs the shocks and vibration to deliver a better riding experience.

#3 Class 2 Electric Trike

Grandtan, the class 2 etrike, features PAS & throttle control function, which best for riders with different needs and requirements. The PAS allows the riders to enjoy the ride based on their preferred pace by customizing the speed using the seven levels assist system. Especially, the Grandtan 7-level pedal assist system delivers better comfort and convenience to the riders and allows them to enjoy thrilling rides. It also assists the riders in different terrains and supports them to complete their rides without giving up.

Using the throttle is more convenient and comfortable for those with special needs. The riders do not need to paddle when they use the throttle. It helps the riders to complete hard and long rides effortlessly and enjoy the destinations without feeling exhausted. Riders who do not want to paddle can take Grandtan and feel relaxed and refreshed after completing the journey.

#4 40-85 Miles Riding Range (960Wh Battery Pack)

The Grandtan offers a long range between 40 and 85 miles on a single charge. Also, the bike has a lithium 48V*20Ah UL-certified battery pack. It can deliver exceptional performance all day. Also, the Addmotor EB 2.0 battery pack is reliable because of their capacity of 1000 – 1500 charge cycles. All these features allow the riders to enjoy riding without worrying about the power and performance of the battery.

#5 4-inch Fat Tires

The Grandtan electric trike has a 4-inch fat tire with layers of inner tube protector, a high-volume inner tube, and an anti-slip cover tire. This tire allows the riders to ace any terrain without facing any difficulties. The fat tires provide a better grip to the riders and ensure higher stability. The riders can use the Grandtan electric trike on many terrains, like sand, hills, snow, etc.

Boost Your Confidence with Higher Safety

The focus on details makes the Addmotor brand different from others. The brand always keeps in mind the safety of the rider. For better safety, the brand offers a UL-certified battery, which indicates that the battery meets the safety requirements and ensures the safety of the riders from spark or fire. Also, the bike has Tektro mechanical disc brakes for better and more reliable stopping power. The motor cut-off sensors of the bike disengage the motor when the rider uses the brakes and provide instant stopping power to the rider.

Game-Changing EB 2.0 Chip Controller

Addmotor Grandtan E-Trike Makes a Difference in Your Ride

The highly advanced EB 2.0 controller has a smart circuit design to prevent the battery from overheating during the ride and from short circuits. These features enhance the rider’s safety and optimize the power supply for better integration between the battery, motor, and other parts. Collectively, it works to deliver an exceptional riding experience that feels effortless, dynamic, and thrilling.

Advantages of Addmotor Grandtan E-Bike

  • Eco-Friendly: The Grandtan electric trike releases zero carbon emissions and prevents the environment from pollution. It also saves the environment from noise pollution by creating lower noise than other traditional transport options. Overall, it is a friendly and sustainable option for the environment, and it has the ability to navigate transportation toward a better environment.
  • Cost-Effective: Electric bikes are less expensive than cars and motorbikes. Also, the electric bike’s maintenance cost is lesser than other transportation options. Electric bikes are energy efficient because they consume less energy and cover long-distance effortlessly.
  • Better for Health: Electric bicycles like Grandtan are the upgraded version of traditional bikes. You can use them as bicycles by using the paddle based on your capacity. It makes you physically stronger and improves your cardiovascular health.
  • Versatile: Addmotor Grandtan is suitable for different terrains and different weather conditions. Also, they can easily operate by riders of all ages because of their balance and stability. These features make it a versatile option among users with different needs and requirements.

Bottom Line

Experience the freedom and power of the Addmotor Grandtan electric bike by exploring new places. If you are a big guy, Grandtan Plus is also your best choice. It is time to make a difference by leaving traditional transportation behind and starting a new journey with electric bikes to experience unlimited joy by unveiling the secrets of nature. A closer look at nature will help you feel refreshed, and completing the ride over the hard terrain will help you feel a sense of completion without feeling tired. So, it is time to experience the difference in your ride with the Grandtan.


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