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Leading Agent for the Number 1 Sport in the World, How Soccer’s Very Own Richard Lee Found His Niche

Football is the number one sport in the world, with an estimated 3.5 billion fans all over the globe, where top players often become household names. Even after retiring from playing, they can carve a new place for themselves in the football industry.

Former goalkeeper, Richard Lee retired from the game in 2015. Making almost 200 appearances in the Premier League and English Football League gave Lee expertise hard to find elsewhere. He was an expert in the ins and outs of football, especially goalkeeping, but he realized something was missing – a gap only he could fill.

Goalkeeping can be a lonely place – it’s essentially a sport within a sport,” says Lee. That’s why his focus in Refuel Performance Management (RPM) is solely on goalkeepers. He established the subsection Richard Lee Goalkeeping (RLGK), which has employees dedicated to everything related to goalkeeping.

Services Provided by RLGK


Legally binding contracts can be tricky to sort through if one is unfamiliar with legal jargon. That’s why they have an exclusive lawyer to review every agreement to ensure the player gets the best possible deal.

Press and PR

Gaining notoriety in the most famous game in the world can be tricky to navigate alone. Players become celebrities for their skills. However, football practice may not include media training. That’s why RLGK provides press and PR specialists to guide players through the fickle waters of popularity.

Data Analyst

As with anything in life, there is room for improvement. Physical training is only part of the equation – feedback is essential to growth. That’s why they provide a goalkeeping analyst to focus on only their players. Individual feedback helps themselves and the team progress to the next level.


When players are focused on soccer, it can consume their days. Hours of practice and taking care of their bodies to play at peak performance do not leave a lot of time for other mundane activities. That’s why a concierge service is provided for all the necessities footballers do not need to concern their time with.

All of these services are what sets RPM apart from other agencies in the football business.

RLGK emphasizes that they only work with goalkeepers and goalkeeper coaches. That is what separates them from any other football agent in the industry. No one can compare in potential reach and trusted contacts like Lee can.

When operating in a niche, clients can feel forced into picking a less-than-optimal option because there are not many options. RLGK and RPM circumvent this by ensuring clients know they are a holistic agency and people first. Once a player connects with RPM, they always want to stay.

The names Richard Lee, RLGK, and RPM have solid and reliable reputations in the football industry.

Updating often on The Goalkeepers’ Union podcast with weekly episodes, you can learn more about him and his expertise in football. Connect with Richard Lee and Refuel Performance Management on Instagram or RPM on X.


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