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Andrea Ross: Behind the Scenes of Life as a Stunt Double

In Hollywood, a remarkable but overlooked profession thrives – the stunt double. These unsung heroes of the film and television industry bring to life heart-pounding action sequences.

Among these professionals is Andrea Ross, a stuntwoman revealing its captivating yet perilous nature.

Preparation and Training: The Unseen Foundation

To become a stunt double, individuals like Andrea must undergo rigorous training in fighting, falling, flipping, equipping themselves with the skills and resilience necessary for physically demanding and sometimes dangerous feats.

This ensures they can execute stunts safely while mirroring the actors they double for. Andrea’s background as a competitive gymnast, an elite freestyle wrestler, a circus performer and a parkour & freerunning coach laid a strong foundation.

An Athlete’s Journey to Stunt Performing 

Andrea started as a competitive gymnast and evolved into the role of a gymnastics coach. After completing her university education and retiring from international wrestling, an opportunity emerged as a gymnastics program coordinator at the exclusive Calgary Winter Club.

While managing the gymnastics center, she was involved in coaching and competing in parkour and freerunning internationally. It was her experiences in parkour that ignited her passion for a career in the film and television industry, mixed with competing against one of her stunt idols, Luci Romberg (currently Melissa McCarthy’s stunt double), who later encouraged her towards the path of stunt performer.

The opportunity of a lifetime arrived when she was selected as a stunt double for the popular show “Supernatural,” where she stepped into the shoes of Emily Swallows. This marked the beginning of her  journey as a professional stuntwoman. It was filled with excitement and the constant pursuit of excellence in a challenging and dynamic profession motivated her to pursue similar positions.

Doubling for Renowned Actresses: A Balancing Act

Andrea doubled for actresses such as Juliette Lewis, Leslie Bibb, Ana Torv, Heather Graham, Jes Macalan and many more. Her ability to mirror these actresses in action-packed scenes shows the dedication and precision required for this role.

The Perilous yet Thrilling Profession

While the life of a stunt double may seem glamorous, it’s not without its perils. Stunt performers frequently face potential injury with every daring leap, fight scene, or high-speed chase. Andrea’s mentors consistently shared the reality that “it’s not if you get hurt, it’s when”.

It’s a risky profession, and split-second decisions can mean the difference between safety and harm. Andrea’s experiences on renowned TV shows like “The Last of Us,” “Fargo,” “Legends of Tomorrow,” and “Peacemaker” exemplify the thrilling yet perilous nature of her profession.

Live Your Fierce: The Transformational Connection

Andrea’s journey in the world of stunts and her fearless approach to performing high-risk actions have played a significant role in her mission to empower women. It led to the foundation of her training program, Live Your Fierce.

The resilience and mental strength she developed as a stunt double are the foundation for her coaching program, inspiring women to confront their fears, overcome challenges, and transform their lives.

The life of a stunt double, as exemplified by Andrea Ross, is one that demands dedication, precision, and a willingness to face risk head-on. It’s an essential aspect of the entertainment industry, and Andrea’s journey highlights the remarkable commitment and skills required to thrive in this profession.


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