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DOEV Dmitry: A detailed biography of one of Russia’s prominent business leaders

DOEV Dmitry: A detailed biography of one of Russia’s prominent business leaders

The General Director of the VIS Group since 2021, Dmitry VitalievichDoev, is a widely recognized manager who made his reputation by leading successful projects. An experienced teacher, Doevis also very ambitious; eventually developing his own business and working as one of Russia’s foremost business leaders.

Dmitry Doev: Childhood years

Doev Dmitry Vitalievich was born in the summer of 1966 in Leningrad, USSR (St Petersburg, Russia). However, he spent the first three years of his life in the Tver region, in the small town of Toropets, where his mother was born. Dmitry Doev, whose biography notes his growing up in Leningrad, would later return to Toropets to spend his school holidays.

Returning to Leningrad, the family settled in one of its working-class neighborhoods. According to the memoirs of Doev Dmitry, this part of the city featured many memorable places related to the activities of the Revolution. In early childhood, he loved to read and watch films about spaceflight, dreaming of a career as an astronaut. But, as it turned out, Dmitry Doev chose to receive training as an earthbound engineer.

Technical education and first work

From childhood, Dmitry Doev understood he was not predisposed to humanitarian work. Therefore, he agreed with the wishes of his parents and followed in the footsteps of his father, a Candidate of Technical Sciences. Doev began to study mathematics in depth in a specialized school. Although his school was far from home and Doev had much homework, the future manager enjoyed his education. One of Doev Dmitry Vitalievich’s most pleasant memories is walking around the city and its embankment alone after school.

Doev’s aptitude for technical subjects also led him to choose further specialized studies in Engineering at the Leningrad Polytechnic Institute. After receiving his diploma, the young engineer took a post at the Research Institute of Accurate Instrumentation. After some time at the research institute, he was invited back to Leningrad Polytechnic Institute to teach. The Dmitry Doev biography shows he was involved with research and teaching for several years but quickly realized that pedagogy differed from his life’s passion. He started his career in the business sector.

Dmitry Doev: Becoming a Manager

From his experience in lectures with students, Doev Dmitry developed the communication skills necessary for further work. After the end of his teaching career, he applied himself in several different fields, ranging from construction to investing. He was also engaged in the supply of technical equipment to various large companies, including Gazprom.

After some time, his cooperative work with Gazprom led Doev Dmitry Vitalievich to the appointment of a leading position in one of its maintenance and repair enterprises.

Dmitry Doev: The Manager-reformer

While working in the repair enterprise he headed, Doev Dmitry Vitalievich solved several complex problems. At the same time, he led his company to develop helpful solutions for his firm’s operations and solutions that positively impacted the community.

Under Mr. Doev’s leadership, tens of thousands of employees learned how to conduct complex repairs underground and underwater. On average, the team made up to forty thousand different repairs annually. Several natural gas distribution stations throughout Russia were also built.

One of the main achievements in the Dmitry Doev biography is his ability to institute logical reform where needed. In his work with the repair holding, the challenge was to separate the various structures of the company and increase the number of its branches.

Dmitry Doev’s biography also notes his large charitable initiatives, participating in programs supporting needy people, sick or disabled children, and veterans of the Second World War. Festivals were also organized in which even disabled children could participate and enjoy themselves.

In 2019, Doev Dmitry left Gazprom. In the next three years, he worked for various companies at different levels of management.

Dmitry Doev: VIS Group and a new area of work

Dmitry Doevtook the reins of the VIS Group in 2021. At the time of his beginning with VIS, he was known and listed as one of the most desirable candidates for leading posts among Russian enterprises. The Dmitry Doevbiography lists him in a series of senior positions. Mr. Doev was even included in a list of the two thousand best managers in the 2021 publication of General Director.

The VIS Group is primarily engaged in constructing infrastructure and transport facilities. Dmitry’s range of professional experience allows him to improve the quality of the Group’s work and lower risks in the construction sector. Now the VIS Group has a backlog of projects scheduled through the year 2047.

Development of education in the Russian North

Dmitry Doev and VIS Group have implemented major socially essential projects, including in such challenging regions for construction as the Far North. The development of educational facilities is one such endeavor. DmitryDoev and VIS Group work on the principle of public and private partnership, in which the budget funds are returned to the investor gradually. This process helps remote regions in Russia get their needed projects completed more quickly.

In Yakutia, the Dmitry Doev-ledVIS Group built many education-related projects, such as schools with the latest equipment, kindergartens, and premises for additional education. Doev Dmitry Vitalievich notes that such projects attract new investors, which helps the region continue to develop. The Group also built the first hybrid public library in the Far East, where books are issued electronically. Dmitry Doev also contributed to opening a large cultural and performance center for citizens of all ages.

In 2024, Dmitry Doev and VIS Group expect to complete another major project, a cultural complex that can host international-level events.

Construction of medical facilities

Dmitry Doevdirects VIS Group toward large-scale public-private partnership projects. These are primarily social infrastructure elements, such as medical centers, hospitals, and clinics. Moreover, under the leadership ofDmitryDoev, the VIS Group Holding applies unique construction technologies. For example, Yakutsk’s largest clinic under construction will have special cooling equipment to maintain the permafrost under the buildings. These will ensure that the soil stays frozen to a depth of 12 meters, allowing the six-story building to stand reliably on permafrost – quite an engineering challenge.

Dmitry Doev and VIS Group took on a large-scale project in Novosibirsk, where the company is building seven new clinics simultaneously. These medical institutions will be equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment and with the capacity to receive and treat 6,500 people per day. Dmitry Doev considers that an essential feature of this public-private undertaking is that the medical facilities will be handed over to the developer fully equipped and ready to go.

Large-scale bridge and road construction projects

Any Dmitry Doev biography shows his construction bona fides, but besides buildings, Mr. Doevinsists that good roads are essential to rapid development. Therefore, the construction company and the State are implementing infrastructure projects throughout Siberia.

One striking achievement is the construction of the Khabarovsk Highway. This thirty-kilometer section of modern four-lane road has five transport interchanges and more than 20 overpasses. This motorway is expected to become one of the elements of the transport artery between Russia and China; in the future, the connection of the Khabarovsk bypass with the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative is under consideration.

Dmitry Doevand VIS Group guides the design and construction of innovative and challenging projects. Many require daring, non-standard engineering solutions. For example, Doev Dmitry created a bridge crossing under construction in Novosibirsk, which has the most extensive transport interchange in Siberia – more than 20 exits, four elevated pedestrian crossings, and ten reinforced concrete and steel bridges.

Doev Dmitry: Family Life and Recreation

Doev Dmitry prefers to lead a private life. He tries to devote all his time away from work to his family. Dmitry Doev’sbiography is undoubtedly loaded with information about his professional career, but he is married, and he and his wife are raising a son and a daughter. Mr. Doev considers playing games with his younger daughter one of his favorite pastimes.

He is interested in history, especially the study of war, and he is an avid student of combat strategy. He compares his managerial career with military command. Doev Dmitry also loves motorcycles and other motorsports; he loves skiing and jogging. He has an excellent taste for Italian cuisine. Ever since he was a boy, Doev Dmitry Vitalievichhas loved literature. When he was young, he actually collected and sold waste paper to raise money to buy books. He considers New Year’s to be his favorite holiday.


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