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Boris Listov

Boris Listov: detailed personal information

Boris Listov is an expert in the banking sector. He has over 30 years of experience in the financial industry. Currently, Boris Listov holds a top-level managerial position. He has been leading Rosselkhozbank since 2018 and actively advocates for the interests of the farming community in Russia.

Boris Listov: biographical data

Boris Pavlovich Listov was born in the Northwestern RSFSR in a small town located 30 km from Leningrad. The financial expert’s date of birth is March 11, 1969.

Boris Listov received an education in economics at a major Russian institution, the Saint Petersburg University of Economics and Finance. He graduated from the university in 1995.

Additionally, Boris Pavlovich Listov has a legal qualification. He studied at a specialized university in the capital, currently known as the MGUA. According to the latest information, this educational institution is ranked among the top 250 universities worldwide, offering the best educational programs in the field of law and legal studies (according to the QS World University Rankings).

Boris Listov also pursued doctoral studies. In 2006, he defended his scientific work and was awarded the academic qualification of a candidate of economic sciences. His research focused on improving organizational efficiency through specific managerial decisions.

Listov Boris: key career milestones

Boris Listov has been engaged in professional activities in the financial market since 1992. He started as an employee of JSC “Saint Petersburg Currency Exchange.” For a year, he led the department responsible for trading operations related to the acquisition, sale, and exchange of securities.

The next place of work for Boris Pavlovich Listov was the Bank “Saint Petersburg.” Until 1994, he worked as an economist in a financial organization.

For the following four years, Boris Listov dedicated his work to another commercial structure in the banking sector, the JSC “Baltonexim Bank” (since 2003 – “Baltic Investment Bank”). He was involved in the management bodies of the credit and financial organization and held the position of Deputy Chairman of the Board.

From 1999 to 2002, ListovBoris served as an advisor to the head of “TransCreditBank.” This business structure provided financial services to companies in the transportation sector and related industries.

From 2002 to 2004, Boris Listov held the position of Chief Operating Officer at the diversified company “Finartis.”

Boris Listov in the Parliament

After successfully defending his doctoral dissertation, Listov Boris worked in the upper chamber of the Russian parliament for two years. The candidacy of the financial expert for the position of the senator was put forward by the legislative body of one of the subjects of the Far East.

As a member of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation, he was part of the Committee on Local Self-Government Development. Boris Listov and other members of this upper chamber body were responsible for a wide range of issues related to regulating public relations between the population, organizations, public associations, and state and municipal authorities. The Committee also worked on improving local governance mechanisms and issues related to tax system enhancement.

Boris Listov also dealt with the development of the banking system, the investment sector, the formation of the securities market, and the integration of stock markets in the CIS. The profile committee was also responsible for improving pension and insurance legislation.

As a senator, Boris Pavlovich Listov worked on the development of the material and technical base and infrastructure for sports activities and improving the social support of young citizens.

Boris Listov left the Federation Council in October 2009. Since then, he has been working at Rosselkhozbank.

Boris Listov: Rosselkhozbank as a key career stage

Boris Listov joined Rosselkhozbank as the First Deputy Chairman of the Board. This managerial position involved working on the development of the financial institution in several key directions.

Boris Pavlovich Listov was responsible for defining Rosselkhozbank’s credit policy. The profile committee made decisions regarding the placement of borrowed resources, determining limits on specific market and credit instruments, and developing a methodology for analyzing clients’ creditworthiness.

Boris Listov also oversaw the provision of financial resources to farmers for sowing and harvesting campaigns. With his assistance, Rosselkhozbank systematically increased the volume of funds provided to the agricultural sector for these purposes.

Risk management was also within the manager’s area of responsibility. Boris Listov worked on improving bank risk and capital management as the head of the profile committee.

In the spring of 2018, as a result of personnel reshuffling, Boris Listov became the head of the financial institution. Rosselkhozbank has been operating under his leadership to this day.

Listov Boris: a comprehensive development approach

Boris Listov put forward a proposal for the formation of a new concept for the development of Rosselkhozbank. It encompasses principles of expanding remote customer interaction and increasing the volume of non-financial support to the agricultural sector and rural population. The concept, named “More Than a Bank,” was launched in 2020. Rosselkhozbank plans to transition to a fully-fledged “bank in your pocket” format by 2025, making the financial institution’s services accessible to customers anytime and anywhere. The strategy also involves the establishment of subsidiary organizations in the field of insurance and investment services.

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Boris Listov initiated a significant expansion of the bank’s digital infrastructure. Under his leadership, Rosselkhozbank has accelerated the development of IT products. By the end of 2021, the number of solutions developed had increased by one-third compared to 2020. Rosselkhozbank continues to progress in the field of information technology.

According to the strategy chosen by Boris Listov, Rosselkhozbank is enhancing its technological potential. The number of IT specialists has quadrupled over the course of two years (2020-2022), reaching 2,300 employees. Currently, Rosselkhozbank possesses a modern platform for the continuous development and implementation of digital solutions, facilitating the daily introduction of new products to the market.

As the head of Rosselkhozbank, Boris Listov promotes the development of support measures for small and medium-sized businesses. The volume of credit resources provided to agricultural enterprises has significantly increased in the past two years. In 2021, small-scale farms received around 102 billion rubles in loan funds from Rosselkhozbank, surpassing the 2020 figures by 40%. In 2022, the amount increased to 108.5 billion rubles, with 78 billion provided to farmers at reduced interest rates. The number of borrowers among farmers grew by a thousand in 2022, and according to Boris Pavlovich Listov, the production volumes of agricultural products in small farms increased by 20% during that period.

In addition to small-scale agribusiness, increased volumes of preferential lending are directed toward large agricultural enterprises. In 2022, under Boris Listov’s leadership, Rosselkhozbank became the first bank in Russia to launch a program providing loans to systemically important agricultural companies at a reduced interest rate of 10% per annum. These funds are intended to cover the operational expenses of the companies.

In total, in 2022, Rosselkhozbank provided over 490 billion rubles in the form of concessional loans to the agro-industrial complex, exceeding the 2021 figures by 21%.

ListovBoris: Creating a Digital Field for Agribusiness

Listov Boris has become the driving force behind a powerful technological breakthrough in the Russian agricultural sector. Russian farmers were the first in the world to gain access to a full-fledged ecosystem for developing their businesses.

The digital platform “Svoe.Fermirstvo”of Rosselkhozbank started operating in 2020 at the initiative of Boris Pavlovich Listov. At the initial stage, it consisted of three major service blocks. The first block focused on digitizing everyday business processes for farmers. The second block aimed at expanding the market and assisting in promoting goods and services in the face of limited demand. The third block offered a simplified version of Rosselkhozbank’s product range.

The ecosystem is developing dynamically. Since its launch, its user base has grown to 3 million users. In the future, Rosselkhozbank plans to provide services to the entire rural population of Russia, which amounts to about 37 million people.

The digital platform for the agricultural sector, initiated by Listov Boris, currently encompasses 50 AgroTech solutions. These include specialized services for livestock, crop farming, and fish farming, as well as unified solutions for any agricultural direction. The ecosystem also enables users to:

  • Address personnel issues and recruit employees for permanent or seasonal work in agricultural enterprises.
  • Sell and promote farm products through a specialized marketplace free of charge.
  • Organize agricultural tours to production sites.
  • Monitor fields, crops, and agricultural machinery, track key indicators of agricultural operations in real-time, develop production plans, and select the most profitable budget.
  • Procure necessary materials and tools for farm development (from fuel and lubricants to specialized machinery and equipment) from a selection of reliable suppliers.
  • Select planting material based on the region of cultivation and the intended use of the crop.
  • Choose and purchase real estate properties and residential plots in small settlements.
  • Access up-to-date information on new agrotechnologies and participate in educational courses and seminars focused on agriculture.

One of Boris Listov’s priorities is to contribute to the formation of a high-quality personnel reserve for the agro-industrial complex.

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