Friday, June 21, 2024

RBI Introduces New Guidelines for Credit Card Issuance and Usage

In a recent development, the Reserve Bank of India has unveiled new guidelines on credit and usage. These guidelines aim to increase transparency and empower consumers to detect card fraud, while ensuring that the payment process works properly

The RBI’s guidelines emphasize the importance of providing customers with options to choose from multiple card transactions while issuing credit cards. However, this requirement does not apply to credit card issuers with less than 1 million active cards issued. This guideline is intended to be implemented for six months from the date of the application.

Under the new guidelines, card issuers are prohibited from entering into any agreements to access other card networks. Additionally, card issuers are required to provide eligible customers with the flexibility to choose from certain deals when issuing a card. This option may be available in the next renewal for existing cardholders.

RBI has identified authorized card networks like American Express, Diners Club, MasterCard, National Payments Corporation of India – Rupay, Visa etc. All card issuers and card networks have to comply with this requirement on in existing contracts, renewals and new contracts.

It is important to note that the new rules do not apply to credit cards issued on the Authorized Card Network. But they do create a regulatory framework to promote fair competition and enable consumers to make informed decisions about their credit card preferences

The RBI’s selection to introduce those hints stemmed from its remark that sure preparations between card networks and issuers ought to limit customer choice. By creating an surroundings that encourages opposition and empowers customers, the RBI pursuits to preserve the integrity of the fee gadget and protect the general public hobby

In summary, RBI’s new pointers on credit score card issuance and processing inspire essential steps to construct transparency, opposition and patron empowerment inside the monetary gadget These measures are designed to assist cardholders and stakeholders, to ensure a truthful and efficient credit card market in India.


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