Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Mukka Proteins IPO: Allotment Status, GMP Update, and Listing Date Revealed

Excitement continues to build as Mukka Proteins prepares itself in abundance as it unveils its surprise IPO to popularity among shareholders, following an impressive response from traders. The fish protein products company, which has seen the top order form 136. ninety-nine times, is preparing to finalize the distribution concept on the fifth of March, with information expected to be obtained by support for the 6th of March.

With an IPO fee band of Rs 26-28 corresponding to several percent and hundreds of fairness stocks, Mukka Proteins raised Rs 224 crore through a special offering. The market shows a formidable gray market premium (GMP) of Rs 35 in line with the buzz percentage, indicating a 25.5% potential list pop of Rs.

Investors are eagerly catching up with each BSE and NSE listing debut, slated for March 7, as Mukka Proteins seems to be capitalizing on the growing demand for fish protein and fish oil across sectors.

Despite the optimism of brokerage firms that tout growth plans and strong economic performance, analysts caution against relying on major sports enthusiasts and change if they will be done legally, and often under potentially difficult circumstances.

Keep up to date with the share list through BSE’s internet site or Cameo Corporate Services’ online portal to ensure you continue to adventure through this exciting IPO frenzy.


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