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Shabu Earnest Veloor Joy: Starworth Infrastructure And Construction Limited Into A Future of Innovation & Excellence

Shabu Earnest Veloor Joy, CEO at Starworth Infrastructure and Construction Ltd

We live in a world that’s constantly changing, evolving. The construction industry follows suit. But with so much change, one name has managed to stay ahead of the pack: Shabu Earnest Veloor Joy. With over 35 years experience in this field alone, Shabu offers a dynamic Execution Strategy and an unmatched vision for growth. He graduated college as a Civil Engineering student from the National Institute of Technology, Raipur – pretty standard stuff. But the position he holds now as CEO at Starworth Infrastructure and Construction Ltd is anything but expected. It’s proof that commitment, hard work, and an unwavering commitment to excellence can pave the way to success.

A Career Worth Talking About:

Shabu worked for big-name companies like Essa Engineering & Marine Services LLC in Dubai (General Manager), Shapoorji & Pallonji Co Ltd (Country Head), Tecton Engineering & Construction Co Pvt Ltd (CEO), Punj Lloyd (Country Head), Katerra India Pvt Ltd. (Operations Head pan India). Working through all these roles gave him insight into various sectors of business inclusing Commercial Residential Oil & Gas Power & Water Hospitality Health Education etc.

“Leadership is about stepping up when the going gets tough, shaping tomorrows future with todays innovations and inspiring others to break through barriers.”

– Shabu Earnest Veloor Joy

But his biggest accomplishment came when he was named CEO at Starworth Infrastructure and Construction Ltd – a leading EPC Contracting Company in India and 100% subsidiary of Puravankara Limited. His strong Execution Methodology has taken this company to new heights boasting projects like TAJ Bangalore International Airport, 20 Metro Stations for Bangalore Metro Corporation Limited worth Rs 347 Cr., Sound of Water Phase 1 for Puravankara worth Rs 694 Cr., Park Square – Provident worth Rs 1483 Cr. and Neora – Provident worth Rs 1187 Cr. His execution capabilities were the main reason that the company achieved Turnover of INR 504 Cr in FY23.

How Starworth Infrastructure And Construction Ltd Became The Company It Is Today:

Founded in ‘08, this contracting firm has quickly established itself as a leader in the industry. With a turnover of Rs 504 cr as of FY23, Starworth has grown at an unprecedented rate in a very short amount of time.

Starworth infrastructure and construction Ltd is a shinning ex- ample of innovation and excellence and has been endow with fastest growing construction company for the year 2022 and con- struction excellence award 2023.

It’s managed to achieve this by focusing on some key segments: Commercial, Residential, Infrastructure and Industrial. Their popular off-site construction technology highlights their innovative approach to old problems too.

Behind all these achievements stands a team of professionals who strive for nothing less than perfection. They’re constantly pushing the envelope when it comes to sustainability, unmatched quality and innovation. Key officials within the company are always thinking about its future growth too.

Shabu has an eye for where things are going and a willingness to get there first. His approach to change is simple: just keep raising the bar and never get complacent. It’s what’s kept Starworth ahead so far, and it’s what he believes will continue to set them apart.

The moment Shabu knew he was onto something big came in 2007. He had just spent 21 years in the UAE, and hadn’t even been exposed to the Indian construction market — yet, he decided to go back anyway. That move alone made him realize that everything he needed was inside of him already. From then on, his path would be clear; now all that was left was to figure out how to make it work.

“Success isn’t something you can reach,” Shabu says, “It’s a journey of non-stop self-belief and determination that turns your dreams into reality.”

Setting new industry standards

As public awareness of environmental impact rises around the world, companies have started paying more attention too. Starworth Infrastructure and Construction Ltd has been at the forefront of this shift since day one.

From methods like waste management and alternate material use to energy consumption optimization and eco-friendly practices; their dedication knows no limits when it comes to responsible construction.

A revolution in technology

Star Homes is the company’s latest project for which they’ve devised a groundbreaking construction method. In just 119 days they manage to build houses complete with elegant interiors from best-in-market products using advanced ecofriendly tech while maintaining optimum quality throughout.

This new method not only pushes Starworth’s ability as a construction firm but also serves as proof of concept for customer satisfaction with speed and efficiency guaranteed.

Through hell and high water

Every big dream hits some bumps along the way; I’d be worried if they didn’t. The biggest hurdles Starworth had faced up until now were competition, team building, operational efficiency improvements, and the like.

But in this industry — in any industry really — if you’re not pushing to get better, then what are you even doing? Shabu’s ability to motivate his team and make sure they’re all on the same page has proven invaluable.

The biggest challenge that he and Starworth faced together was COVID-19. Like with everyone else, the pandemic threw a wrench in their plans. But unlike the others, they grabbed a hammer and kept going anyway.

By adopting off-site building techniques Starworth was able to minimize human dependence which sped up project delivery, improved environmental values, and maintained consistent quality throughout all of their ongoing projects.

Building a legacy

Shabu Veloor Joy started from just an engineering degree. Look where he is now. From the moment he decided to come back to India after 21 years abroad with no exposure to the market until today; there’s no denying that this man is a leader through and through.

He doesn’t have any magic secrets either. His philosophy is simple: if you want something new, you need to start something new. If you want people to follow your example, then set one worth following.

“Innovation’s gonna build it; determination’s gonna play it”

– Shabu Earnest Veloor Joy

As Shabu continues climbing higher into unexplored territories of construction management; we can only hope that his burning passion for customer satisfaction will fuel every step of the way forward. Although still far from retirement age, he has already left quite an impact. Aspiring businessmen will idolize him for generations to come because with enough ambition they too can shape not only their own future but also entire industries as well.

In a world driven by innovation, Shabu Earnest Veloor Joy’s leadership at Starworth Infrastructure and Construction Ltd breaks the mold. With an eye for the future and a focus on execution, this construction maverick is reshaping the industry landscape.

It’s undeniable that Shabu’s tenure has been a successful one. Under his watchful gaze, Starworth has positioned itself as a pioneer in sustainability and quality in its space. But he isn’t done yet.

Looking forward, Starworth plans to solidify its position as one of India’s top construction companies. They’re eager to set new standards of excellence and sustainability through their work. And with an arsenal of bleeding-edge technology at their disposal, it looks like they just might do it.

Shabu Earnest Veloor Joy wasn’t born into success; he worked for it. And his journey from civil engineering graduate to CEO is nothing short of awe-inspiring. For any aspiring leader out there, his story serves as proof that hard work pays off.

However you look at it, there’s no denying Shabu’s impact on the world of construction so far. His Execution leadership style has changed what’s possible in the industry forever. As we head into this exciting new era in construction history, it seems like there’s nobody better suited to be leading the charge than him.


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