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Top 10 YouTubers in India 2024

Here are the Top 10 YouTubers in India 2024 with their channel subscribers and net worth:

YouTube from quite long time has become the major source of Income for many. Earlier we only knew it as the way of watching videos, but till the time when we do not know its importance. But by comparing it with present time, we cannot deny the fact that YouTube is the major source of Income for many.

Besides entertaining it lets individual to earn quite a descent amount by sharing content – images, videos, short clips and more. This has made people to call them as Influencer or YouTubers. Hence, in this particular post we will let you to determine the Top 10 YouTubers in India.

But the major reason behind their success is what? Well, it is not a tough to determine that it’s their subscribers that are majorly supporting them to be on top. Creators create and share their videos either of their talent, day to day life activity and more and earn subscriber.

This majorly happens when content is constantly being shared and if individuals like they hit the “Subscribe button”. This way they reach from few numbers to thousands and to millions.

So, we can say that YouTube has a massive following and achieved an incredible success. So, there are some of the top 10 YouTubers that we will let you know, but we are sure that to some or other you might be connected with.

But there are lot more to explore about them. So let us give you a brief information about them.

List of Top 10 YouTubers in India 2024:

  1. Ajey Nagar (Roasting, Comedy)

  • Net Worth – $5 Million (41 crore IND)
  • Subscriber –18.6 Million
  • Monthly Income – 25 Lakhs

CarryMinati is the Richest Indian YouTuber and is known as Ajey Nagar. We are sure many of you might have followed CarryMinati- as he is one of the extremely talented YouTubers. He is on the list of the top 10 YouTubers in India.

Besides this, he is also a streamer and rapper and known for his roasting videos, his extreme comedian timings and his reactions to various online topics.

He also runs another channel named CarryisLive- where he majorly streams the gaming session. So, if you are one of those interested in gaming then you can join him to know about the latest gaming updates and sessions.

He began posting his video on YouTube when he was at age 10. Mainly he was into uploading football videos (it’s tutorial). Later on, his main YouTube channel began to be active in 2014.

In the early days, his channel name was AddictedA1 (where he used to upload Videos of football and his reactions towards the game). But later in 2015, he changed his name to CarryMinati (while mimicking sunny Deol)

His talent and comic timing have attracted thousands of audiences right from different corner of the world. Besides this, he is one of the major attractive people in the YouTube community.

  1. Ajay (Gaming)

  • Net Worth –$2 Million (15 Crore)
  • Subscriber – 3.4 M
  • Monthly Income –7 to 8 Lakhs

Ajay who runs his channel named Total Gaming- known by his name Ajju Bhai on YouTube. He is another popular YouTuber in India and ranks among the top 10. He is one of the top gaming YouTubers followed by millions of his subscribers.

He lives streams the battle royal game named “Garena Free Fire” and holds a major net worth. Earlier Ajay used to play the low requirement mobile games, but slowly and gradually he shifted towards Garena. He shares tips, tricks along with his entertainment commentary and this made him uplift the huge success with YouTube.

No doubt he has gained a huge fan following with his extreme talent and interactive live sessions. As one of the successful content creators, he can make the desired amount with the help of his content, sponsorship, collaboration with the brand and merchandise sales.

In the initial days, when he started playing games, he did not have the latest devices to support his gaming skills. But with the passing of time, he managed to walk ahead and started his YouTube channels and the rest is in front of you.

3. Ujjwal Chaurasia (Gaming)

  • Net Worth –$2 Million (15 Crore)
  • Subscriber –2.7 Million
  • Monthly Income – 15+ Lakhs

Ujjwal Chaurasia is one of the others who fall among the Top 10 YouTubers in India. He owns his channel named Techno Gamerz, another promising YouTuber in the gaming industry.

But mainly he is known for his GTA V series. But you must be wondering how he entered into YouTube. It was found that in his early days, he was keenly interested in gaming- the first video game that was played by him was “Snowbros”. Later on, he started showing his interest in other games as well.

By continuing he started his YouTube channel in 2017 and there in he used to share his gaming tutorials and some tips. Constantly, he used to post videos from his brother’s phone. But one day, one of his videos got up with so many views that took him to the top level. This encouraged him to share more such videos.

With this, he later reached 100k subscribers in 2019. He combined both his commentary plus gaming skills to attract an audience and gained a huge subscriber base. Eventually, it turned out to be good luck for him and made his position among the top 10 YouTubers in India.

4. Dilraj Singh (Life Hacks, Experiments)

  • Net Worth – $2+ Million (16+ Crore)
  • Subscriber –3.1 Million
  • Monthly Income –15 to 20 Lakhs

Dilraj Singh is famous through his channel “Mr Indian Hacker”. He is known through his dangerous experiments videos (that eventually, we cover in some movies, but not in real life). Since childhood, he was involved in performing different kinds of experiments and this continued with him.

Likeness towards his experiments, he soon started to upload his videos on YouTube. This is where he created Mr Indian Hacker in 2012, where he shared his first-ever video.

The video entitled- how to open the door lock without keys. Though he wanted people to sharpen their knowledge along with entertainment and in turn shared such videos. Along with this, he used to share some of the tricks, practical solutions (day-to-day challenges). In turn, this made him witness the popularity. But this was all due to extremely well and engaging content.

His demonstration towards content and practical knowledge is quite interesting and attracted an audience. However, if you will ask who is the second top YouTuber in the list then it is Dilraj Singh. With just 55 of his videos in 2020, he managed to gain 1.56 million subscribers. Now we can see that he is one of the prominent and well-known YouTubers in India sharing valuable content to enhance one’s knowledge.

5. Zayan, Wasim, and Nazim (Comedy Skits)

  • Net Worth –$4.9 Million (40 Crore)
  • Subscriber – 3.1 Million
  • Monthly Income – 10 to 20 Lakhs

Three trio runs a channel on YouTube named Round2hell by sharing humorous and entertaining content. The channel contains a mixture of comedy sketches, funny skits and even other hilarious videos.

Viewers of all ages can connect with them to take an immense entertaining factor. Since the name of the channel was adopted randomly, no matter whether they are into the top 10 YouTubers.

If you are looking to connect to what happens in your day-to-day lives, then Round2hell is one of the top channels you can connect with. They share relatable everyday conditions or situations in terms of laughter and yet entertaining.

With their comic timing, chemistry and witty dialogues they have gained an immense popularity.

6. Ashish Chanchlani (Comedy Skits, Vlogs)

  • Net Worth –$5 Million (40 Crore)
  • Subscriber –14.8 Million
  • Monthly Income –25+ Lakhs

One of the most popular comedians and no doubt the top YouTuber in India is Ashish Chanchlani. We all know him due to his humour against comedy and its timing. He has gained a massive subscriber base due to his hilarious reactions, funny sketches and other relatable content. Audiences no doubt become a fan of Ashish Chanchlani and give him the desired recognition he deserved.

On the other hand, he is also known as one of the energetic personalities along with his unique humour. You laugh because his comic timing matches and let you explore the different situation happening around you in a comedy manner.

Perhaps it was reported that he is one of those YouTubers who crossed 10 million subscribers in very less time. But it is all about his efforts that made him reach such a desired platform. However, YouTube gave him the recognition and he continued to make people laugh with his jokes and amazing content.

7. Sandeep Maheshwari (Motivational Speaker)

  • Net Worth-  $3.5 To $4 Million ( 30 Crore to 35 Crore)
  • Subscriber –5 Million
  • Monthly Income –30+ Lakhs

Sandeep Maheshwari is one of the well-known YouTubers and has millions of subscribers. He is one of the motivational speakers who has gained immense popularity through his YouTube channel.

He shares motivational content, an inspiration to individuals or one to help empower people. This way, individuals can bring up their inner strength or potential to perform the work they have come up to the world.

In his videos and live sessions he covers a diverse range of topics like career-building, personal development, public speaking, and confidence-building. Sandeep has become a role model for many people and it is all because of his extreme talent.

8. Bhuvan Bam (Comedy/entertainment)

  • Net Worth – $15 Million (120 Crore)
  • Subscriber –17.3 Million
  • Monthly Income –20 to 25 Lakhs

Bhuvan Bam has its channel named- BB ki vines, we are sure everyone knows about him and his channel. He is extremely popular YouTube in India with millions of fans following. His channel focus on creating content on entertainment, featuring humorous sketches and even some characters (those are played by himself).

He has a unique style of delivering and connecting with his audience. This let him to gain millions of subscribers in less span of time. On the other hand, we could say that BB ki vines has become the household name in India. He is one among the Top 10 YouTubers in India.

9. Amit Bhadana (Comedy/entertainment)

  • Net Worth –$7 Million (53 Crore)
  • Subscriber –8.8 Million
  • Monthly Income – 25 to 30 Lakhs

Among many YouTubers in India, Amit Bhadana has established himself to be among top 10 by sharing his comedian content. His videos involves the relationship jokes, some social issues and day live experiences. 

His content is so relatable with the real-life experiences that audience could not make them to watch them off. This had made him to gain popularity through his channel and has millions of subscribers.

10. Gaurav Chaudhary (Technology reviews)

  • Net Worth – $45 Million (356 Crore)
  • Subscriber –3.2 million
  • Monthly Income –45 to 50 Lakhs

Gaurav Chaudhary runs Technical Guruji as his YouTube channel. Mainly his channel focuses on unboxing gadgets and also shares tech reviews. With his continuous efforts of sharing content on YouTube, he got popularity for his Hindi language videos. Such videos support simplifying complicated technical concepts and also offers insights into smartphones, laptops and other related products.

If you are looking to buy any latest gadgets then you can switch to his channel to get their reviews and other details. He is best to communicate and deliver the best information about different gadgets to make your decision easy. Through his video, anyone can understand what they are looking for in the tech industry. In turn, he is another among the top 10 YouTubers in India.


YouTube is one of the popular social channels in India. It has made people share their content (mainly in the form of videos, posts, and vlogs) to develop a strong community and connect. However, people as per their interest can either connect or share videos.

But along with this, YouTube has also helped people to make it a source of income. Currently, there are many YouTubers who have made it their primary source of Income and are shining higher. To this, we have shared with you the complete list of the top 10 YouTubers in India, who are shinning with their extreme talent in different categories and let you connect with different content in the right manner.


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