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Encouraging Early Design: Thoughts on Canvas Fosters Creativity in Children

Garima Govil: Thoughts on Canvas Fosters Creativity in Children

Thoughts on Canvas stands as a beacon for nurturing early design skills in children. Established in 2008 in Gurgaon India, the school has evolved into a global force, especially with its swift transition to a virtual platform amid the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2019. This enabled the school to expand internationally connecting with art learners across the United States, UK, Canada, Singapore, Dubai, Australia, and nearly every city in India. 

Led by its visionary founder Garima Govil, the institution has revolutionized art education for children through a unique teaching methodology rooted in numerical ideas, block techniques, and color theory.

Founding Principles

The foundation of Thoughts on Canvas is built on the belief that art reflects and inspires a creative society; and design thinking is a fundamental human skill. Garima, an alum of the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) Delhi and the International Academy of Design Toronto (IADT) laid the groundwork for a culture of early design, enabling children to explore diverse career paths.

The Team Shaping Thoughts on Canvas’ Future

  • Ms. Garima Govil (Principal – Director and Lead Teacher Senior Wing): Garima Govil, the visionary founder of Thoughts on Canvas, is a well-known force in art education. With unwavering dedication, she personally invests up to one hundred hours monthly in teaching classes ensuring a hands-on approach towards finetuning the school’s teaching methods.
  • Ms. Grishma Shah (Head of Admissions and Parent Relations): In her pivotal role Ms. Grishma Shah meticulously oversees admissions. She builds and maintains strong relationships with parents, fostering a supportive parent and student community vital to Thoughts on Canvas’ growth.
  • Ms. Shaifali Goyal (Lead Teacher for Middle and Junior Wing): As the Lead Teacher for the Middle and Junior Wing, Ms. Shaifali Goyal plays a critical role in the institution’s success. Beyond imparting knowledge in class, she guides and mentors’ students through the early phase of artistic development, ensuring each individual blossoms to their creative potential.

Innovative Teaching Methodology

The school’s competitive advantage lies in its patented teaching methodology, incorporating numerical ideas, block techniques, and color theory. This distinctive approach ensures that anyone, regardless of age, can unlock their artistic potential and become an expert artist.

Diverse Educational Programs

  • Junior School (Ages 5 and above): The Beginner Art program introduces basic sketching and coloring, fostering creativity and confidence in young artists.
  • Middle School (Ages 8-12): Award-winning programs like Youngling Art and Creative Design Art aim to develop appreciation for art, improve drawing abilities, and lay the foundation for future artistic and design endeavors.
  • Senior School (Ages 12-18): Specialized programs include Human Illustrations and Portraits, Advanced Youngling Design Art, and B.DES Tutoring, catering to older students, and even serving as therapeutic art for adults.

Overcoming Challenges with Adaptability

In 2020, as the world grappled with COVID-19 pandemic challenges, Thoughts on Canvas faced a pivotal moment. The closure of physical spaces prompted a rapid reevaluation of the institution’s teaching methods. Recognizing the need for resilience and adaptability, Garima Govil seized the opportunity to transition the entire educational program to online tutorials.

What initially seemed like a challenge transformed into an opportunity to extend the reach of Thoughts on Canvas globally.

The shift to virtual learning not only ensured the continuity of education but also opened new horizons. The institution swiftly expanded internationally connecting with art learners across the United States, UK, Canada, Singapore, Dubai, Australia, and practically every city in India. 

Strategic Goals and Growth Vision

Thoughts on Canvas has ambitious goals for both short and long-term growth. The institution aims to increase its student base by 50% annually, reflecting a commitment to making early design education accessible to a broader audience. This expansion is not just confined to numbers but extends to geographical borders, with a vision to establish a global presence across 10+ countries.

To achieve these goals, the organization is investing in top-tier faculty from renowned national and international design schools. The commitment to excellence is exemplified by Garima Govil, who dedicates considerable time to teaching, ensuring a personalized and enriching experience for every student.

Furthermore, Thoughts on Canvas harbors aspirations to go public, leveraging the goodwill it has garnered from the children it has nurtured. This strategic move aims not only to secure the institution’s financial future but also to amplify its impact on fostering creativity in the younger generation.

National Level Art Competitions: Pinnacle of Artistic Celebration

Thoughts on Canvas has been at the forefront of encouraging and recognizing young artistic talent through national-level art competitions and exhibitions. These events serve as platforms for students to showcase their creativity, building confidence and instilling a sense of accomplishment.

The upcoming TOC Art Festival 2023, scheduled at the prestigious India International Centre Kamla Devi Art Gallery, is a testament to the institution’s commitment to promoting artistic expression. The festival promises to be a mega showcase featuring over three hundred participants from across India. Open to the public from December 28th-31st 2023, with the annual award ceremony planned on December 30th at 2 pm, this event is a celebration of the best that children can achieve in the realm of art.

Commitment to Social Responsibility

Embedded within the core values of Thoughts on Canvas is a keen sense of social responsibility. Beyond its primary mission of nurturing creativity in children, the institution actively engages with underprivileged communities. Collaborating with NGOs, Thoughts on Canvas holds workshops and classes for various underprivileged student groups.

The institution also provides free art supplies to disadvantaged students enrolled in its programs. 

Additionally, Thoughts on Canvas is exploring other ways to contribute to society. The institution is actively partnering with brick-and-mortar schools to introduce early design curricula at the school level. 

As a result of these initiatives, Thoughts on Canvas is not just an educational institution but a catalyst for positive social change, exemplifying how art and design can transcend boundaries and empower individuals from all walks of life.

Final Words

In the fast-evolving landscape of art education, Thoughts on Canvas emerges as a dynamic force that not only imparts knowledge but also inspires positive change. Through the visionary leadership of Garima Govil, the institution has navigated challenges with resilience and adaptability.

As Thoughts on Canvas charts a course for ambitious growth and global influence, its commitment to fostering creativity remains unwavering. The upcoming TOC Art Festival 2023 and the institution’s engagement with underprivileged communities exemplify its dedication to nurturing artistic talent and making art education accessible to all.

In the grand tapestry of educational institutions, Thoughts on Canvas paints a vivid picture of creativity, inclusivity, and social responsibility, leaving an indelible mark on the canvas of young minds.



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