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Dr. Rajeev Gautam: Spearheading HORIBA India’s Growth in the Analytical and Measurement Solutions Industry

Dr. Rajeev Gautam: Leading HORIBA India’s Growth in the Analytical and Measurement Solutions Industry

In the rapidly evolving digital age of analytical and measurement solutions, Dr. Rajeev Gautam, Corporate Officer at HORIBA, Ltd., Japan and President of HORIBA India Pvt. Ltd., has emerged as a dynamic leader driving growth and success for the organization. With a background in biotechnology and proven expertise in senior managerial roles, Dr. Gautam has led HORIBA India on its path to becoming a prominent player in the industry. In this interview, he shares insights into his profile, leadership philosophy and journey with HORIBA India.

About HORIBA India:

HORIBA India Pvt. Ltd., is a wholly-owned subsidiary of global leading analytical and measurement systems manufacturer ‘HORIBA Group’. It offers products across various sectors including Automotive, Medical Diagnostics, Process & Environmental Control, Semiconductors and Scientific Instruments. The company has established itself as an R&D driven organization providing reliable solutions to scientific community worldwide. HORIBA India under his dynamic leadership now employs over 500 associates spread across India and SAARC nations.

Dr.Rajeev Gautam: A Visionary Leader with Proven Track Record:

Dr.Rajeev Gautam’s journey to become dynamic leader of Analytical & Measurement Solutions industry has been achieved through series of successes with strong educational background holding master degree in biotech and Ph.D from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee; He gained valuable experiences while serving as Senior Director in Cadila Pharmaceuticals, Ranbaxy Laboratories, Bremer Pharma etc.

“Believe yourself, stays positive, vigilant for opportunities, a flexible mindset & adaptability towards latest trend & innovations will keep you parallel to fellow corporate world.” – Dr.Rajeev Gautam

Driving Growth & Innovation:

Over past decade under Dr.Gautam leadership HORIBA India has witnessed remarkable expansion and growth. His astute vision and business knowledge played a pivotal role in achieving this success. By expanding the organizations presence in India & SAARC nations, he strengthened company’s market share and facilitated customer delight. His unshakable focus on driving revenues & profitability along with deep understanding of customer needs enabled localization & development of Make-in-India products which matches to industry demand. His strategic & innovative marketing ideas have supported widely enhancing HORIBA’s brand visibility amongst its targeted customers.

Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility:

Dr.Rajeev Gautam believes that leadership is not only about driving business towards success. It also includes social responsibilities and welfare for society. HORIBA India under his guidance has executed various CSR activities including support to weaker sections, sponsorship for education & healthcare of underprivileged children, women’s self help programs etc. Dr.Gautam himself remains very much involved in environment sustainability initiatives including tree plantation drives etc. He strongly believes in human-environment wellness which reflects recipient nature and sets an example for others.

Success Habits: Ingredients of his Achievement

Cultivating positive habits is key to success. Dr. Rajeev Gautam shares his “Success Habits” where he talks about how he maintains productivity and stays connected with his organization. His 80:20 // 20:10 // 5’:5’ mantra has helped him achieve so much. The 80:20 rule helps him prioritize, making sure that the most important tasks are taken care of first. He then spends time at customer locations and in the office in a balance of 20 days and 10 days respectively to make sure that engagement with customers is maintained while internal operations don’t suffer. Lastly, the short five-minute morning and evening connections with his teams assure him that there’s strong alignment between himself and the organization’s goals. All these success habits not only make him effective but also contribute to HORIBA India’s overall success.

Recognitions and awards:

Dr. Rajeev Gautam has been awarded many prestigious recognitions for his leadership throughout the years including ‘Best Innovation in Brand Management-2023,’ ‘Innovation Leadership Award 2023’ ‘Visionary Leader of the Year Award-2022,’ ‘Best Change Maker of the Year – Healthcare 2022,’ ‘Most Influential Leader in MedTech-2021,’and ‘Top Torchbearer of Healthcare-2021.’ These titles speak volumes to his exceptional leadership, decision-making abilities, and visionary business insights.

Future Goals & Challenges:

Dr. Gautam looks forward to expanding HORIBA’s market presence further to solidify its already strong position as a leader in analytical and measurement solutions industry.. Staying ahead of trends is important during this time since everything changes so fast, especially technology. With adaptability being an emphasis, Dr.Gautam wants everyone at HORIBA India to be ready for artificial intelligence (AI) and digitization moves should they pop up as a new trend in their field or in general. He is intent on driving their growth and success by fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration.

“People work for people. Developing strong interpersonal skills and fostering a culture of gratitude and appreciation is vital for effective leadership.” – Dr. Rajeev Gautam

Concluding Remarks:

Dr. Rajeev Gautam’s journey as the Corporate Officer of HORIBA, Ltd., Japan, and President of HORIBA India Pvt. Ltd is remarkable to say the least. His customer-centric approach has transformed The HORIBA group in India into a major player in the analytical and measurement solutions industry which was no easy feet. With his focus on growth, innovation, and societal well-being, there’s no question that his leadership will continue to guide HORIBA towards great things as they expand their horizons further into the world of innovative technologies.


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