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Braedon Kruse – CEO, Sooner Marketing Solutions

Giving the Marketing Experience you Deserve

How many times do we see kids of four years having a passion for business? Most of our readers would say how is that even possible. Well, some kids are always born with the rarest of the rare talent. Today, we are going to discuss the journey of one’s talent who has been nurturing his business acumen since his early childhood days. We are talking about none other than Braedon Kruse, Marketer at Sooner Marketing Solutions. Braedon has had a deep passion for business since the age of four. Inspired from day one, he built a lawn care business, food stand business, and began a grocery store delivery service before the stores offering curbside or doordash existed.

He designed business cards and flyers and made friendships with like-minded people who trusted him. His grandfather also helped water the seeds to become a businessman. “Because of him, I have gained knowledge of what it is to be a businessman, what to do, and more importantly, what not to do”, asserts Braedon. At the age of fifteen, Braedon’s grandfather passed away, and Braedon was left with 20% ownership of a product he helped patent, the Dead Bolt Anchor Company. A product designed to fit inside the jam of exterior doors to prevent unwanted door break-ins.

For fifteen years Braedon has offered this product to ensure every home across the United States can keep what’s most valuable safe. However, his journey as a marketer in true sense began after graduating from Broken Arrow High School in 2012 when he purchased a one-way ticket to New York City. Here, he represented several brands through multiple marketing agencies and gained the experience of being a part of the office, and learned the ins and outs of creative marketing as a brand ambassador. Nevertheless, in the absence of a mentor to guide Braedon through the process of his dream of having his own marketing company, he returned to Tulsa, Oklahoma, and began his own marketing agency.

Marketing campaign tailored to client’s specific needs which continues to be modified to their changing needs

Throughout his journey, Braedon carried forward one habit that began in his fourth grade which has reaped huge benefits. He had this habit of making notes on slips of paper that he used to tuck in a briefcase. That has worked wonders in his marketing career. Today, he uses that first-hand experience to ensure that Sooner Marketing Solutions, combined with his talented marketing team members form a unique relationship and experience with every business. Because of their relationships with their clients, they can ensure that their marketing campaigns are tailored to their specific needs and continue to be modified to their changing needs.

Their team is passionate about working with their clients, delivering more than a service. They strive to create an inviting ecosystem for their team, vendors, subcontractors, and clients working cohesively to accomplish goals and objectives. They commit maniacally to their mission and metrics. Also, they share ideas openly and are remarkably transparent. They favor autonomy and take ownership. They believe in the power of amazing people. Above all, they dare to be different and question the status quo.

“Because of our own desire to offer the best services, our client’s success is our satisfaction, so we continue to monitor the outcomes with unsurpassed analytics. Here at Sooner Marketing Solutions, we believe transparency is the most important component of any relationship to earn trust, therefore we continue to do our best to give our customers the marketing experience they deserve”, he says. All these years, Braedon has ensured proper time management, communication, and building relationships outside of just business. To do so, he gets up early, makes physical fitness a priority, reads or listens to audiobooks, spends time with people who inspire him, never leaves overdue tasks, accomplishes daily tasks that make progress towards the larger goal/objective.

Making the best out of changes taking place in technology and social platforms

He is working with short and long-term goals. He has set many personal and business goals ranging from 3, 5 to 10 years that are both financial and non-materialistic. On his desk he has set up those goals to view and work on them daily. To keep a tab on his goals, he has to go through several challenges such as knowing the right time to hire the right team member who will help him in his goals. Also, with the growth of the agency, managing budgets and cash flow is another challenge that he has to look after.

Besides, he has to keep abreast of the changes that have been going on in the technology for many years.

Between technology, social platforms, and many other factors, the marketing and advertising industry is changing in a number of ways. User Generated Content (UGC) and Brandformance with personal branding ares the biggest change in consumer behavior adapting to the type of content that is being consumed. People are loving the behind the scenes/raw/natural style of consuming content. This is one of the many things that have changed over the years but has made the most impact.  Braedon tries to make the most out of these changes and offers tailored solutions based on these significant changes.

In order to do that, he takes inspiration from a number of areas such as competitor and industry research. He calls it their “Pow Wow” days to strategically create new strategies for the agency and clients. Apart from this, he surrounds himself with like-minded individuals which has been most impactful in his overall growth. The saying goes, “Tell me who you are with and I will tell you who you are.” stands very well. He advises to choose “your people” wisely and keep your circle of people to under 10.

From his worldly-wise knowledge and experience, he advises people to build relationships with a team, show occasional empathy, and understand who they are and what’s going on in their life. Sometimes performance is affected by outside influences. Set clear expectations, deadlines, and balance. He further advises to make sure that you have the ABILITY to perform what you’re capable of doing. The MOTIVATION that determines what you do. And the ATTITUDE that will show how well you do it. “Do what you say you’re going to do, build those 10 relationships and keep those people closest to you, and learn how to communicate effectively”, he concludes.



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