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Sanam Ajinkya Dhumal – Director, Infinity

Designing truly singular spaces that echo unmatched and unforgettable experiences

In recent times, rapid digitalization has revolutionized almost every industry and interior designing is no exception to this trend. People can easily keep a tab on what’s trendy or in vogue globally. Every interior designing enthusiast wants his place to imbue global touch. Including the global design trends intricately in your designs to suit your client is a skill that requires attention to detail and yields timeless results. Not every interior designing firm can really boast of this quality. Nevertheless, there are few gems in the market that do possess such qualities. Today, we are going to talk about one such gem that has such attention to detail and offers services that client can only dream of.

We are talking about none other than Pune based interior designing firm – Infinity design. At Infinity design, their primary focus is on designing and building truly singular spaces that echo unmatched and unforgettable experiences. Started in July 2002 their work still emits the same exuberance and ideology for more than two decades. The brand embodies a vision of eternal design which is teamed with love for what they do that translates into timeless iconic spaces. Infinity caters to the high end market and has worked with both residential and corporate clients. The brand is a market leader and recognized domestically as well as internationally for its exclusivity and finesse.

Led by the dynamo couple, Sanam and Ajinkya Dhumal, Infinity Architects are focused primarily on designing and building truly singular spaces. Sanam and Ajinkya aspire to do meaningful, lasting work that exemplifies boundless creativity to make timeless spaces. Sanam Dhumal, the Principal Designer, conveys, “At Infinity, our primary focus is on designing and building truly singular spaces that echo unmatched and unforgettable experiences. Our brand embodies a vision of eternal design teamed with love for what we do, translating into timeless iconic spaces.”

All interior designing services under one roof

Infinity aims to become a lifestyle Interior Designing Company with eye on detail. They are working on an integration app that will connect a client with an architect. “We have almost done our research and concluded 80% to create WOW in this industry”, asserts Sanam. Apart from this, they are steadfast to become the most digitally technically sound interior designing company. Infinity is only company which gives all services under one roof like Architecture, Interior Design, Project Management Consultancy, MEP Services (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing), 3D Visualization and Annual Management Contracts (AMC). In-house services like Project Management Consultancy, MEP consultancy and AMC  helps the clients for their one stop solutions even after the project is handed over.

Also, Infinity gives services for Material Procurement which is beneficial for customer for cost savings. Furthermore, at Infinity, the material procurement team comes in handy for the clients’ ease to help them with the material purchase. This further helps control the project budget on a longer run. The team at Infinity follows the mantra of “Do not linger around the problems, be a part of the solution team.” Over their two-decade-long journey, Infinity has successfully designed and executed over a thousand projects with a holistic approach.

The duo has developed a process that combines designs with quality products, new construction techniques, and the artistry of highly skilled craftsmen. All of them designed and executed with a holistic approach. This helps the team manage an entire project from concept to completion and creates bespoke work from bare walls down to the last accessory with all the intricate details. This rare ability to envision luxury and execute projects attests to their visionary design team and site management capabilities.One look at any of our projects and you can feel the passion touching you”, says Sanam.

Focus on intricate details, finest quality and uncompromised craftsmanship

The team at Infinity is eternally committed to creating innovative designs combined with artistic sensibilities and focus on intricate details, finest quality and uncompromised craftsmanship. Infinity’s team comprises a group of 75+ individuals who like expressing their visions via drawings and creating a symphony of work that brings a smile on their clients. They believe in Word Of Mouth as a vital key for their business to reach favorable outcomes. Happy customers are the best advertisement source, eventually strengthening Infinity. Building remarkable involvement with clients and creating memories worth sharing makes clients buoyant. Infinity value and prioritize customers’ feedback about their projects and a sense of responsibility to build on their trust.

With these values, Infinity’s team aims to create spectacularly luxurious spaces. Putting timelessness at the forefront of their work, they aspire to create magical spaces epitomizing varied and cheerful luxury. They aim to absorb diverse insights from all the departments and apply them towards various hurdles constructively.

Their esteemed clients are a testament to their dedication toward a seamless work process, be it design, development or deliverability. Headquartered at Infinity House, Pune, Maharashtra, Infinity’s clientele is majorly focused in Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi and Hyderabad. Their portfolio has grown extensively to include prestigious residential and commercial works. Achieving sustainability while strategically positioning, Infinity sets to build a significant presence in PAN India, implementing BIM software, Product Design and to have International Collaboration. They are striving to sculpt an entity where the lifestyle which everyone covets gets manifested in reality.

An eye for varied textures, exotic materials and the smallest details

Sanam has established herself working with top people since 2007 and finally chose Infinity to do her creative work. She expresses her vision through a massive body of work with an eye for varied textures, exotic materials and the smallest details. Sanam embodies a spiritual mind and a relentless passion for design. Bringing joy, love and an eclectic perspective to everything she puts her hands on, she strives to build purposeful relationships with clients.

All these years, she has ensured to follow a few thumb rules that she made for herself couple of decades back in order to live a disciplined and goal-oriented life. She always approaches challenges with a positive attitude so that she could come up with a viable solution to the problem. She never lets the student in her die that keeps her ready to learn new things with the same vigor and enthusiasm that a student possesses.

As technology is evolving daily, she fathoms the need to adapt to the latest technology, new systems and new materials. Keeping this in mind, she has made sure that the company has state-of-the-art technology for its daily business activities. Anything she does, she does it with passion and complete exuberance of unique design.  Last but not the least, to relax her mind, body and soul, she meditates and works out regularly which prepares her to deal with the challenges with a fresh perspective.

The avant-garde design of Sanam Dhumal is highly published and sought after now. However, it’s not that she didn’t go through any trouble in running the business. The duo has had their share of challenges in the initial years of operations. They had to fight many challenges to ensure their designs didn’t compromise aesthetics and quality. Also, having creative talents, a skilled workforce, a dedicated team, a reliable source of vendors, and a problem-solving attitude have helped them overcome all the challenges. Even now, Infinity focuses on choosing the right clientele who appreciate its passion for telling visual stories. Sanam says, “Every project is a challenge in itself, and we strive to do the best and a bit more in every project.”

Sanam aspires to do meaningful and lasting work that exemplifies boundless creativity to make timeless spaces. “A testament to our work is the dedication towards a seamless process, be it design, development or deliverability to our esteemed clients! Building purposeful relationships with clients is at the heart of what I do”, says Sanam.

Strengthened by a committed team and happy customers

She is complemented by the Infinity team at every step. To keep her team motivated, she forms different teams among staff members and assigns them particular task. She sets goals for individuals by one to one discussion and gives target date to complete goals classified as physical, spiritual, communication and team. “And to motivate all these teams, we have commitment to staff that the best team will go for trip to Dubai and entire expenses will be taken care of by the company. All these teams are doing well as per their goals”, she says.

Alongwith a committed team, Infinity is strengthened by happy customers. “We strongly believe in ‘WOM’ i.e. Word of Mouth, which is also the vital key of our business reaching its favorable positive outcome. In our opinion, making clients buoyant is all about building remarkable involvement with them creating memories worth sharing. Our customers and their feedback about their project are utmost priority and a sense of responsibility to build on their trust. We value our customers and it is our uttermost duty to fulfill their needs and keep them satisfied. Satisfied customers are the best source of advertisement which further helps our family to grow”, she explains.

Sanam is passionately following her vision and is looking forward to take Infinity to a next level. In the next five years, Infinity endeavors to emerge as a good architecture or interior company and a lifestyle bespoke home making firm through design aesthetics with affordable lifestyle interiors. Budding interior designers or enthusiasts can learn a lot from her experience.

As an experienced professional, Sanam advises budding aspirants to be passionately exuberant. She says the industry of Design and Interiors is wide open, and “We invite more and more people to bring their visions and tell their stories via designs and works”. Anything you do, do it with passion and complete exuberance of unique design. Make sure to have your own and singular approach towards design that best helps you execute the projects. Many new designers suffer disconnect between design and execution. Therefore, make sure you follow your process, which enables you to deliver the best for your client.


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