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Bharati Nathwani – Founder and Director, Darsh Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

Meeting customer’s end to-end needs

Ever since the IT revolution took place in India, growth has taken a new trajectory and has contributed immensely towards the GDP of our country. This growth has been due to the cumulative efforts of a whole lot of companies catering to the technological needs of enterprises spread across the globe. New immersive technologies are revolutionizing the way people use technology for their businesses today. These technologies are innovative, easy to adopt with minimum cost, quick to implement and allows seamless collaboration. Apart from this, the adoption of Software as a Service (SAAS), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) has added new wings to IT services providers.

Today, we are going to talk about one such IT firm that offers IT products and services, business consulting and tech resources to meet customer’s end to-end needs. We are talking about none other than Darsh Infotech Pvt. Ltd., which is being aptly run by its co-founder & director – Bharati Nathwani. Bharati takes care of business development & finance in the company. Bharati always believed in breaking the glass ceiling by not only being a women entrepreneur but also owing an IT company nearly 2 decades ago by co-founding Darsh Infotech. They provide IT support, consulting and have an in-house development team carrying customized development and developing their own software products.

Although there are tons of firms working in the domain, what sets Darsh Infotech apart is their consultative sales approach. They do not push any specific product to the customer. The Darsh team works on the “Design Thinking” approach of having customer workshops, understand business requirements in detail based on the interactions and help the customer buys the right solutions based on their business growth, budget and long term needs. This is exactly what adds to the customer satisfaction, which has been their driving force. Talking about customer satisfaction, the unique modus operandi of Darsh Infotech is what has helped them work with clients such as Raymond, ABFRL (Aditya Birla), Samsonite, VIP Luggage, Safari, Pepe Jeans, Enamor, Regal Shoes, Jockey and many more continuously for nearly 2 decades.

Seamless business transactions and internal workflow

However, to reach this far, the company had to withstand many obstacles, one such being the COVID-19 pandemic. Since most of the customers were from the retail domain which was hugely impacted with store operations completely shut, they faced lot of challenges including that of the cash flow which was completely blocked. They had to dig deep into their savings, borrow overdraft facility and unsecured loans and implement pay cuts for its employees so that they could retain all their resources in the long term. They were successful to retain every single business associate which speaks a lot about the ethos of its founders and the organization.

It was during pandemic, that the founders took a major radical decision of starting to develop their own software products. “With more than two decades experience, we finally moved from selling and servicing different software to developing our own products which was a major shift”, asserts Bharati. Apart from this, they have adopted new strategies for their business. They have spread their wings and decided to launch their own startup “Millennia Digital Ventures”which aims to work on new age technologies such as AI, ML and many other solutions collaborating with other players and simultaneously develop their own SaaS based products like Khowgully (a smart web ordering app) to help restaurants and small business go online and start their e-commerce operations. It will soon be launching another productthat will help businesses organize and automate their key operations that are handled manually i.e. Expenses, Fixed assets, Audits, Statutory Compliances, Repairs etc.

Bharati has set her eyes like a true visionary leader on things that have the potential to revolutionise the business in an unprecedented manner. The company decided to expand their business to other international territories such as the middle east and Africa marketswith successful implementations in retail. It aims to be the best solution provider for Retail, Distribution and supply chain domains across the globe. “Darsh Infotech” and “Millennia Digital Ventures” believes in seamless business transactions and internal workflow and communication and collaboration that helps their partners growth.

Nevertheless, it’s never easy for a woman entrepreneur to carve a niche for herself in a society dominated by opposite gender let alone be a founder of a technology company. There were times when Bharati felt frustrated but she never gave up. This is exactly what Bharati advices aspiring entrepreneurs. Her motto remains, “Never give up or quit, there will be obstacles and failures at different levels during your journey. Remember that there are no mistakes or failures, only lessons. Hence, march forward and continuously learn from your challenges. This is the key to success.”





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