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Amar Singh Yadav: Founder & CEO – Aseries Envirotek

Take a step further towards sustainable development & Circular Economy

Amid the entire chest thumping pertaining to development in India, we tend to forget that a development devoid of environmental protection is not sustainable development. Although India is still in a better position when compared to many developed and developing countries in terms of producing electronic waste (E-waste), the enormous rate at which E-waste is being produced in India on a daily basis is alarming. To counter this problem, India needs some innovative companies which utilize a robust mechanism for the management of E-waste. That’s where Aseries Envirotek India Pvt. Ltd. comes to the rescue of Indian E-waste management.

Amar Singh Yadav, the young and dynamic founder & CEO of Aseries Envirotek, was always very zealous to do his bit for environmental protection which ultimately became his inspiration to sow the seed of his brainchild Aseries Envirotek.  Amar Singh Yadav was born in the small village of Raebareli, Uttar Pradesh. He has completed his graduation from Ewing Christian College, Allahabad, and his MBA (Business Sustainability) from TERI SAS, New Delhi.

Talking about the Company, Aseries Envirotek India Pvt. Ltd. (AEIPL) is a socio-environmental organization, which aims to provide the best solutions related to E-waste Management, Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) & Environment Management Plan (EMP) for various development projects. With a young and passionate team and functional area experts, AEIPL is helping corporate to manage their environmental & sustainability needs, right from strategy formulation to on-ground implementation to reporting and audit across the value chain. The company envisions “being a globally respected environmental management company that provides business solutions to add sustainable value to its customers”.

Learning out of failure

Amar’s journey to AEIPL was not an easy ride. He has his own share of struggles and learning. During his MBA, he had planned of starting his own company. He and one of his friends had started “AB Sustainablearth”. “The venture failed due to lack of proper vision and knowledge of the market”, says Amar.  That day, he decided to work with small companies to enhance his knowledge and leadership quality. He worked with five different organizations for a period of six years. After gaining experience in assorted domains, he started Aseries Envirotek India Pvt. Ltd. in November 2017. In five years, his firm has grown by leaps and bounds.

Throughout his journey, he has focused on a few mantras. He believes in working hard till the last breathe. Also, he makes sure to keep enhancing his knowledge as time passes. “I am competing with no one but myself in terms of knowledge, skill, and leadership quality”.

He keeps thinking about ways to do something better than the way did earlier. This is what has helped him achieve many milestones. The company got its first major break when Aseries got its first accreditation from NABET/QCI for conducting EIA/EMP studies for eight development projects like mining of minerals, irrigation, thermal power plant, oil & gas pipeline, isolated storage of chemicals, chemicals & fertilizers, building & construction and area development.  Apart from this, the second make-or-break moment was when Aseries got its complete license from UPPCB for running the E-waste dismantling facility in Uttar Pradesh.

Role as a catalyst

Talking about his ambitions, Amar aims to raise the IPO of Aseries and achieve a turnover of 100 crores in the next five years. Given that the Indian Government is proactive to protect the environment, this is likely to work as a catalyst for the ambitious goal of the firm. “Policies are going to be astringent day by day. Companies need to follow all the rules & regulations issued by MoEF&CC, CPCB, SPCBs, and UTPCCs.  Astringent policies are going to create more opportunities for environment consultancies”, asserts Amar.

During his journey, he has received many accolades but he relishes the word of mouth of his clients and loves it when his clients say “Aseries is a good organization to complete the project in a time-bound manner”. He gives huge credit to his employees for working collectively towards his vision. He respects his employees and considers them his extended family. This is exactly what motivated him to not cut the salaries of his employees during the COVID-19 pandemic. He equally gives to credit to his wife Dr. Poonam Yadav, his family, and his hard work. “All that I have achieved is because of my wife’s support, hard work, and family support”. Hard work and knowledge are two important aspects of setting up a similar industry.

Besides his work life, he likes playing Cricket and Badminton. He also enjoys watching cricket and movies in his leisure time.


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