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Yoga for Insomnia and Sleep Disorders: 8 Poses to Relax and Improve Sleep

Sleep disorders are becoming common among individuals these days no matter what their age is. Mainly we are prone to lifestyles that are quite not good or somehow, we lack it due to busy schedules or disturbed working patterns.

Hence, sleep disorders are significantly affecting a portion of the population worldwide. In this condition, you have trouble falling asleep and staying sleep, you tend to wake up early and even do not sleep the whole night long.

  • Roughly we have found that 1 in 3 adults (worldwide) experience Insomnia at some point of age. 
  • Upon proper diagnosis, it was found that nearly 10% of the adults are found to meet the criteria of Insomnia.

But do you know what is one of the major sleep disorders affecting individuals? 

Insomnia here is making up its presence all across the globe among different sleep disorders. But, there is more to know about Insomnia, and what could be the preferred method to control the condition?

What is Insomnia all about?

Insomnia has been described as one of the sleep disorders that makes you feel irritated, let you undergo daytime sleepiness and even makes it difficult for you to concentrate.

Upon research, it has been found that nearly 30% of adults undergo the symptoms of Insomnia.

Majorly, it has been found that women are more prone to Insomnia than men. However, different causes need to be determined to take the proper control over Insomnia.

Determining the different causes of Insomnia

There are a diverse range of conditions that have been found to be associated with Insomnia and other sleep disorders.

  • Some medical conditions

This can be related to some pain occurring within your body, imbalance in the hormones and even neurological disorders.

  • Mental health disturbance

This is related to stress, anxiety, depression and more which are the disturbing state for each one of us.

  • Changes in lifestyle

One of the major causes of Insomnia is related to poor sleep patterns, making use of drugs, intake of caffeine and more.

  • Environmental factors

This is related to excessive noise, light exposure and even extreme temperature.

With all of these causes, there is a need for you to determine the one within you and find out the optimum control. However, there are different controls available to control Insomnia and sleep disorders like natural and medications.

But here in this article, we will help you to consider taking control within Insomnia in the form of Yoga.

Treatment of Insomnia and sleep disorder with Yoga

There is no doubt that every medical problem has control no matter whether it is in the form of (natural or also medications).

The only difference is that medication can make you get instant control whereas natural methods can take time. But they are proven to be helpful once you follow a daily routine.

Similarly, here Yoga is one of the best practices that you can consider to cover various sleep disorders mainly Insomnia. Hence, let us help you to determine the top 8 exercises to relax and improve sleep.

Top 8 Yoga to relax and improve sleep

There is no doubt that Yoga has been considered to be one of the most powerful ways to overcome various health issues. Among many of them, controlling sleep disorder is on top which can help you to get relax upon improving sleep.

This means Insomnia arises from various physical or mental factors, but you can easily overcome one sleep disorder easily with Yoga. Hence, here are the 8 exercises to relax and improve sleep.

Children’s Pose 

One of the top pose to control Insomnia and other sleep disorders is Children’s pose. It is also known as (Balasana) and is considered to be the fundamental pose as it delivers a calming state to you.

child pose
Image source: wikipedia


It helps to promote relaxation by overcoming stress and anxiety. This is because performing Children’s Pose helps you to stretch your lower back, hips and even thighs.

Tends to increase the flow of blood right from your head to the neck area. In turn it helps to create a sense of relaxation that can help you to develop concentration in the daytime.

Another benefit reported upon performing Balasana is that it helps to relieve all kinds of tension. In turn, you can help yourself to get proper 7-8 hours of sleep. This is, therefore, among the 8 Yoga to relax and improve sleep.

Downward-Facing Dog 

This type of Yoga is known as (Adho Mukha Svanasana) and helps add support and flexibility to your body.

Yet for some, it can be challenging to perform (Adho Mukha Svanasana) yoga because it requires utmost flexibility. But do not get worried or panic, upon performing for several days you will be able to get the flexibility.

downward facing dog pose
Image source: wikipedia


Downward-facing dog yoga helps to improve the circulation of the blood and brings the oxygenation blood from the brain and limbs.

It can easily give you relief from stress upon performing an inward position (by calming your mind).

This way if you are suffering from Insomnia and related sleep disorders, you will be able to get relief and develop wakefulness.

Cat-Cow Pose 

The cat-cow pose is called (Marjaryasana-Bitilasana) and mainly it comprises two main positions: the one is cat pose and the other cow. 

The main reason to perform this yoga pose is to warm up yourself for deeper stretches and poses. In addition, it does have several other benefits as well.

cat cow pose
Image source: wikipedia


Marjaryasana-Bitilasana yoga lets you focus on your breathing and in turn, promotes relaxation. This in turn will be able to relieve any kind of tension.

Upon performing this yoga on a continuation basis, you will be able to give yourself a break from unwanted thoughts. This in turn can even help you to overcome a difficulty called Insomnia.

The other benefit reported is that it helps to improve blood circulation (upon pumping blood throughout the body).

Supported Bridge Pose 

Supported Bridge Pose known as (Setu Bandhasana) is one of the restorative yoga poses to deliver relief from relaxation, stress reduction, and gentle backbends.

If you often face any of the above problems, then you must start performing Supported Bridge Pose. It contributes lots of benefits to individuals no matter what their age is.

bridge pose
Image source: wikipedia


Supported Bridge Pose helps to drive the force that can promote calmness and in turn, promote relaxation. This factor is mainly responsible for letting you obtain proper sleep too.

Tends to enhance the flow of blood throughout the body (that is capable of bringing oxygen and nutrients to the tissues).

Upon performing the Supported Bridge Pose you can even let your body to get relaxed. This contributes to getting proper sleep and control over various sleep disorders.

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Legs-Up-the-Wall Pose

Insomnia or daytime sleepiness is considered to be a sleep disorder. If you are undergoing any of these then it becomes hard for you to wake up in the daytime and work on your needs.

Likely several people are suffering from such conditions and hence proper control is required. Therefore along with consuming medication, yoga is one of the powerful ways to overcome various health issues.

Therefore, another yoga pose that you can consider here adopting is the Legs-Up-the-Wall Pose which is determined to be (Viparita Karani).

This type of yoga pose has a restorative or wakefulness property that can serve complete relaxation. But what’s more associated with it?

Legs-Up-the-Wall Pose
Image source: wikipedia


When you indulge yourself in performing (Viparita Karani) then it helps to encourage deep breathing (which is also required for you to control sleep disorder).

With its calming effect and property, it does impact your sleep quality. So, if you are struggling with Insomnia then you must not forget to perform (Viparita Karani) daily.

Tends to relieve headaches and even migraines and all you need is to perform the inverted position.

Reclined Butterfly Pose

The supportive (Supta Baddha Konasana) comes to unwind or to open up your hip and even inner thighs.

Yoga from ancient times has been considered to be the best remedy against various health issues or disorders. This means if you have come up with difficulty in sleeping then yoga is a perfect solution.

Here, Reclined Butterfly Pose is among the 8 exercises to relax and improve sleep.

Reclined Butterfly Pose
Image source: wikipedia


One of the top benefits that Reclined Butterfly Pose can give you is to restore your normal sleeping pattern. Yes, it helps you to restore your sleep upon delivering a calming state.

This pose is associated with easily stretching the area of inner thigh muscles and this in turn improves flexibility and reduces tension.

In addition, the pose also promotes deep relaxation by calming the nervous system.

Corpse Pose

Another yoga pose that you can find to undertake complete relaxation and manage your sleep pattern is Corpse Pose. This type of pose is also known as (Savasana).

Mainly this pose is practiced at the end of the session (when you have performed other poses). It can be performed for some time to let you control excessive stress or anxiety.

Corpse Pose
Image source: wikipedia


Delivers deep relaxation (upon releasing physical and mental tension).

Tends to calm your nervous system while controlling stress, and anxiety. Once you can control the mental stress, you can get complete sleep by overcoming Insomnia.

This is because Corpse Pose allows your body to easily integrate the physical or mental benefits that you have gained from different yoga practices.

Yoga Nidra (Guided Relaxation)

The last pose among the 8 yoga exercises to relax and improve sleep is Yoga Nidra (Guided Relaxation). Yoga Nidra helps you to get completely relaxed allowing your mind to get more awareness about many other things.

Yoga Nidra
Image source: wikipedia


One of the major benefits that is found upon performing Yoga Nidra is deep relaxation. upon performing this type of yoga pose you will be able to achieve complete sleep by controlling stress, anxiety and depression.

Tends to improve the quality of sleep you are missing by addressing the underlying cause of Insomnia and other sleep disorders.

In addition, it has also been proven to help manage chronic pain.

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Insomnia no doubt can be annoying and even depression as it impacts your overall well-being. But to be in such a condition is not the solution, hence, you should always take the best control at the right moment to overcome difficulty.

In turn, here Yoga is the utmost solution as it addresses the physical and mental factors to promote complete sleep upon promoting wakefulness.

All you need is to be consistence in your approach. No matter what yoga pose you choose from above, manage your daily routine and try to perform yoga for about an hour to let your body get complete rest and overcome various health difficulties.



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