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How to fill in a Self Assessment tax return?

Filling in a self assessment tax return

At first, filing a self-assessment tax return can seem really daunting. However, once you start working on an application, everything will run smoothly and you will find your way. If you finally choose to do the self-assessment tax return, then you have to start preparing it as well as sort out all the documents needed.

To prepare the documents properly and ensure that their format is correct, one should read the guidelines carefully. The timeline plays a huge role when it comes to finances and thus; no delay should be encountered by ensuring that all proceedings are finished within time limit hence no more fines ahead. We can help with your self-assessment tax return.

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What is a self-assessment tax return?

Who can file a self-assessment tax return?

Who cannot file a self-assessment tax return online?

How to fill in a Self Assessment tax return?


What is a self assessment tax return?

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) uses such practice to collect Income Tax; these are typically deducted from pensions, wages or savings in general. Nonetheless, individuals/bodies with other earnings like maintenance payments, COVID-19 grants and rent must declare this income to HMRC through completing SA100.

There’s penalty plus interest if you evade final date for filing returns & pay later.

Who can file a Self-Assessment Tax Return?

You must submit your Self-Assessment Tax Return to HMRC if:

you’re ‘self-employed’, i.e., running something alone as an individual (with profits income over £1k; before allowable expense relief)

you’re in partnership

You aren’t “self-employed” but have other great sources of money such as rental income.

If your only income is from PAYE job or pension – there’s no need for sending SA302 form. Nevertheless instead it will be necessary for making this declaration statement where:

Check your financial and personal registered information.

Download or print out your tax calculation for the fiscal year

To use this service you must register for Self Assessment tax return

If this is the first time you are filing the self-assessment tax return.

You did not submit a tax return statement last year. Regardless of whether you have sent it before.

It’s possible to complete the physical form.

If you do not want to file by post, you can download the main tax return (SA100) form and fill it in. It’s suggested that one should send his/her forms early enough as courier services or mail may take some good time before they reach their locations hence making one to miss filing deadlines.


Firstly, check if you qualify to file a self-assessment tax return which will help determine your eligibility and then figure out if you need to file this kind of income document. Once everything is clear, start collecting necessary documents and do not delay applying so that there won’t be any issues with deadlines after all.

HMRC  is extremely strict when it comes to meeting deadlines, therefore any communication missed would lead to a hefty fine or high interest rates which could cost much on your part. If at any point of time, any things seem complicated and professional advice seems necessary – here we are: 123financials  it and account – call us at any moment and our team will find answers suitable for both solving these issues as well as successfully completing the task.


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