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Dr. Lenore Matthew and a Journey of Spiritual Discovery

“Some changes look negative on the surface, but you will soon realize that space is being created in your life for something new to emerge.” — Eckhart Tolle.

Change, whether expected or sudden, shapes the narrative of every life. It stands as a universal truth, influencing destinies and altering paths in subtle ways. Dr. Lenore Matthew‘s story reflects this reality as she transitions from academia to a space where grief, science, and spirituality intersect, revealing a journey marked by transformation.

Dr. Matthew began as a scholar with a Ph.D. and Master’s in Social Work, specializing in program evaluation, research, and evidence-based practice. This positioned her as a notable figure in international humanitarian efforts, working as a research specialist for esteemed organizations like the United Nations.

Her professional mantra echoed the demand for solid proof: “Want me to believe that something impacts humans’ livelihood? Then show me the evidence!” This commitment to rigor and scrutiny permeated her scholarly work.

However, in 2020, life dealt Dr. Matthew an unexpected blow with the sudden passing of her husband. This tragic event prompted the opening of her psychic abilities, introducing her to the world beyond what the eyes can see and hands can touch.

Amidst the grieving process, Dr. Matthew experienced a unique connection with her late husband. She perceived his presence and could hear, see, feel, and communicate with him. Disbelief and denial being her initial responses, these encounters gradually evolved into moments of clarity. Motivated by a desire for tangible confirmation, she diligently recorded every interaction, seeking to substantiate her experiences objectively.

This personal experience pushed her to explore these intuitive abilities on a larger scale, like a true academic. She conducted research on the topic, interviewing other people who found they were also able to communicate with departed loved ones. Dr. Matthew’s research unveiled a shared narrative among those who had communicated with departed loved ones: Not only was the phenomenon common, but it was also a positive and deeply transformational aspect of grief. 

Her professional trajectory took a prominent turn as invitations poured in from leading mental health and grief organizations. Dr. Matthew spoke at platforms such as Mental Health America and Helping Parents Heal, presenting original research on psychic awakenings and intuitive healing. Her groundbreaking study at the 65th International Parapsychological Conference in Oslo delved into unexpected mediumship awakenings following the loss of a loved one.

Looking ahead, Dr. Matthew envisions her grounding grief support program, Continued Connection, as a cornerstone in the bereavement world. The program blends traditional grief support with intuitive development to help people learn how to connect with their loved ones on the other side. Through her training sessions for counselors and grief therapists, research, and clinical practice, Dr. Matthew aims to integrate intuitive healing into traditional mental health care, challenging the boundaries of mainstream grief support.

Dr. Lenore Matthew’s journey has been significantly influenced by her openness to unexpected changes. This transformation extends beyond the traditional confines of academia, signaling a shift toward a more integrated perspective where science and spirituality intersect. As people continue to navigate their grief through traditional methods, she stands out as a proponent for a more inclusive and compassionate approach to mental health and human well-being.


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