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Top 10 Free Business Bank Accounts

10 Best Free Business Bank Accounts

As a business owner, you want to get the most out of your money. That is, you would like to have maximum flexibility and value from what you buy in terms of services or products. This principle also holds when considering opening a bank account to manage cash flow and hold onto capital; hence it is crucial to compare banks to secure an optimal fit! To simplify things, we have compiled our top ten free business bank accounts that are available today which can help you fast track your work processes. Read on to see which one can work in your favor!

Intro – what to look for in a business bank account

Choosing the correct business bank account is one of the key decisions made by any entrepreneur. While choosing, it is essential that you go for a bank that not only meets all your financial needs but also provides excellent customer service. As such, when selecting a commercial bank account think about charges attached to the account, interest rates offered and how much the facility will be convenient.

Another factor worth checking is whether online banking and mobile deposit are among its additional features/benefits. By doing this and being informed constantly, finding an appropriate account for your firm will be guaranteed so that you may focus on other important issues- developing your venture.

Overview of Top 10 free business bank accounts

The choice of the right bank account might make all the difference for small entrepreneurs. Fortunately, many banks offer free business accounts as an aid for businessmen who want to keep more money from their income streams. It can be difficult determining which one to select since there are numerous alternatives at hand. Hence we have consolidated information on 10 best free business accounts just for you so as not make wrong choices while opting for a particular banking institution. From no monthly charges up till unlimited transactions plus overdraft protection these accounts have different specifications Depending on whether one has just commenced operations or planning changeover between banks these are options worth exploring before settling down in a particular one.

Sure, here are the top 10 free business bank accounts:

1. Azlo Business Checking:

Azlo business checking is a free online business checking account that doesn’t require a minimum deposit, doesn’t have monthlies maintenance fees and transaction charges, and it offers free ATM access and mobile check deposits for easy financial control for small businesses.

2. BlueVine Business Checking:

Another business checking account that does not attract monthly maintenance fees or any transaction costs is the BlueVine business checking. Additionally, unlimited transactions are allowed and this makes it ideal for businesses with high levels of transactions.

3. Capital One Spark Business Checking:

It’s an absolutely free online commercial bank account that comes without monthly maintenance fees or requirements to maintain a given level of balance. In addition, there are no limits on the number of transactions made, free ATM access in any part of the world and an opportunity to receive some interest if you have money on your account.

4. Chase Business Complete Checking:

This option also comes with no monthly service fee when you keep daily minimum balance in your Chase Business Complete Checking Account; additionally, electronic deposits are unlimited while 20 teller and ATM transactions per month are free making it an appropriate choice for low to moderate volume transaction companies.

5. Huntington Bank Unlimited Business Checking:

It’s also available at Huntington Bank: unlimited business checking without any monthly charges for maintaining your savings as well as no CADFEES whatsoever along with zero minimal requirement too! Particulars regarding how one can get started within just five minutes will be provided here while detailing issues such as personalized debit cards in addition to other numerous advantages like mobile banking plus bill pay services across all our networks (including ATMs).

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6. Novo Business Checking:

Another provider of a similar type of commercial bank accounts is Novo. This account has no minimum balance requirements or monthly fees. It also incorporates features like quick book integration and xero accounting software compatibility among other things such as mobile check depositing ability.

7. Radius Bank Tailored Checking:

This too is another online commercial banking service that does not charge monthly account keeping fees and the threshold of maintaining a certain amount of funds to access services. For instance, it offers free ATM withdraws in any part of the world, unlimited transactions and cashback rewards for clients who use their debit cards to purchase goods and services from selected stores.

8. Santander Basic Business Checking:

It also has to be stated that Santander basic business checking is one free financial facility provided no monthly maintenance fees are paid while an average balance has been maintained. Moreover, this bank allows up to 50 free transactions per month with options like online bill pay and online banking being freebies too.

9. SunTrust Simple Business Checking:

For example, you can have your SunTrust simple business checking account at zero costs as long as you maintain a minimum daily balance. The good news about this checking accounts option is that fifty transactions per month are allowed without any charges alongside other benefits such as; online banking, mobile payments through Internet-enabled devices or traditional ones plus ATMs where customers can deposit checks directly into their respective accounts after having taken photos using their smartphones!

10. Wells Fargo Business Choice Checking:

Alternatively, one could choose Wells Fargo business choicecheckingthat doesn’t call for monthly maintenance fees when there’s still some minimum balance left within it. Again, you will be allowed up to 200 transactions every month before which withdrawals were done from said deposits either by phone or via automated teller machines (ATMs). It’s important to note though that despite these few differences between our products here we offer similar features including access through the internet + smart phones such as those offered by android operating systems etc., where you have instant proof that money was withdrawn successfully or deposited into your personal saving or checking account respectively.


As I wind up, these ten business bank accounts offer a variety of characteristics and advantages which can help small businesses cut their costs as well as manage their money in a better way. In selecting a corporate bank account, it is crucial to take into consideration issues such as charges, the number of transactions allowed and attributes like presence of internet banking and mobile banking. By picking the most appropriate account that matches your demands, you can optimize on your enterprise resources while meeting your financial objectives.


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