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10 Best Business Savings Accounts in April 2024

10 Best Business Savings Accounts

For entrepreneurs, success or failure can depend on the presence of a good financial plan. A suitable savings account should be found as part of this, which must satisfy all requirements and bring the highest return possible. So to help you with it, we have selected top-10 business savings accounts available today, each having its own features, advantages and charges! Below we will describe them in details also touching upon such points as depositing/withdrawing influence on interest rates and minimum balance limitations imposed by some banks. We hope that our guide will assist you in finding an ideal way to control your company’s money matters!

Overview of Business Savings Accounts and Their Benefits

If you manage your firm’s money, one of the things you should have is a savings account specifically made for it. These types of accounts are advantageous in that they usually attract higher interest rates compared to personal ones which means that it can grow faster; also, they help keep track on where the business’ dollars go by saving them separately from other funds hence enabling easy planning for future expenses as well as unforeseen happenings. In addition to this many such accounts come with online banking options and tools so that one can easily save money from any location. A business savings account will assist any company whether big or small achieve its financial objectives while protecting assets too.

Top 10 Best Business Savings Accounts – Comparison Table

Entrepreneurs are advised to keep some of their money in a savings account to help with the management of cash flow as well as to prepare for uncertainties. The range of options available can make selecting the right one an overwhelming challenge. That is why we have created a list showing comparisons between different banks which offer commercial savings accounts today. We have also prepared detailed descriptions about each of these products including interest rates charged on loans, fees levied against withdraws made from ATMs and so forth; this should enable individuals interested in this sector make choices based on knowledge rather than guesswork or hearsay. All that remains now is for you decide where your future lies financially because we would be happy if our work helped shape such decisions too!

1. Axos Bank Business Savings Account:

To make the most of your savings for the business, try out the Axos Bank Business Savings Account – a high-interest solution with an impressive annual percentage yield (APY). You don’t have to think about hidden charges or minimum balance requirements because there aren’t any. It offers free online banking and mobile access, which allows you to keep track of your money from any place you might find yourself in. The account is convenient, cheap and has been created with one aim in mind; assisting companies in growing their savings!

2. Capital One Business Advantage Savings:

The Capital One Business Advantage Savings account offers higher-than-average APY rates, with no monthly fees and zero balance requirements. You can control your savings anywhere you are by using online and mobile banking services; hence, depositing or withdrawing money becomes effortless. However, the best thing about this account is its auto-transfer function which allows users to gradually grow their balance through scheduled transfers from checking accounts!

3. Chase Business Total Savings:

The Chase Business Total Savings account is the best option for you if you want a savings account that has competitive interest rates and no monthly maintenance fees as long as you keep a minimum balance. It does not only give you access to more than 16,000 ATMs across the country so that you can make withdrawals whenever it is convenient for you; it also includes online and mobile banking components which permits saving your checking account with chase directly through transfers that are quick and simple!

4. CIT Bank Savings Builder:

The Savings Builder Account from CIT Bank is designed to help you meet your financial goals. With a high APY and the ability for customers to earn even more with better rates based on balances or monthly deposits, this account is truly outstanding. On top of that, there are no monthly maintenance fees; you only need $100 as an initial deposit; it has online banking and mobile access capabilities along with auto-saving transfers – it doesn’t get any better than this!

5. Discover Business Savings:

Discover Business Savings account offers a high annual percentage yield (APY) without any fees or minimum balance requirements. They also have online and mobile banking, which make it convenient for customers to access their accounts at any time from anywhere. Moreover, they provide customer support 24/7 so that you can reach them whenever you need assistance or have questions about your banking needs. Additionally, this bank allows quick transfers between savings and checking accounts too!

6. Live Oak Bank Business Savings:

The Live Oak Bank Business Savings account offers all this: a competitive interest rate, zero monthly fees or minimum balance requirements, online and mobile banking in the palm of your hand, automatic savings transfers and the ability to create sub-accounts for easy savings tracking. It is perfect for anyone who wants a convenient place to save their money but still have control over what happens with it.

7. NBKC Business Money Market Savings:

Don’t worry about your money with NBKC’s Business Money Market Savings account: no minimum balance is necessary to maintain. Also, you won’t find an APY that can beat this one. It allows you to make unlimited deposits and up to six withdrawals each month through online or mobile banking. And to put a cherry on top, they insure savings for up to $250,000 per depositor so everything should be safe!

8. NorthOne Business Savings:

With NorthOne Business Savings accounts, monthly fees or minimum balance requirements are not needed so you can avail of a competitive APY. You can also do this and use the online and mobile banking capacities plus real time alerts which is not only that because it permits easy transfer from your savings to checking account.

9. Radius Bank Business Savings:

This offer from Radius Bank for your business savings account is packed with advantages. You can save more easily because of its higher annual percentage yield (APY) and absence of monthly fees for maintenance or minimum balance requirements. What’s more, you can operate it through online or mobile banking wherever and whenever convenient for you. Cash back rewards are a unique characteristic among them: you get money back on debit card transactions! That means as long as you continue saving through this fantastic bank deal, there will be an ever increasing amount of cash in your pocket.

10. U.S. Bank Platinum Business Savings:

If your balance stays above the minimum requirement, you are eligible for a competitive APY and not subject to maintenance fees at the U.S. Bank Platinum Business Savings account. But wait – there’s more! This savings account also offers online banking and mobile banking so you can easily manage your funds while on the move. Moreover, it can be connected with any U.S. Bank checking account which allows for instant transfers 24/7. And if that’s not enough – they have small business specialists available round-the-clock who are ready to answer all of your questions regarding this particular offering as well as its features or benefits!


To put it another way, each of these ten business savings accounts are unique and have different features that can help all businesses save money as they gain competitive interest rates. Therefore, you should choose wisely; look at the APY, fees, minimum balance requirements and other things like whether or not it has online banking or mobile banking capabilities. Ensure that you think about everything before making a decision because this will allow you to select the account which suits your needs best for achieving financial aspirations while maximizing on savings.

The search for the most suitable business savings accounts can be enlightening and reassuring to companies. It is important for any small business to know where its money is being invested and identify ways through which it can achieve higher returns on investment and foster growth. With Chase Bank Total Business Checking Account, Capital One Spark Business Savings Account, CitiBusiness High Yield Savings Account and Discover Bank Money Market Account among others listed above in our comparison table of greats businesses savings account options – there are five accounts mentioned in this blog alone; still many more such good businesses saving account options available above according to our comparison table – so finding what works best with regard to one’s own enterprise should not pose much difficulty.

Every single one of these accounts has its own benefits geared towards either maximizing growth potential or enhancing convenience during day-to-day transactions but it all comes down to what matters most when choosing an appropriate savings account; therefore as one begins researching today which may help meet his/her financial goals do remember safety first always handle finance related matters cautiously.


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