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Anonymous Reloadable Prepaid Cards

Anonymous Reloadable Prepaid Cards

Companies nowadays are offering individuals with tons of benefits. These are in the form of making purchases, offering financial assistance, and even more. 

Mainly we will talk about the benefits that come along with credit or debit cards. They are easy to manage, in terms of paying bills, carrying and also offers. But there are some different categories that are available. Among all of those, we have come up for you to uncover anonymous reloadable prepaid cards.

Anonymous reloadable prepaid cards have come up with enhanced security and privacy while making purchases online. anonymous reloadable prepaid cards like Visa, Mastercard and even other major credit cards allow users to easily purchase items at retailers and even online.

Even they help to possibly withdraw cash from ATMs as well. Now if you are thinking about where to get these then you can find them at the grocery or other drugstores as well.

Yet these can also be obtained with financial Institutions as well.

Advantages of anonymous reloadable prepaid cards

Several advantages are served within anonymous reloadable prepaid cards. So, if you are worried about them then you can look down below to remove all of your worries.

  • There are no unwanted charges because they are prepaid. So, the payment will not proceed until and unless you do not have money on your card.
  • Enhanced security, so there is no need for you to get worried about your data.
  • Additionally, all of the privacy is maintained, in turn, you can even protect all of your information easily and without any hassle. 

These are the reasons why anonymous reloadable prepaid cards are becoming the prominent choice among individuals.

An alternative to traditional credit or debit card

Prepaid debit cards are known as reloadable prepaid cards. This means they help you to add money to your debit card in advance and help you to get started towards your purchase easily.

So, once you have added money to your card then you can easily use it without looking towards your debit card.

But out of this what’s the major benefit that anonymous reloadable prepaid cards serve?

The major benefit that they serve is that it helps people to add only the desired amount of money. Suppose you want to spend Rs 500 then you can add the respective amount only.

This further helps you to undergo overdrawing or going into debt. So, we are now sure that you must be curious to know about anonymous reloadable prepaid cards.

So here is the complete list of anonymous reloadable prepaid cards.

1. Bluebird by American Express

One of the prominent anonymous reloadable prepaid cards is Bluebird by American Express. This type of card has a wide range of offerings to individuals like saving, convenience while using, including no fees or even less (depending upon the type of card you choose), an abundance of ATM access and no additional cost.

They are one of the most versatile and inexpensive prepaid cards available.

It enables individuals to pay money, receive direct deposits and even make payments.

How does it work?

The working of anonymous reloadable prepaid cards is like all other cards. But the only difference you will see is here you have to load money. Also, it is not linked to your bank account.

Cardholders here get free ATM withdrawals (over 30,000). This helps people to make payments or other work easier.

If you are looking to get started with Bluebird by American Express then you can simply create an account online. It will take 7-10 business days and receive it over your mail.


  • There is no monthly fee that comes with the card
  • You do not have to connect your card with any bank account. It is easy to use or make transactions.
  • Easily to add any other family members as well.
  • No foreign transaction fee applies to it.


  • There is no facility to get the cashback from retailers’ side
  • There is a limit on cash reloads, withdrawals and online payments.
  • There is a steep fee available for immediate check deposits.

2. American Express Serve FREE Reloads

American Express Serve FREE Reloads is one of the best cards for those who often use prepaid cards. Cardholders with American Express Serve FREE Reloads will have a wider choice of locations from where they can add money at no cost.

Along with this, there is no fee applicable to access ATMs. If you do not want to qualify for debit or credit cards then prepaid cards are the best option for you. With the help of American Express Serve FREE Reloads, you can also avoid interest payments, overdraft fees, bounced checks and so on.

Also, to issue, American Express Serve FREE Reloads you do not have to look for anything. Mainly a credit score is witnessed at the time of card approval, but you need not have to be worried about anything.

How does it work?

There is no strong process that an individual has to follow for adopting American Express Serve FREE ReloadsYou simply need to visit the respective site online and share your details to issue the card.

Once you have submitted your request you can get the card at your concerned address. This way you can reload them or withdraw cash from the ATM and make use of it.


  • There are no fees applicable at the time when you are looking to reload your card. Cardholders will have access to different areas like Walmart, Rite Aid, CVS, and family dollar locations.
  • There are many other options included like direct deposit and bank account transfer.
  • Easily accessible with more than 30,000 free ATM access.
  • You will also get an eligible purchase and in turn, get protection.


  • Unlike other prepaid cards, there is a monthly fee applicable which is around $6.95.
  • If you have a mobile check pay then it might take 10 days unless you pay a fee.
  • There are no rewards or perks added to this card.

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3. Walmart MoneyCard

Walmart MoneyCard is another one of the great options when you are looking to explore reloadable prepaid cards. We all know that Walmart is one of the preferred shopping options and its prepaid cards are one of the smart choices. This way better money management for all Walmart shoppers. It gives you enough money every month and in turn, reduces the fees.

You must skip a trip to walk back and also manage your money on your plan. Also, there are no monthly fees applicable when you direct deposit $500 plus the previous monthly period.

On the other hand, Walmart MoneyCard is among one of the few reloaded cards that offer rewards (this means there is no annual cap). This indicates even if you are not able to get the monthly fees waived then your rewards points are enough for you to withstand.

How does it work?

There is a simple process that lets you in for Walmart MoneyCard. Since each of the facilities you are looking for can be taken online, so is the case with Walmart MoneyCard as well.

You must reach their online portal and apply for the Walmart MoneyCard. All of the features and benefits are loaded onto the website and make it easy for you to work.

Once applied, reach your concerned address or also you can take them from your nearest Walmart store. Start using them with your desired amount (prepaid balance).


  • Walmart MoneyCard helps you to earn 3% of the cashback facility at Walmart stores, fuel stations and even on their website.
  • Easily earn around 2% annual interest on a linked saving account.
  • There is no monthly fee if you load $500 or more (every month).
  • Free cash reloads via Walmart MoneyCard+ direct deposit mobile check and so on.
  • Cardholders will in addition also get the overdraft protection facility of up to $200.


  • There is a cashback cap of about $75/year.
  • There is a standard monthly fee that cardholders have to pay is around $5.95.
  • All of the ATM withdrawals will incur a fee of $2.50.
  • If you are looking for mobile deposit check pay then it might take 5 days to clear.

4. American Express Serve Cash Back

This one of another card that is similar to American Express Serve reloads. Individuals can either issue them with the bank or also online (with the help of their online portal). Issuing this type of card collects your personal details, but not your credit score and in turn issues the card.

However, upon usage you can typically recharge the card either by using PayPal or also bank transfer. Upon using cardholders will have the facility to earn 1% cashback on every purchase they make. This means every $100=$1 cashback facility.

How does it work?

Unlike all other reloadable prepaid cards, American Express Serve Cash Back works in the same manner. You will find no difference in its working but rather than the facilities if offered. Applying is quite simple while reaching to any financial Institutions, or online.

Yet these days, people do not like to stand in long queues rather than perform all tasks online. So is the case that can be followed with American Express Serve Cash Back issuance as well.


  • Offering nearly 1% of cashback facilities on every purchase
  • Easily accessible to around 30,000 ATM’s
  • The eligible purchase can undergo the protection plan.


  • There is a monthly fee associated with this card that is around $7.95.
  • Cash reload facility that cost up to %3.95.
  • Mobile check pay facility can take around 10 days (if you want to make it fast then you need to pay an additional fee).

5. FamZoo Prepaid Debit Card

Reloaded prepaid cards can be easily accessible by children, adults and teenagers. They are easy to use as they have the utmost safety and security in their hands. This is the major reason why people are looking to adopt reloaded prepaid cards these days. Likely making the entrance into the list, FamZoo Prepaid Debit Card is one of those found quite helpful.

It further gives the facility to parents to get 4 prepaid cards at no cost. In turn, it gives smart saving and spending habits.

How does it work?

FamZoo Prepaid Debit Card is mainly suited for children and parents. It works similarly and helps to pay bills, recharge, to get rewards points and more. Once you have issued a FamZoo Prepaid Debit Card then you can smartly make use of all transactions easily.

It does have an app to make tracking easier and simpler. You can create an account with the FamZoo app and get started to monitor all apps.


  • It lets your customers order 4 prepaid cards for free and also set up automatic recurring transfers.
  • Parents will have the facility to lock and unlock the card to help encourage kids to save with interest.
  • Access to fee-free ATMs, so there is no need for you to be worried about transactions.


  • Cardholders will have to pay a monthly fee of around $5.99, but if you want to reduce in advance then the facility is available.
  • Additionally, a fee of around $4.95 fee to load cash onto the card- at participating retail locations.

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Talking about the anonymous reloadable prepaid cards, we have mentioned the top one’s above. If you have been looking to buy anonymous reloadable prepaid cards then you can make a choice by undertaking the above information. We have mentioned different ones along with their advantages and disadvantages. This in turn will help you to determine which card is good for you (according to your usage).

This means the type of card you are looking for will be depending upon your requirements. So look down all of the information available within them then you can get ahead and issue the one card.

All of them are packed with enhanced privacy, greater security and also, they make you free from unwanted charges as well. So, if you are looking to get ahead with reloadable prepaid cards then you can make your choice easily. 


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