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Adani Power Share Price

Adani Power is determined to be one of the largest private power generation companies in India. That means it comes with a total capacity of 13,610 MW. The company has one of the diversified portfolios combining thermal and renewable energy assets (which are involved in the entire power value chain, from generation to transmission and distribution.

Adani was founded by Gautam Adani in 1988 (as a commodity trading business). It has expanded its wide range of industries, including ports, energy, mining, logistics, and airports.

Individuals do look to invest in such a big company as it can turn out to be a profitable deal. But you must also know everything about the market, share price and also about venture investing.

Here, Adani share price has been towards a downfall in recent months. Several factors are contributing like the rising price of coal, lower demand for power, also the company debt level.

Despite all these, it has been reported that there are some signs of recovery and investors are looking to bet on the company.

But even of all these, investors are in doubt whether to invest in Adani power or not. Here, we will help you to determine the one information as well.

Should Adani’s power be taken into consideration for investment?

Adani Power is a high beta stock which indicates that it is more volatile than the other market. Its share price also can be increased as per the market condition.

The company has also had a high debt-to-equity ratio.

Adani Power is one of the largest and most efficient private power generation companies in India. In turn, it has a strong track record of growth.

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Adani Power Share price

Accordingly, Adani Power’s share price closed at ₹365.8 on October 5, 2023, down 1.61%. The stock has a 52-week high of ₹410.00 and a 52-week low of ₹132.55.

The company is part of Adani Group, one of the largest conglomerates in India. This means it gives access to significant financial and operational resources.

It is also investing heavily in renewable energy and the company has a target of achieving 50% of its installed capacity from renewable sources (by 2030).

In addition, Adani Power is also expanding its international presence. As per the report, the company has also acquired several power generations along with distribution assets in Australia and also in Indonesia.

Adani Group is expanding into new businesses also as data centres, defence, and food processing. The company is a major player in the Indian economy and its businesses are essential to the country’s growth and development.

Why invest in Adani Power Share price?

Adani power is the high growth company and a well-positioned to benefit for economy in the near future. Its businesses are spread across the countries and this makes it lower towards risk.

With its continuous and proven track record of success, you can easily trust Adani power and for Adani Power Share price. However, before investing it is always advisable to get complete information and in turn undertake best results.


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