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Carolyn Oliveira


OnCore Leads is one of the premier lead generation companies that work closely with clients across many industries to provide high-quality leads. Their unique multi-dimensional team works as one cohesive unit. They take pride in being able to deliver high-quality leads on time and within budget.

OnCore Leads, under the supervision of Carolyn Oliveira, is one lead generation company focused on providing its clients with excellent service and an excellent product. They understand that high-quality leads are the lifeblood of a company so they send the best leads possible. OnCore Leads’ team is second to none.

As a powerhouse lead generation company, it is their highest priority to act as a branch of your own company, measuring their success by your success. Their clients regularly applaud our ability to deliver exclusive leads that create revenue. Clients come to us for leads that close!


A mother, wife, and entrepreneur, Carolyn recruited top advertising and technological talent from around the world to launch OnCore Leads. After having owned and operated several successful businesses, she saw an immense need to supply small business owners with a better way to advertise–risk-free. She continues her passion today is helping other companies grow their book of business through high-quality lead generation.

“We began with one television commercial helping to generate leads for tax attorneys. Our reputation grew so rapidly that those tax attorneys wanted us to generate leads for them in other legal categories such as bankruptcy, auto accidents, personal injury, workers compensation, social security disability, criminal defense/DUI, and employment law. Moreover, we perfected the art and science of lead generation and are quickly expanding into the home service industry including roofing, window repair, solar, painting, and plumbing lead generation industry,” asserted Carolyn. 


Carolyn worked in the corporate world for most of my career, but always had a thing for a ‘side hustle’. The position at the company she was working for changed, and she decided to leave and push herself into creating and working for herself. Deciding to leave the comforts of working for someone for a consistent paycheck was a daily gut check of questioning whether or not she did the right thing. Working for oneself is not for the faint of heart, for sure, it is a daily grind, weekend or not, time of day does not matter after a point.

Carolyn further added, “As with the world, Covid-19 hurt some of our clients in specific industries. Internally, we worked extremely hard to accommodate their business needs. Some clients were shut down by their local government, so we had to pause their flow of leads. Other clients were allowed to remain open and wanted to purchase more leads. We learned how important it is to remain flexible and nimble to adjust to our clients’ lead generation needs.”


OnCore Leads was established to offer a risk-free way for small business owners to gain new leads for their businesses. Historically, businesses had to spend money on untested and, many times, poor advertising options that produce little to no results. They changed that business model. OnCore Leads assumes the risk in generating leads for the clients. 

“If we don’t supply our customers with leads, they don’t pay us. It is that easy. We even simplified the process more: our clients simply “order” the number of leads they would like to receive, and then we deliver those leads to them over the period they would like. This is better known as pay for performance advertising,” asserts Carolyn. 

The growth and tenacity as a team is something to be the proudest of. The team has grown and worked together to create an amazing synergy with the balance of all of their strengths and weaknesses. As a leader, one of the most important decisions is when one is hiring the right people. It Is essential to know when to let go and when it’s not the right fit by not emotionalizing that process. It is also significant to encourage creative thinking in the organization by asking a lot of questions, letting the team talk, and listening carefully.


If you are a first-time leader, it is vital to understand that when you trust your team, you trust in the day-to-day process. This is what creates magic. Work-life balance should be at the forefront of planning your day. Don’t take behavior, responses, disrespect, actions, etc., personally. Assume that everyone is doing the best they can, and how they react to you most likely has nothing to do with you. Don’t be afraid to close that door if their communication/ working style does not work with your core values.

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