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Tactical Rehabilitation INC

Tactical Rehabilitation INC: Full service DME Company with emphasis on bio-mechanical, Musculo-skeletal, non-pharmaceutical pain relief

In our lives, we come across a number of moments when the altruist within us wants to help those in need. The seed of this humanitarianism is sown during our childhood days when we are taught to be a good and kind human being. These teachings inspire us to help the needy ones. As we grow further and move towards teenage and then adulthood, we seek ways to offer our services to such noble causes by volunteering as scout or becoming the member of good Samaritan groups. These are some of the ways people show their commitment toward the betterment of their society and the country as a whole.

As the time changes, our methods to serve our society better evolves as well. Not only individuals but a group of people, or organizationhave gone through this evolution over the years. However, the purpose has been the same – to serve the humanity. Today, we are going to talk about a firm -Tactical Rehabilitation – that works on its unique modus operandi to do its bit for people who hold special place in our hearts for their selfless service – US Armed Forces personnel. The men in uniform lay their lives for our safety and security.

Taking cognizance of their selfless service, Tactical Rehabilitation thought of a unique concept to show their respect and came up with durable medical equipment exclusively designed for US Armed Forces personnel and their loved ones. The firm provides top of the line durable medical equipment (DME) to their patients, who are primarily active-duty service members, veterans, and their families. Their product line includes only the highest quality items to ensure that each patient receives a solution built to last for their unique medical needs.

They take pridein a number of areas, including their “Battle Tested” standards which ensures every product meets their high standards of performance toward a resolution of healing and is not limited to slowing the degradation of one’s medical condition. This is a major difference in the lives of those they serve allowing “Service Ready” to be the marque while on active duty and throughout one’s veteran years.They put special focus on bio-mechanical, Musculo-skeletal, non-pharmaceutical pain relief and para-somnia solutions. The solutions have been brought in after years of research and deliberation by the top brass management run by very capable hands who are well aware of the “what, why and how” of the company.

They keep their services aligned to the broader vision and mission of the firm which is to offer the best DME possible. They know what it entails to offer their equipment and how much value their products hold for the survival of their target audience. The leadership of the management keep itself abreast of the prerequisites in the industry while being spearheaded by its worldly wise Chief Financial Officer and Chief Legal Counsel – Karen Lyons.

Competent management and value-driven leadership

Among her numerous responsibilities is the Human Resources of Tactical Rehabilitation. Karen has significant experience in the Financial, Senior Living, Construction, and Healthcare Industries. Her constant focus on the Human aspect of the company makes her an ideal leader in regard to promoting new facets of best practices for employees within the company and exemplifies their cultural stance on Team Members, Family and Patients first. Karen leads by example with a hard line on the needs of their employees and promoting company culture, while educating them on the importance of her favorite phrase “No Margin, No Mission”, outlining the importance of fiscal responsibility in all their programs to ensure sustainability of the business for generations of patients to come.

Karen is a leader and mentor to most within the company and works diligently to identify new programs for employee satisfaction and retention, while mentoring employees on the excellence of their mission support for the patients and doctors they serve across the globe.The accomplishments that the firm has been able to achieve isall because of the company’s competent management and value-driven leadership helmed by her.

Tactical Rehabilitation believes in the philosophy of respecting human limits and an individual’s bandwidth. They treat their amazing team by treating each team member as a person and not a machine. They offer excellent benefits, but beyond that, they also keep their “family business” values, even as they have grown to their corporate level business. They allow people to change roles and regions within reason, to allow for growth, and accommodate personal needs (such as military spouses needing to relocate due to military orders). Their team is unique simply because its majority is made up of the very people they serve.

“Our mission to provide the highest quality products and service to Active-Duty Service Members, Veterans, and their families means that most of our employees fit one of those categories, and some fit more than one. Our mission is personal to them, and therefore the passion for and dedication to that mission is amplified”, underlines Karen while emphasising on the mission of the firm. It is a company that believes in listening to people’s opinions and based on that they keep making amendments whenever and wherever needed. Apart from this, they aim to enable the timely delivery of the products and services to all US Military in need.

“We will continue to have a high focus on Bio-Mechanical along with Musculoskeletal, non-pharmaceutical pain relief and para-somnia solutions for our patients”, adds Karen.  Moreover, they support numerous other areas and are expanding every day with their product review team to bring new solutions to their patients. They also listen to their employees, developing numerous “Improvement Teams” focused onaugmenting the work life of the employees from small rewards and recognition throughout the year, big celebrations of the team members at the annual meeting, and through process and productivity improvement teams focused on the day-to-day processes.Karen also ensures to honor veterans by prioritizing them in the hiring process, giving every veteran an opportunity for an interview simply by applying for a role.

Keeping team members, patients and doctors above everything

What makes them unique is their modus operandi of keeping their team members, patients and doctors above everything. Their unique model of educating their prescribing doctors is not a selling model, rather, an educational development model that enables doctors to make the best and right choices in patient care and empowers Tactical Rehabilitation Team Members to serve them honorably. These are the ideal values that place them in the line of the best workplace. There are several important values that deem fit for a workplace environment to be called successful. The one value that tops the list is Tactical Rehabilitation’s habit ofprioritizing on listening to its team members.

Also, they develop improvement areas that focus on their work environment, work-life balance, improving the workflow and processes, and have a parachute for employees in need should that time ever come for them individually.

A good company always stays focused on improving communication between teams and departments within the organization. Same holds true in the case of Tactical Rehabilitation. They are continuously improving their vertical and lateral communications paths through constant communications, joint team planning efforts, open door policy with their Executive Team, Executive MBA programs, Mentoring and Leadership Programs, and required certifications that make each team member proud to be working for a company that provides the most qualified team in the industry to honourably serve the nations’ heroes.

The company always keeps an eye on the areas it can improve upon. They intend to find the areas in most need of improvement through their team members. Productivity and process improvement teamstackle those areas firstand move on to improving what they prioritize next. “A constant focus on learning and improvement will always be one of our key culture elements and key goals for continued success.”

Maintaining positive work environment by entrusting people

The company believes in consistently recognizing and rewarding employee performance. Karen alongside the firm’s CEO, Kevin MacRitchie,sit together with the team and work on new models and ways to identify and reward employees for quality work and dedication to the mission of serving others.Throughout the years, the company has maintained a positive work environment by entrusting good people that believe in the mission, vision, goals and purpose of the organisation.

Also, it believes that the use of technology is vital for to realise the mission, vision and goals of the company. Staying cognizant of the latest advancements technology has to offer, Tactical Rehabilitation embraces technology in their processes to increase the efficiency of their services. Also, it allows them to effectively serve a broader patient base by expanding their reach globally. They are constantly evaluating their technologies and looking for opportunities to improve their processes.

Today’s environment is about technology and social platforms and screen time. Their goal is to maximize patient time through effective use of these tools when working with the patients, as well as, how they operate and function in-house to improve the ability to a timely and efficient solution that promotes healing. “We also feel technology should serve our patients and our team members as a member of the team.  It should be the invisible set of platforms and tools that enables us to become more capable, efficient, and promote better solutions as if it were almost another valued team member or employee and should be the ever-present entity we can count on at all times that allows the human experience to be more notable, caring and personalized as a result”, puts Karen.

Ensuring the delicate balance of the needs of the team

As the head of Human Resources, Finance, and Legal, it is important for Karen to ensure the delicate balance of the needs of the team and their patients are balanced with that of the business for sustainability. “In working with our CEO, we strive to get to “Yes” through a process that ensures success in the short, medium, and long-term for our people, our patients, and our business sustainability. We also strive to grow and make change happen at a rate that we, as a team, can absorb.”

The company lays special attention on encouraging its workforce through building their competencies and understanding of their role, setting them up for success, providing ongoing leadership and business development opportunities, rewarding publicly, helping them to understand and subscribe to its mission and purpose, helping them to build partnerships for their own success, and ensuring they have a good understanding of the direction of the company, so they rarely feel like they are unclear how it all fits together. They also incentivizetheir employees for their competencies and overall work performance in such a manner that they foster teamwork on a company wide scale.

When it comes to sustaining their top position in the domain, the company makes it a mandate maintainingtheir number one focus on their patients and maximize their time with them.Besides, they contemplate to grow faster than the market and plan for success and then make it happen. They believe in valuing their team members, as they are the most valuable asset.They value the partners, as they are mutually dependent on each other and should plan for success together as a team.“We will continue to develop strategies and grow until we can serve every patient in need.”

Karen has a piece of advice for the budding entrepreneurs, leaders and our readers. She says, “Healthcare can have a positive and proactive focus on the patient. You are not just a number, rather you are everything and your health matters to us.” In fact, you should matter to every business you deal with. If you feel you do not matter to the business you are supporting, why continue doing business with them? “We base our experience, the “Tactical Experience” on the finest in customer service across several industries.  As we continually improve upon our patient experience model, we have only one thing in mind, your complete and total satisfaction every time”, she concludes.


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