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Niveshan Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.: Energy of a young team, Wisdom of veterans

Energy of a young team, Wisdom of veterans.

As we grow more and more technophile, we draw ourselves closer to vulnerabilities erupting out of the loopholes in technology. There’s no denying that the use of technology has simplified and made our lives comfortable and hassle-free. But it’s also a truth that overdependence on the same has given birth to a number of problems – the most significant ones pertain to Security and related services. In such circumstances, it is utmost necessary to consult technology security experts so that we could continue leveraging the advantages technology has to offer. Today, we are going to talk about one such expert– Niveshan Technologies.

A fairly young organization with 30 years as the average age of employees, Niveshan Technologies was incorporated in the year 2018. They are team of 100+ experts spread across India delivering services to a number of esteemed clients in the field of Network Infrastructure & Services, Security, various Databases, Storage, Compute, Surveillance, Smart Services, Artificial Intelligence, setting up data centers, disaster recovery centers, partnering in developing Smart and Safe cities. Niveshan follows ITIL processes and is an ISO and CMM-i level certified organization. They are very particular about keeping high standards of their services and aim to provide brilliant customer experience by setting client expectations and delivering on them to near perfection.

There are several factors that place them apart from their peers. One such factor is their readiness to take risks. It enables them to excel in whatever they do. Besides, they promote rotations in jobs so that people are aware of each other’s work intricacies, pressure and environment. For a young company to compete with the veterans, it is very important to up-scale and up-skill the workforce. To do this, Niveshan keep sits workforce trained and certified in technologies (cisco, oracle, prince, PMP etc.) as and when required. Moreover, emphasizing on the equal importance of Soft-Skills, they train their workforce in soft skills as well.

“Most importantly, we evaluate our successes as we evaluate our failures; this keeps us on our toes to keep looking for gaps/leakages and sealing them”, says Mr. Kumar Bachchan, CEO & MD of the firm.

The right mix of the young and experienced workforce

In this domain, one of the key aspects that makes them stand out is the right mix of the young and experienced workforce. Young ones learn from the experienced ones and experienced ones keep themselves on their toes. Also, training and certifications are an integral part of the firm; this has ensured exponential growth beyond their expectations. From the very beginning, they have kept their eyes open for references and young talent available in the market who are willing to come along and take ownership of projects. Throughout their journey, they have been a process-oriented, certified organization. They are an agile organization that adapts to the environment without disturbing the discipline and ethics of serving the clients. This approach has given them the advantage of learning and engaging in new technologies.

When it comes to adopting new technology, research and development plays a significant role to learn and embrace the latest advancements in the industry. Their leadership team is itself well-read and educated from premier institutions, they have been engaged and have been successful in various endeavors throughout their lives. It is this rich experience that gives wings to any organization and the leverage to engage in learning new technology. “It would be very cliched to say change is the only constant; however, that is the understanding that our leadership has; 100% commitment towards Research and Development”, says Mr. Bachchan.

This is also the reason why they have their lab that allows the workforce to dirty their hands, learn, excel in what they do and eventually give the best service experience to clients. They invest a lot in learning, be it technology or soft skills. This learning and excelling in the work field, technologies and other skill sets, communicating with each other and with the client on regular basis, have been a boon as expected for innovation in solutions and services to the clients.

In a short span of time, they have been able to achieve a few accolades; they have become Premium Integrator for Cisco helping them bring out the best in the solutions and client service. Besides, they have been honored with being a Dell titanium partner. Microfocus Certificate of Accomplishment for Successful completion of the Reseller Partner program with which they have become Gold Partners for specialization in ITOM, IM&G, Security. They have also been recognized as one of the top 10 startups in Gurgaon for their innovations in product and services, business acumen and startup culture. Elets group has recognized Niveshan Technologies’ Co-promoter and COO Kumar Bachchan with “Editor’s Choice of Emerging CEO’ @ ” Elets India Transformation Summit’ 2020.

Continuous focus on People, Process, Technology and Delivery Innovation

Talking about the Long-term Vision of the firm, it revolves around their “Continuous focus on People, Process, Technology and Delivery Innovation”. Since the inception of Niveshan in the year 2018, they have had certain low-level goals; they endeavorto be a 1000 Cr company that caters to domestic as well as international markets; which essentially means that they become a very competitive Indian MNC that has its wings across the globe by the year 2028. They aspire to be a part of aggressive Indian growth in the areas of their expertise. Also, they intend to be known as one of the top 10 companies from India that has the best customer service experience index.

Besides, they aim to be known as the best solution provider in the cyber security vertical.“We want Niveshan to be a company that becomes the first choice for prospective employees to join and grow with us. We would like to go public and be listed on NASDAQ and New York Stock Exchanges”, says a hopeful Mr. Bachchan with a spark in his eyes.

Mr. Bachchan has a piece of advice for budding entrepreneurs and business leaders. He says, “Dedication, Consistency, Persistence – all these words are all old and hold to anyone’s learnings and successes.” He is a firm believer of Lord Krishna’s teachings as described in Gita. He believes Karma is our choice, we make our destiny, Krishna doesn’t stop one from making plans, having goals, trying and reaching them with ones might and will. “So, I would say that anyone who keeps his/her attitude to work hard, find the best ways to work smart, stick to personal and professional goals, will become an expert in their field and the rest will follow. I believe “Attitude” is the key here”, he concludes.


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