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Sivakumar Veerappan – CEO, Anubavam Technologies Pvt Ltd.

Success in the Tech Industry: Sivakumar Veerappan’s Insights

In a world where technology moves quicker than we can keep up with, it’s hard to be the one leading the way. But Sivakumar Veerappan is no stranger to being on top of the tech world. Since 1998, he has been making waves in the IT industry and encouraging change. After working for multiple start-ups, in 2006, he founded his own company called Anubavam. It’s safe to say that his business has gotten quite a bit bigger since then. With a presence all over the world in four different countries, they have successfully delivered solutions for businesses in 24 countries across numerous industries including Higher Education, Insurance, Travel, Loyalty and Telecom.

Anubavam specializes in producing SaaS and cloud applications for businesses of all shapes and sizes (the ones relevant to them). They offer everything from strategy and design services to operations improvement assistance. So what makes them so special? They’re experts when it comes to cloud data AI and developing digital engineering platforms. So if you don’t know how any of that works (don’t worry – we don’t either), just know that these are some of their strong suits.

Their user-friendly SaaS and cloud applications specially designed for higher education are constantly being maintained and supported by their team of experts. This keeps them reliable scalable and secure at all times. “Our team is comprised of industry experts, business consultants, process specialists, project managers, research scholars, software architects & UX specialists who believe innovation transforms learning & work,” says Sivakumar.

All sorts of clients from around the globe come knocking on Anubavam’s door for help. Their range includes startups all the way up to Fortune 100 corporations with institutions varying widely in size but mostly belonging to the higher education sector as well. Services include introducing new software or upgrading existing systems to improve learning and workforce development, as well as assisting clients in relocating or consolidating their applications.

Although they are a global business with many offices around the world, they still have a personal touch. Their team is multilingual, allowing them to cater to clients in different time zones and languages. No matter where you are on earth, Anubavam will be there to help. They do so by streamlining operations of course – but mostly by making your life easier.

One of the key factors behind Anubavam’s global recognition is its commitment to providing cutting-edge software as a service (SaaS) and cloud applications. With a focus on higher education, Anubavam Technologies Pvt Ltd has developed user-friendly, robust software that meets its clients’ diverse needs. The company’s emphasis on continuous support, maintenance, scalability, reliability, and security has resulted in solutions that are widely regarded as best-in-class.

Unique Skill Set and Leadership Style of Sivakumar Veerappan

The versatile leadership style of CEO Sivakumar Veerappan has helped establish Anubavam Technologies Pvt Ltd as a global brand. By blending his technical expertise with strategic thinking and an understanding of customers’ business objectives, Sivakumar inspires and encourages the team at Anubavam to consistently deliver their best work. He fosters a collaborative work atmosphere where all employees feel they make valuable contributions.

Sivakumar also prioritizes self-improvement at both personal and corporate levels. A daily meditation practice helps him maintain clarity, focus, and positivity — qualities he brings to his role every day. That same discipline creates a culture of self-reflection among his colleagues.

“My unwavering commitment to excellence has been one of the biggest factors that have contributed to my success. Ever since the beginning of my career, I have made it a point to deliver work of the highest quality and to constantly hone my skills and expand my knowledge. This unrelenting pursuit of excellence has earned me a reputation for reliability and professionalism, which has enabled me to establish strong relationships with clients, partners, and team members alike”. – Sivakumar Veerappan

Anubavam’s global status is evidence that Sivakumar’s dedication to finding success never wavered even during times when it was difficult or seemed impossible. No matter what obstacle came his way he has always remained professional and reliable.

Another vital factor for my success is my willingness to take risks and try new things. As an entrepreneur, I know that failure is inevitable. However, I am always ready to experiment and adjust my approach whenever necessary. This risk-taking mindset keeps me ahead of the competition in this fast-paced industry, and helps me come up with innovative solutions continuously even through changing circumstances,” he explains.

Speaking about his entrepreneurial journey he says, “Entrepreneurship has always been my passion, and I attribute it to my upbringing. My father was a successful businessman, and as a child, I had the opportunity to be present in his office after school hours. There I would help him out with various tasks and observe how he ran his business.

My dad’s hard work, vision, and ability to create something from nothing greatly inspired me to follow in his footsteps and build something of my own one day.

After completing my education and gaining some experience in the tech industry, I felt ready to take the leap and start my own business. It was driven by a desire to create something truly mine that pushed me forward.”

Sivakumar, our CEO starts and ends each day in deep meditation. He says it helps him to retain focus and calm throughout the day. Sivakumar follows a daily routine of introspection and self-analysis which helps him identify his strengths and weaknesses. He’s an extremely disciplined individual who never loses sight of his goals. For this reason, he achieves success in every aspect of his life. Additionally, he has a positive mindset and chooses to see the good in people. This allows him to help them enhance their strengths, rather than dwelling on their weaknesses. Sivakumar also values learning from mistakes instead of beating himself up for them like most people do. Lastly, he surrounds himself with supportive individuals who are like-minded so that they can share positivity with one another.

Anubavam’s Culture

At Anubavam, we pride ourselves on our strong culture that treats employees and customers like family. Our organization values building long-lasting relationships which is why we’ve been able to keep dedicated employees who have become successful leaders themselves. Anubavam prioritizes creating innovative products that will aid its customers in reaching their goals faster and more efficiently than ever before.

In 2015 we invented a no-code/low code platform called AdiFlex™️ which revolutionized application building and deployment around the world. It enabled us to scale our business rapidly while providing customers with powerful tools to bring their ideas into reality.

Sivakumar says “At Anubavam I believe in promoting creative thinking by embracing diversity ,providing autonomy , encouraging collaboration among teammates ,and focusing on problem-solving as a company wide factor . We foster a culture of open communication n respect which creates safe space for sharing ideas n taking risks.” He continues “As a leader I lead by example demonstrating my own creativity n innovation to inspire team members n celebrating successes is crucial in creating positive feedback loop for continued creative thinking.”

Anubavam’s Work Culture

As a leader of the organization, I am responsible for making critical decisions that impact the company’s growth and success. This includes setting the vision and direction for the company, hiring the leadership team, expanding the business into new markets, implementing policy changes, and continuously improving operations.

The key to making effective decisions is to prioritize aligning with our core values and mission. Furthermore it’s crucial to work together with my team in order to foster a positive n productive work culture.

Anubavam also operates on 5 core values which are empathy , authenticity , commitment , transparency , consultative approach . The company’s vision is “Producing Innovations that Transform Learning. Work. Future.” To achieve this we have a mission statement that guides us to: automate n boost workplace efficiency, innovate products n services to help lifelong learners , replace multiple solutions with one integrated solution , embrace artificial intelligence n machine learning technologies and also help at least 5000 organizations by 2030. All three elements (mission, core values, vision) are important but our core values are the most critical aspect of our identity n culture as an organization Sivakumar says.

“At Anubavam, we like to have our values be the forefront in many ways. We set an example by embodying them and making decisions based upon what our goals are. By doing so, it sets the tone for the rest of the team and everyone begins to follow suit. When it comes to onboarding new employees, we’re very clear about what our values are. But just in case that isn’t enough, you’ll regularly see us communicating them in various channels such as email, newsletters, and company meetings. With all these ways of communicating our values internally, we also reward those who demonstrate them as well,” he says.

Final Advice by him

“First-time leaders should always remember a few things: Have a clear vision and end goal, put relationships first before anything else, lead by example always, keep a growth mindset, adapt when necessary, and never stop learning,” says Sivakumar Veerappan.

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