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10 Best Leave Trackers for Small Businesses


Managing employee leave can be a daunting task for small businesses, but it becomes a breeze with the right leave tracker. These innovative tools offer streamlined solutions to track, manage, and approve time-off requests, ensuring efficient workforce management and seamless operations. 

This article presents the ten best leave trackers for small businesses that can revolutionise your leave management and tracking process.

  1. Leave Dates

Leave Dates is unashamedly a leave tracker; it does one job and does it well, so it tops our list for small businesses. This user-friendly tool offers comprehensive features designed to simplify leave management. With Leave Dates, companies can track and approve employee leave requests, view a shared team calendar, sync their leave to Outlook or Google Calendar and generate insightful reports. The beautiful, intuitive interface makes it easy to navigate, and its cloud-based nature ensures accessibility from anywhere. 

2. BambooHR 

Known for its comprehensive HR software, BambooHR also excels in tracking leave. This popular platform offers a user-friendly leave management system, allowing businesses to centralise employee time-off requests, track balances, and manage policies. BambooHR’s integration with the overall HR suite ensures smooth workflows and streamlined data management. 

3. Zoho People 

Zoho People provides a comprehensive HR management suite with a powerful leave tracker. This cloud-based platform enables businesses to efficiently manage employee leave, set custom policies, and automate accrual calculations. 

4. Free Excel Leave Tracker

Sometimes a spreadsheet is sufficient to solve a problem, and this free leave tracker spreadsheet could be just what you need. It allows you to track vacations for up to 100 employees and is customisable for different leave types and allowance policies. This spreadsheet is a great place to start for companies looking for a free option.

5. offers an easy-to-follow onboarding process and free support. It’s also available in 7 languages and can be used internationally by companies in multiple geographies. offers automated leave accruals, customisable leave policies, and comprehensive reporting options. 


Keep everyone in the loop by using Sage’s shared company calendar. Multiple users can access the same calendar data from any device to schedule team meetings and manage projects. Employees can access their accounts to see their balances, request time off, see who is away & quickly access important company information. Use custom workflows for approving leave and assign replacement approvers when someone is off.


Kissflow is a customisable workflow management tool configurable for business tasks, particularly those involving approval workflows. Create a unique work schedule for your business with custom working days, holidays, and leave policies and instantly track the progress of time-off requests and cancellations from anywhere on any device.

8. Time Bot

If Slack is integral in your business operations, having a vacation tracker that works in Slack might be your best option. Time Bot is precisely that. Requesting and approving time off within Slack and TimeBot will inform you if team members are OOO on the same dates.

9. Appogee

Appogee is a cloud-based HR system designed to simplify HR processes for small businesses. It has a specialist module for leave tracking which can be used separately or as part of their wider HR suite. Appogee supports multiple leave policies and automatic accrual calculations.

10. WhosOffice

Whosoffice is a workforce planning solution with leave management module, meaning it’s a great fit for companies looking to optimise their workforce plans and shifts, whilst also taking control of leave management.


Efficient leave tracking is crucial for small businesses to ensure smooth operations and maintain a healthy work environment. 

By leveraging the features of the leave trackers discussed in this article, companies can simplify their leave tracking process and improve overall workforce management. Embracing the tools for your small business will bring efficiency and productivity gains across your organisation so be sure to check out our other Top 10 software articles.


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