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10 Best Leave Trackers for Small Businesses


For small businesses, managing employee leave can be challenging but with the correct leave tracking tool it is very simple. These newfangled tools have simplified the process of tracking, managing and approving time away from work thus enabling efficient staffing for industries.

This article reviews the top ten Small Business Leave Trackers that are revolutionising how you monitor and manage your leave.

Leave Dates

Leave Dates is a pure play leave tracker which does one thing really well and so it tops our small business list. It’s user-friendly with all the necessary features to assist in reducing complexities associated with leaves management. It gives companies an opportunity to track and authorize their staffs’ days off, share a team calendar, sync their leaves to Outlook or Google Calendar and generate meaningful reports. Its beautiful and intuitive interface makes navigation easy while being cloud-based ensures accessibility from anywhere.

2. BambooHR

BambooHR is perhaps best known for its complete HR software package but it also has good leave tracking functionality too. This renowned platform offers an easy-to-use leave management system that enables organisations to centralise employee requests, balance time-off request and manage policies on absence days away from work by employees while allowing workers to book holidays directly through their workstations as if they were booking flights or hotels online. The integration of BambooHR into the broader HR suite promotes seamless workflow and streamlined data organization.

3. Zoho People

Zoho People is part of a comprehensive HR management suite that has powerful leave tracker software within it. Zoho People allows companies to effectively manage employee breaks, manipulate accrual computations automatically as well as establishing custom rules for granting time off depending on each individual requirement.

4. Free Excel Leave Tracker

Sometimes all you need is a spreadsheet, such as this free leave tracker spreadsheet does these things well enough perfectly; track vacations for up to 100 people and customize it according to different types of holiday allowances and leave. This is a great starting point for any company looking for a free option.

5. has easy onboarding & free support. It also operates in 7 languages, making it usable globally by multinational companies with operations across several continents. allows for automated leave accruals, configurable leave policies, and diverse reporting options.


Keep everyone in the loop by using Sage’s shared company calendar; users can access the same calendar from any device to schedule team meetings or manage projects across different time zones and locations at all levels of the organisation hierarchy. Personal balances can be viewed by employees who want to check their accounts, request time off or see who is away as well as have quick access to important company information while they are logged into their accounts. Use custom workflows for approving leave and assign replacement approvers when someone is off.


Kissflow is an innovative business automation tool that can be configured for different business activities including those requiring approval workflows. Set up a unique work week with custom working days, holidays and leaves policy then monitor progress of any changes made about requests or cancellations done anytime from anywhere through this particular online application.

8. Time Bot

If you use Slack extensively in your organization, having one vacation tracker that operates within Slack might be ideal for you. Time Robot serves exactly this purpose: Requesting & Approving time off via slack where if team members are OOO on the same dates its going to let you know.

9. Appogee

Appogee HR provides cloud-based HR solutions focused on simplifying HR processes for small businesses only where it offers a specialist module dedicated to tracking employee leave alone or as part of their wider HR suite which supports multiple absence types and automatically calculates accruals.

10. WhosOffice

Whosoffice is a good fit for companies that want to optimise their workforce plans and shifts as it comes with leave management module as part of the solution.


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