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Best Free YouTube to MP4 Converter Online

The Best YouTube to mp4 Converter

YouTube is one of the largest video-sharing platforms where users can easily watch, upload and even share videos online. It is one of the most popular websites in the world with more than 2 million active users. In another case, YouTube does not allow its users to download videos and watch them later. Now, this is what hassles some people, because they are unable to watch videos offline when they want to. But do you know what makes YouTube do this? Well, there are two major reasons why is this happening.
In the first case, YouTube wants its users to stay on the platform and watch videos along with ads. This is because when users download videos offline, they would not be able to see ads. In the second case, YouTube is also concerned about the copyright. If users can download videos, then they will likely share them with others and this can come up with copyright issues mainly without permission. This in turn will come in violation. But still, people are searching for the best YouTube to mp4 Converter. If you are likely into the race then let us help you to solve your problem here.

1. Convert and download YouTube videos

Several third-party websites/platforms allow users to download or convert YouTube to mp4 Converter. In other words, we can say that they are known as the tools that help you to download HD videos from YouTube. The process here includes extracting the video data from the URL that users want to download converting the data into a file, and later compressing it into MP4 format. Since the need for an mp4 Converter varies among different people. In some cases, it helps users to easily watch videos offline. They can help creators to mix the videos with some of their content by following fair use. For educators and students for learning purposes. But alongside, there are 3 main benefits that mp4 Converter serves:

  • Storage

It offers high compression rates as well which later results in smaller file savings space on your device.

  • Quality

Even with compression, it gives the best quality to users that can be easily watched without hindrance.

  • Portability 

The major reason why users choose the MP4 format is because it is portable and widely acceptable on various devices. With all of these benefits, we will let you explore the best YouTube to MP4 Converter to make your work easier while downloading videos and watching them offline.

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2. Best YouTube to mp4 Converter list revealed 

There are several platforms or websites that offer the service of converting YouTube videos to MP4 format. However, there are only some of the tools that are adopted by users because of their excellent performance. So, let us help you to determine them all here.

2.1 OnlineVideoConverter.com

OnlineVideoConverter.com is one of the best YouTube to MP4 converter determined. The main reason for its use is that it is quite simple and yet efficient to fulfil the requirements. On the other hand, it is also free and users do not need to undergo any registration process. People from all around the world can easily access it to convert any YouTube video to MP4 format. The tool supports high-resolution videos and makes it easy for the user to watch them offline.

Has user-friendly interface
The platform is quite easy to use and users need not have to be technical to make use of it.
No registration
Users can easily convert videos to MP4 format even without registration. This makes it easy for users to get associated with OnlineVideoConverter.com
High-resolution videos
Easily support high-quality videos and hence users need not have to be worried about quality.
Conversion is fast
It lets users save time because the conversion process is quite simple and fast.

Supported with ad
The platform does support ad and that sometimes irritate people to watch videos
Lack of features
OnlineVideoConverter.com is a basic tool and does not come with additional features (that can be batch or subtitled).

2.2 YT Convert

Converting YouTube videos can be a requirement for many, but since it cannot be done directly, there is another best YouTube to MP4 converter available which is YT Convert.
It is packed with many advanced features (that is it can easily download multiple videos at once) and can easily beat other of its competitors.

User-friendly interface
It offers a straightforward interface and makes it easy for its users to download multiple videos at once.
Supports multiple formats
Besides MP4 format, YT Convert can support MP3, AVI, WMV, and more.
Batch downloads
This is one of the best facilities that YT Convert offers (multiple videos at once) and in turn it saves time.
No registration required
Yes, users need not have to be worried about giving their details as there is no need to register to use YT Convert.

Ad support
Like all other best YouTube to MP4 converters, YT Convert does support ads which users can see even after downloading videos and watching them offline.
Strong internet
It does require a stable internet connection to download videos from YouTube without being interrupted.

2.3 YouTube4KDownloader

For those who do not want to compromise on the quality of the YouTube video after downloading in MP4 format then YouTube4KDownloader is the best. It is another best YouTube to MP4 converters to deliver high-resolution videos while maintaining quality. No matter which type of video you are looking to download from YouTube, YouTube4KDownloader lets you meet any of your requirements in a few simple steps.

Offer full HD support
The tool is quite useful for offering full HD quality videos and letting users watch them offline anytime they want to.
Built-in search features
Easily search for videos directly from the platform and help to enhance the user experience.
Easy platform
It is quite easy to navigate through the platform and enable downloading in simple steps.


Ad supportive
Users will have to watch offline videos with ads, as there is no option to remove them.
Requires installation
Unlike all other converters, YouTube4KDownloader requires it to be downloaded and installed to make use of it.
No direct conversion
Direct conversion to other formats is not available other than MP4. If you want to download videos in another format then you will have to find the other tool.

2.4 EaseUS Video Converter

Combining flexibility, power and a user-friendly interface and is one of the excellent choices for converting YouTube videos to MP4 format with EaseUS Video Converter. It is determined to be an excellent software application and offers a wide range of features. It supports video download from other site than YouTube and into other formats. In addition, it does determine video editing for enhancing videos.

Quite versatile
It supports a broad range of video formats and can easily download videos from various platforms.
High-quality conversion
Helps to maintain excellent video quality after conversion and supports 4K quality.
It not only offers downloads but helps to edit videos to make them more appealing.
Offers batch conversion
Users can also convert multiple videos which helps to save time.

Requires installation
It is a desktop application and before making use of it, requires proper installation.
Free with some limitations
The free version of EaseUS Video Converter comes with some basic features. Hence, if you want to undertake advanced features then you need to own a premium version.

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2.5 Wave. Video

Wave. Video is also one of the best YouTube to MP4 converter that make it easy and simple to download videos from YouTube. It is known as a complete video editor tool as well to download videos into MP4 format. Hence, it is quite easier for creators and other individuals to download videos easily.

Video editing
Not just the conversion, but Wave. Video does offer editing facilities right from the platform itself.
High-quality conversion
Wave. Video offers high quality and it means, users do not have to compromise with the quality after conversion.

Limited free version
There is a certain limitation upon using Wave. Video free version and later on to get complete service, it has a paid version.
Stable internet connection
Not many tools work easily when you do not have a stable internet connection. Hence, at the time of conversion, try to work with stable internet to avoid any hindrance.
Does require sign-up
It requires users to sign up with Wave. Video before converting YouTube videos.

2.6 Fastest YouTube Downloader

As the name suggests, Fastest YouTube Downloader is also one of the popular tools that fall within the best YouTube to MP4 converter. It offers a speedy download that is perfect for users who need their videos quickly (without spending too much time).

High speed
The speed of the Fastest YouTube Downloader towards downloading YouTube videos and converting them is quite high.
Ease of use
Users will be able to make use of Fastest YouTube Downloader easily as it has easy user interface

Does require installation
Users need to keep in mind to download and install the Fastest YouTube Downloader before using. In this manner, it will be easier to make use of its features.

2.7 VideoProc Converter

It is one of the best featured-packed software that lets users enjoy downloading videos directly from YouTube. The platform is quite easy to use and does offer high-quality videos.
Hence, if you are in search of the best platform then VideoProc Converter can also be one of you among many.

Quite versatile
It supports downloading and converting videos to MP4 formats easily.
Offers editing tools
Offers a complete suite of video editing tools

The free version of VideoProc Converter does have some limitations in terms of features. To get complete benefits, you have to take its paid version.

2.8 MP3Studio YouTube Downloader

Last on the list of best YouTube to MP4 converters is MP3Studio YouTube Downloader. It helps users to solve their issues while struggling to download videos and convert them directly from YouTube. In addition, apart from videos, MP3Studio YouTube Downloader does support audio download as well.

Quite simple to use
MP3Studio YouTube Downloader is one of the easy platforms to use as it has a straightforward interface.
Audio and video download
It can easily download and convert to both MP4 and MP3 formats.

Require installation
It requires users to download and install before making use of its features or to undertake convenience.

There are number of platforms/tools that let users to convert YouTube videos to MP4 formats and in others as well. But not all can be trusted and hence, we have revealed the best YouTube to MP4 converter to make your work easier. With all of these mentioned above, you have to follow some simple steps to get started and those are mentioned below.

How to make use of best YouTube to MP4 converter

When you are looking to download and convert videos directly from YouTube then go to the platform, copy the URL of the video and open into the new tab.
Now you have to paste it to the converter (whichever you choose from above) to the converter input field.
Now choose the MP4 format or the desired one so that the action can be completed.
Click on the start button to begin with the conversion. Once the conversion is complete it will be downloaded to your device.

This way you will be able to get a complete command over the videos you want to download easily. On the other hand, also remember that not all tools can offer you the service or some can get you into copyright issues. Hence, to make you free from all this chaos, we have compiled the complete best YouTube to MP4 converter to make use of and let you watch videos offline or complete your task more easily.


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