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Well health organic Vitamin B12: Benefits and Uses

Our body needs vitamins because they are considered to be one of the essential nutrients to shape our lives and majorly health. This means once our body consumes it then it can function properly.
In another case, they play a vital role towards maintaining metabolism, cell growth and repair, supporting the immune system to fight against infections and diseases, supporting bone growth and development, and also needed for proper nervous system functioning. Several Vitamins are needed by your body but each one of those has different benefits and if you lack then problem can arise. This means you can get into various health problems like fatigue, weakness, anaemia, skin problems and even nerve damage.
This is the major reason why we are here to let you get informed about health organic Vitamin B12.
Most people do not consume or look towards consuming Vitamins and their body lacks them. Therefore, this article is all about well health of Vitamin B12 and why there is a need to consume it.

Micronutrient deficiencies are becoming more common

Yes, this is true and it is more in developed countries. Here, people may have less access to food that is nutritious. Majorly the condition rises when you are undergoing with any diseases/disorder and other health issues. So, you must need to consult or reach the right state for yourself.
So, there is a need to consume the right Vitamins- as per your body’s needs. Perhaps here, we will let you know about Vitamin B12 and what benefits it serves.

1. Vitamin B12 contributing healthy body

Vitamin B12 is known as cobalamin and is determined to be a water-soluble vitamin. It is responsible for many health functions or benefits like:
Red blood cell production, synthesis of DNA, functioning of nerves, metabolism of cells. You can find Vitamin B12 in meat, egg, dairy products and also similar food.

But do you know it is also added to some fortified foods? Yes, these are mainly breakfast cereals and nutritional yeast.
In the case of adults, the consumption of Vitamin B12 is around 2.4 micrograms (mcg). But remember in the case of pregnant women or older adults the consumption can vary. So, there is a need to have a proper consultation with a specialist and then consume it. However, the main question also arises here How does vitamin B12 deficiency occur? Many of us start thinking when we face problems and not before that. Let us help you to get the best information here.

2. How does a deficiency of Vitamin B12 occur?

The first and foremost condition is when your body does not get enough consumption of Vitamin B12. Also, this is caused by certain medical problems like pernicious anaemia and
Crohn’s disease.
Vitamin B12 helps your body to produce sufficient energy by converting carbohydrates into glucose. Along with this it also helps to improve nervous system function. This is one of the reasons why you should consume Vitamin 12. When your body gets a sufficient amount, it helps iron function better and helps the body to make RBCs.
But if you have a deficiency then it can be problematic for you. So, look to determine how can you get enough Vitamin B12.

3. Ways to get enough Vitamin B12- well health organic

Animal foods are the best way to get enough vitamins. So, if you are not consuming animal food then your body will not be able to get enough Vitamins to function properly.

  • Try to consume meat, eggs and even fish.
  • Some cereals and nourishing yeast.

But if you do not eat animal food then you can consume a supplement that contains Vitamin B12. This way your body can get enough Vitamin B12 and make it easier for you to maintain your health.

4. Major uses of Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is the major nutrient that is important for the functioning of the body. We will here mention all of the major uses of Vitamin B12.

4.1 Red blood cell production

Vitamin B12 is needed to produce RBC which helps to carry oxygen throughout the body. Anemia is one of the health issue that you can undergo with if you lack the sufficient Vitamin B12.

4.2 Proper functioning of nerves

Vitamin B12 is also needed for the functioning of the nerves. Some neurological problems, stiffness and other problem can arise.

4.3 Metabolism of cells

Talking about the Well Health organic Vitamin B12 the next use is seen towards the cell metabolism. It is involved towards the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. A deficiency can interfere with cell metabolism and can lead to fatigue or weakness.

4.4 Improve mood

If you come across a deficiency of Vitamin B12 then it can lead to mood disorder. Studies have shown that consuming Vitamin B12 also leads to improved mood and cognitive function.

4.5 Improve bone health

If you are leading to deficiency of Vitamin B12 osteoporosis is one of the conditions, in which bones become weak and even brittle. But if you consume Vitamin B12 then you can easily help your bones to strengthen.

5. Top health benefits of Vitamin B12

Several health benefits walk along with Vitamin B12. Below mentioned are the top health benefits of Vitamin B12.

5.1 Promotes healthier skin and hair

When your body gets sufficient Vitamin B12 then you tend to make your skin and hair healthier. It helps to produce RBC which carry oxygen and nutrients to the scalp and the skin. Since Vitamin B12 is needed to produce keratin- which is the protein that makes up hair.
Hence, if your hair is falling then your hairs can start falling and the skin will lose its texture.
Vitamin B12 helps to keep your hair follicle healthy and even prevents hairs from becoming dry and brittle.

5.2 Reduces the risk of muscular degeneration

The condition of muscular degeneration is also determined to be sarcopenia. It is indicated as the loss of muscle mass and also strength. Probably this condition becomes more common in adults. But do not think that this cannot hit younger people. So, you have to take utmost care of it. This is the major reason why you need to consume Vitamin B12 as it helps to play a vital role towards muscle development and repair.
Vitamin B12 is mainly involved in the production of energy and is necessary for muscle function. To maintain the intake consume cereals, eggs, dairy products, and fish.

5.3 Helps to strengthen immune system

Vitamin B12 will let you to fight back infections hitting your body by the production of white blood cells. Mainly this Vitamin helps to produce antibodies and is one of the proteins that
binds to neutralize the foreign invaders.
If you are low in Vitamin B12 then you can lead to infections. In some cases, older adults with low Vitamin B12 are more likely to experience pneumonia and other respiratory infections. Overall, we can say that consuming Vitamin B12 leads to good health and

5.4 Tends to improve athletic performance

If you are an athletic then you should consume enough Vitamin B12 for your overall health and performance. Hence, you must take a right diet so that your body can get enough Vitamin B12.
You can readily improve your performance upon consuming this Vitamin. This means it has an increase energy production, helps to improve oxygen delivery, improved muscle functions and tends to reduce inflammation.

5.5 Reduces the risk of pregnancy complications

Sometimes deficiency of Vitamin B12 can also lead to complications in pregnancy. So, you need to consume the right amount of Vitamin B12 so that the development of the foetus’s nervous system and blood cells can be maintained. Studies have shown that supplementing yourself with Vitamin B12 can help you to reduce complications during birth. This means women who have consumed Vitamin B12 undergo a 50% lower risk of neural tube defects.
Whereas 20% of the women are on other side of the risk and hence needs to be consulted.

5.6 Improve bone health

Vitamin B12 is known for the production of osteoblasts which supports the bone health. Vitamin B12 helps to maintain the health of the bone cartilage (it is the tissue that protects cells from being damaged).
As per research it has been found that if you lack Vitamin B12 then you tend to surround yourself with osteoblasts. Hence, if you are facing pain or difficulty in walking then you must consult to doctor. Getting sufficient amount of Vitamin B12 will help you to maintain your bone health and let you be free from all worries.

5.7 Reduces the risk of heart problems

The intake of Vitamin B12 helps to reduce the risk of heart problems and in number of ways:

It helps to reduces the level of homocysteine that is known as amino acid – damages the lining of the blood vessels. In other case, it tends to improve the flow of blood by producing nitric oxide. This helps to reduce the blood clots and even heart attacks. Tends to lower the level of cholesterol and this tends to reduces the risk of atherosclerosis. You must include well health organic Vitamin B12 in your diet to lead a healthy living.


Vitamin B12 has many potent benefits that an individuals of all ages can undertake. No matter if you are young, adults or older you should not overlook your consumption towards Vitamin B12.
It is considered to be one of the essential nutrients and that helps body to function properly. So, ensure to consume as per your requirement or if you do not know then you must consult with doctor.


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