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Top 10 Countries with Maximum Indian Population as Citizens

Top 10 Countries with Maximum Indian Population as Citizens

Are you curious to know where most Indians have found a new home abroad? If yes, then this article is just for you. Here we will explore the top ten countries with the highest Indian population as citizens and why they are so famous for relocation. India has one of the largest populations in the world making it difficult for all individuals to find adequate resources to make ends meet; therefore many people have chosen to move out of their homeland in search of better opportunities elsewhere. So which nations have welcomed them into its borders? Keep reading to find out!

Introducing the Top 10 Countries with Maximum Indian Population as Citizens

India is a diverse and culturally-rich nation that boasts a diaspora across the globe. As Indian communities continue to grow worldwide, it’s interesting to look closely at the top 10 countries where Indians have made their mark as citizens. From the bustling metropolises of the United States and Canada to the exotic landscapes of the Middle East and Southeast Asia, Indians have put down roots in a variety of locations.

Each of these countries offers unique opportunities for those who call them home. Still, they all share a common thread – a vibrant community of Indian ex-pats who continue to shape their adopted homelands in their own unique ways. Join us as we take a closer look at the top 10 countries with the maximum Indian population as citizens, and explore what makes each one special.

1) United States (Indians Population: 4.8 million)

The United States is a country with a rich and diverse population, and among its many inhabitants are Native Americans or Indians. With a population of 4.8 million, they constitute a significant portion of the American population, and their culture and traditions are an integral part of the country’s history and heritage.

Despite their challenges and struggles over the years, including discrimination, displacement, and forced assimilation, Native Americans have persevered and maintained their unique identity and way of life. Today, they continue to celebrate their traditions and contribute to the rich tapestry of American culture. From their vibrant arts and crafts to their deep reverence for nature, the Native American community is a testament to the resilience and strength of the human spirit.

2) Saudi Arabia (Indian Citizens: 3 million)

Nestled in the heart of the Middle East, Saudi Arabia is a land of intrigue, history, and unique cultural heritage. With stunning natural landscapes and a rich history that dates back thousands of years, this desert kingdom has long been a coveted destination for those seeking adventure and discovery.

For millions of Indian citizens, Saudi Arabia has become a second home, with around 3 million individuals from India now calling this nation their own. Whether you’re drawn to the bustling cityscapes of Riyadh or the rich history of Makkah and Madinah, Saudi Arabia offers something for everyone. From its vibrant markets and bustling souks to its ancient forts and mosques, it’s no wonder that so many Indian citizens have made this country their own.

3) United Arab Emirates (Indian Citizens: 2.85 million)

The United Arab Emirates is a fascinating country that is home to a large population of Indian citizens. With a staggering 2.85 million Indian residents calling the country home, the UAE has become a major hub for South Asian expatriates. From the bustling city of Dubai to the scenic capital city of Abu Dhabi, the UAE offers a unique blend of ancient traditions and modern innovation that is sure to captivate any visitor.

Whether you’re interested in exploring the world-famous shopping centers or simply soaking up the sun along the pristine beaches, the UAE has something for everyone to enjoy. So if you’re looking for an unforgettable travel experience in the heart of the Middle East, the United Arab Emirates is the perfect destination.

4) Malaysia (Indian Citizens: 2.3 million)

With a population of over 32 million people, Malaysia is a diverse country with a melting pot of cultures. Among the many ethnic groups in Malaysia are Indian citizens, who make up around 7% of the population with 2.3 million individuals. The influence of Indian culture can be seen in many aspects of Malaysian life, from the vibrant festivals celebrated throughout the year to the delicious food served in the country’s restaurants. Despite cultural differences, Malaysia remains a country where different groups coexist harmoniously, making it a fascinating destination for travelers and a great example of multiculturalism.

5) Myanmar (Indian Citizens: 2.2 million)

Myanmar, a Southeast Asian country with borders alongside Thailand, Laos, China, Bangladesh, and India, is home to a population of over 54 million people. Among them are an estimated 2.2 million Indian citizens, according to recent statistics. Myanmar’s diverse ethnic makeup and cultural history have led to a fascinating blend of traditions and customs, truly making it a melting pot of cultures.

Whether it’s exploring the bustling streets of Yangon, taking in the peaceful temples of Bagan, or cruising along the serene Inle Lake, Myanmar offers a unique and unforgettable experience for any traveler. But with India situated so close by, it’s no surprise to see such a large population of Indian citizens calling Myanmar home. It’s this combination of cultural influences that makes Myanmar such a fascinating and alluring destination to visit.

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6) United Kingdom (Indian Citizens: 1.96 million)

The United Kingdom is a country that has greatly benefited from the diversity of its population. With 1.96 million Indian citizens residing within its borders, the country has become a melting pot of cultures and traditions. These citizens have brought with them not only their love of delicious food, vibrant clothing, and beautiful music but also their unique perspectives and ideas.

The Indian community has had a significant impact on many areas of British society, including politics, business, and the arts. From individuals such as Mahatma Gandhi to modern leaders like Amal Clooney, Indian citizens continue to make a valuable contribution to the United Kingdom. Through their hard work and dedication, they have helped to shape the country into the diverse and exciting place that it is today.

7) Canada (Indian Citizens: 1.82 million)

Canada is a land of diversity. With its breathtaking natural beauty, welcoming people, and unique culture, it’s no wonder Indians have made Canada their home. Currently, there are 1.82 million Indian citizens living in Canada, making it one of the largest immigrant populations. From bustling metropolitan cities to the serene countryside, there are endless opportunities to explore in Canada.

The country is known for its safety, tolerance, and quality of life. You can experience everything from snow sports to beach fun, taste some of the most delicious cuisines, and discover a range of people from various backgrounds. Canada’s unique blend of tradition and modernity has created a fascinating and welcoming destination for all, including Indians.

8) South Africa (Indian Citizens: 1.6 million)

South Africa is a land of incredible diversity, a place where different cultures and traditions have blended and thrived. With a population of Indian citizens numbering at 1.6 million, the country boasts a rich tapestry of Indian heritage, cuisine, and art. From vibrant street markets to intricate henna designs, the Indian community has brought its own unique flavor to South Africa’s already diverse landscape.

But the story of Indian South Africans is also one of struggle, marked by the cruel legacy of apartheid and colonization. Despite these challenges, the Indian community has carved out a thriving niche in South African society, contributing to the country’s economic and cultural vitality. Whether you’re exploring the streets of Durban or soaking up the natural beauty of Cape Town, South Africa is a place that celebrates and embraces its many diverse voices.

9) Sri Lanka (Indian Citizens: 1.5 million)

Sri Lanka is a stunning island nation located in the Indian Ocean. Known for its exotic wildlife, beautiful beaches, and ancient ruins, Sri Lanka is a must-visit destination for adventurers and culture enthusiasts alike. And did you know that over 1.5 million Indian citizens call Sri Lanka home? This unique blend of cultures makes for a fascinating experience for travelers looking to soak up the best of Sri Lankan culture.

Whether you’re savoring fresh seafood curries, exploring the country’s breathtaking temples and monasteries, or simply lounging on a sandy beach, Sri Lanka won’t fail to impress. So why not book your next trip to this enchanting island and discover all that it has to offer for yourself?

10) Kuwait (Indian Citizens: 1 million)

Kuwait, a small oil-rich country in the Middle East, has long been a top destination for Indian citizens looking for employment opportunities abroad. With a population of roughly 4.7 million people, it’s estimated that there are around 1 million Indian citizens living and working in Kuwait today. While some may find it challenging to adjust to the hot, arid climate and strict cultural customs, others are drawn to the country’s bustling economy and lucrative job market. Whether you’re a young professional seeking your next big career move or a skilled worker looking for financial stability, Kuwait is definitely worth considering as a potential destination.

Considering the amount of widespread immigration as a result of migration to nations abroad for political, economic, or even religious purposes, it’s of no surprise to learn that India has one of the largest expatriate populations in the world. With over 13 million Indians living overseas, they are spread out among some of the most prosperous and developed countries on earth. As seen in this post’s shortlist of the top 10 countries with the maximum Indian population as citizens, citizens from India play an active role in much of the Western hemisphere as well as the Middle East.

Whether it’s striving for new job opportunities, technological advances, or just to get away from a troubled homeland – these overseas populations often appear to be advantageous for both India and its foreign counterparts alike. From Malaysian entrepreneurs making their mark in Asia to Kuwaiti traders seeking commercial success throughout Eastern Europe – the Indian population has become a driving force behind many industries and entrepreneurs worldwide. As Indian citizenship continues to make clear strides past international borders – we can only hope that more investment returns back into the nation itself, setting a quicker pace towards achieving socioeconomic success within its own workforce while elevating its overall global stature.


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