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The Advantages of Using Google Analytics Premium over Adobe Analytics

Google Analytics Premium is a cheaper price that might fascinate organizations seeking to cut back on analytics tools costs. While Adobe Analytics offers enhanced features Google Analytics Premium can track millions of hits per month meaning that businesses with high traffic websites could use it. Nonetheless, Adobe Analyticshas some restrictions regarding the amount of data it can process, which makes it unsuitable for bigger organizations.

However, Adobe Analytics lacks flexibility when it comes to customization and therefore may not meet the requirements of many businesses as effectively as its competitor. Unlike Adobe, Google analytics product allows for better customization options. Some of these customizations include developing your own dashboards and reports and creating company-specific metrics.

Further, this has integration aspect whereby Google Analytics Premium works in tandem with other google products like google ads and tag manager among others.Google Ads and Tag Manager integration into Google analytics premium enables tracking and analyzing data throughout all these platforms thus providing you with full visibility of how you perform online. Although adobe does offer some integration capabilities they do not reach those provided by google analytics.


Lastly, Google Analytics Premium provides real-time reporting that allows businesses to monitor user behavior and website performance immediately. This powerful feature gives an opportunity for finding issues or opportunities as soon as they occur for a more timely and effective decision-making process. Though Adobe Analytics does have certain capacities for real time reporting, they are not as diverse as those offered by Google.


Although both are powerful web analytics platforms there are some benefits associated with the use of Google Analyticals Premium over Adobe Analyticals. It is cost-effective; flexible; scalable; and easily integrates with other Google products too. In addition to this fact that it can report on them in real time allowing a holistic view into online performance. For a powerful yet cost effective web analytics platform consider using Google Anayltics Premium .


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