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8 Tattoo Design Apps For Android That Will Amaze You

8 Tattoo Design Apps For Android That Will Amaze You

Hey! Are you also planning for a tattoo on your body? Whether you plan to or not, getting a tattoo on your body is always a tough decision. Everyone loves to have tattoos in their body as it gives the body a cool and aesthetic look, but once it gets inked into your skin, they are difficult to remove. Choosing the best designs before making up your mind about tattoos is important. Today there are never-ending options of tattoo design apps for Android which will amaze you and where you can customize a tattoo according to your look.

For getting your tattoo permanent on your skin, make sure to give it a virtual try on how it will look; for this, you need the best tattoo design apps. Tattoo apps are designed in such a way that they will provide you with a better idea and show you the difference between reality and expectations. These Android-based tattoo apps will provide you with high-quality pictures of different tattoo designs, which you can customize according to yourself. Despite the number of tattoo apps available today, many people are still in the dark about which tattoo app has the most features.

If you’re looking for the best tattoo design apps for Android, you’ve come to the right spot because today, I’ll provide you with a list of the top options of tattoo alternatives that will make it easier for you to create bespoke tattoos with distinctive features. So, let’s get started right now.

8 Best Tattoo Apps For Android

Getting a tattoo on your body is a big deal. In that case, you need the best designs from the tattoo apps. Don’t worry! The list is here if you want to try the best tattoo apps for Android. Now you can easily give these apps a try. These 11 best tattoo design app alternatives amaze you with their unique features and functions.

1. InkHunter

When it comes to designing art apps, InkHunter is one of the best apps on the list of best tattoo design apps for Android. Millions of people are using InkHunter to find a variety of tattoo designs and patterns. This app is designed to try tattoos virtually before getting your tattoo permanently on your skin.

In this app, you can customize a tattoo according to your desire or even set an angle, color, ratio, and density of the tattoo. You can take your time creating your tattoo design and try it on your skin. The pattern of the taTattooooks realistic in such a way that it will give you a clear idea of how it will look on your skin. This app’s technology will bring you close to the tattoo artist’s table. Use InkHunter and pick your simple designs to get inked.

Available on : Android & iOS.

Features of InkHunter

  • Include a large library of designs and tattoos shapes.
  • Helps to try tattoos virtually before getting permanent.
  • Different realistic patterns to choose from.

2. Tattoodo

Tattoodo is an app that is widely known for its inspiring features. This app comes with a range of the most advanced features. Here you can find a good network of tattoo design ideas. Moreover, the app provides an extensive feature to discover the range of the most aesthetic ideas for tattoos and designs. You can choose a design according to your desire and can customize that accordingly. The app limits itself to finding only Tattoos and allows you to find the best tattoo artists and studios in your area. You can easily book your tattoo designs and an artist nearby your location. The best part about this app is that it shows you the specializations of tattoo artists and their networks in a few taps. This app will work on that part if you are looking for clients. So, indeed you can give this app a try.

Available on: Android, windows, iOS

Features of Tattoodo

Provides a list of best studios in your locality.
List of customized shapes and features.
Helps to search network options nearby you.
Tattoo Font Designer

Looking for a designer app to unleash your creativity in designing, then Tattoo Font Designer is a perfect app for you. This tool will help you to advance and to create more than 300 unique fonts and designs tattoos. The best part is that these fonts and designs are free of cost. Moreover, it includes many features to generate your designs. You don’t need to be a pro artist to use this app, as this app will create the designs independently. There are multiple templates and fonts in which you can select your designs. You don’t need any pen, skills, or creativity to design.

Available on iOS and Android

Features of Tattoo Font Developer

  • Availability of Generate your ideal option.
  • Include the option of saving and sending with other devices.
  • Guide videos and explanations for creating designs.

3. Tattoo Maker

If you are looking for the best Tattoos designs apps for Android, then you can bookmark Tattoo Maker. It is an app that includes a wide option of designer tattoo photos. Here you can easily mix and match your photos with your designs and create perfect tattoo designs. It includes a large set of premium features where you can create patterns and designs of your choice. The best part about this app is that you can easily try these pictures on your body. Not Shockingly! But this app allows you to graph pictures of customized tattoos to print on your photograph. You can now easily decide how that design will look on your body. Moreover, you can also share your pictures of tattoos with your friends and download them from this app.

Available on Android, Windows

Features of Tattoo Maker

  • Create tattoos on your existing photographs.
  • More than thousands of inspiring tattoo designs.
  • Include the option of saving and downloading images.

4. 3D Tattoo Design App

3D Tattoo Design App is another popular tattoo app known for its top-notch features. Unlike another designing app, this app is available in 3D mode and allows you to search for more than 300+ 3D designs. These tattoos give realistic patterns to the people and allow them to choose the designs to get inked to their bodies. The most highlighted feature of this app is its drag-and-drop option. Now you can virtually design any tattoo on your body. You need to click a picture of the body and drag and drop the tattoo where you want it. Once you are done, you can have your mind on whether that tattoo design suits your body or not. Moreover, you can also save, share or download pictures from this app. Save the customized pictures and share them with your friends on WhatsApp, Facebook, or Instagram.

5. 5000+ Tattoo Designs and Ideas

Looking for ideas for more than 5000+ Tattoo Designs and Ideas? The Tattoo Designs and Ideas are one of the best options for you to pick. This app helps to create and pick the right option for you. It will help you to decide on getting a tattoo on your body. You can browse your designs according to the different categories and designs.

Moreover, you can browse many tattoo designs and pattern options here. You can easily try these tattoos on your arms or elsewhere in your body to make your decision before getting a permanent tattoo. Now you can get an idea of whether your selective tattoo will look fantastic or you will regret it.

Available on Android, Windows, iOS

Features of 5000+ Tattoo Designs and Ideas App

  • Free of cost app
  • User-friendly interface app.
  • Save, download, or share images option.

6. Virtual Ink Master

Virtual Ink Master is another best tattoo designs app that is incredible in its features. If you are looking for impressive tattoo app designs without pain then this is the app you can go for. Here you will be able to find more than thousands of designs that you can customize in your own way. You can easily customize these designs on any picture of your body and can set their size, color, patterns and density. The best part is that these tattoos look real in images. If you make these tattoos to look more realistic then you can even set the brightness, tone, density of color. In order to make your art more adorable you can also add different fonts and text. The app also includes the option of sharing and saving your creativity.

Available on Android Windows iOS

Features of Virtual Ink Master

  • Easy to use editing tools.
  • Upload and comment on your own tattoos designs.
  • Changing and defining tattoo colours.

7. Virtual Tattoo Maker

Virtual Tattoo Master is an app which allows users to experience the less Virtual and more realistic tattoo experience. The app is designed in such a way that it will give users the opportunity to experience the 2D and 3D designs of tattoos. This app includes many tools and features which are designed in such a way that it will make your tattoo look real. You can easily adjust the whole framing of your tattoo by increasing and decreasing its adjustment size, colours, density and effects. So, it’s a must try app which you should download.

Available on Android Windows

Features of Virtual Tattoo Maker

  • Include the option of 2D and 3D Designs.
  • Include a large area of tools to create realistic tattoos.
  • Free of cost app.

8. Tattoo You

Tattoo You is another most recommended app in the list of best tattoo designs apps for Android which people love to use. This app allows users to create their own tattoos on their pictures. The app is simple to use and includes many benefits such as more than thousands of designs, cropping and editing tools. This app is designed in such a way that it will give the most impressive tattoo looks to the user. The app allows users to edit pictures of tattoos on their own images. Overall the app is worth downloading for those who want to give their images a photoshop or tattoo.

Available on Android, Windows

Features of Tattoo You

  • Include the option of editing and saving images.
  • Help and guide you in customizing your tattoos
  • Make your pictures to look more real.
Wrapping Up

Everyone dreams of having a designer tattoo on their body, but before realizing this goal, you must use the best tattoo designs app for Android to test the designs on your body to see how they will appear. And the best part is that you can now use these apps to modify and look for various styles. I’ve listed the top Android apps in this blog to try out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Is there any app which helps to create my own personalized tattoo?

Inkhunter is the greatest tattoo app if you’re searching for one that allows you to design and customize your own tattoo. With this app, you can mark with a pen or ink to calibrate the drawings. This app is ideal for aspiring tattoo artists just starting out.

Q2: Can I draw my own tattoo?

Yes, you can draw your own tattoos with ease. If you are an artist, there is no reason you can’t draw your own tattoo; in fact, there are a number of tools that will enable you to design drawings specifically for your tattoos. To assist you in your job, you can also use the best tattoo designs app for Android mentioned above.

Q3: List 4 best tattoo designs apps for Android?

You can use:

Tattoo Maker
Tattoo Planet
Adobe Draw


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