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Poverty Rate in India: Trend over the years and causes

It has been found that India is the second most populated country and this has increased the poverty rate as well. There is no denying the fact that with the increasing number of populations, there is an impact towards the poverty across different countries or regions.

This has also directed or connected with the money (required to buy the essentials). However, not all can look up the desired needs, because of financial stability.

Yes, this is all about poverty and is directly linked to the financial status of individuals. But for quite a few years, there has been a significant change in the poverty rate in India.

All of this has been done with the help of strategic interventions, continued attention and even overcoming major challenges.

But to be clearer about this, let us help you to undergo the trends that are associated with the poverty rate in India.

Major trends to look for in poverty rate in India

Upon research it has been found that many trends have come up, you need to look at when talking about the Poverty rate in India.

Decline rate

When talking about the poverty rate in India, it has been found that compared with the years, there is a major decline. This means the percentage of poor people has come from 24.8% in 2015-16 to 14.9% in 2019-21.

This indicates, that nearly 135 million people have come out of poverty.

Comparison of rural and urban

The decline rate has been witnessed faster in rural as compared to urban. This means the rate in rural is 14.7 and when compared to urban is 7.9.

Different variations found 

The poverty rate in different regions and countries even varies. However, there are still some cities and regions that are facing a major poverty issue.

But have you determined or been able to find out what are the different causes of poverty?

If not then, let us help you to determine the poverty rate in India.

Different causes of poverty rate in India

We have found different causes of the increased poverty rate in India due to which individuals of all ages are suffering.

There is a lack of quality education within some cities or regions and this makes people to be away from definite knowledge. When you do not have the knowledge, you won’t land into definite job opportunity.

The next major cause of the poverty rate in India is also social discrimination and even gender inequality.

If there is a rapid increase in the population then this causes extreme pressure. This makes up the government to offer limited resources towards education and even medical facilities.

When talking about the rural areas, there has been a lack of infrastructure. This leads to limited access to market essentials. Hence, this is also one of the major causes of poverty in India.

All of these are the major causes of the increased poverty rate in India. But how this issue can be taken ahead? There has to be some other solution that should be taken ahead to control the state.

Hence, there were some of the majors taken to get control over the poverty rate in India.

Measures to give a positive outlook towards decreasing poverty in India

There are many reasons as to why poverty increases, but at the same time, there are measures to control it.

Let us here help you to determine those as well.

What is NREGA? Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act

Major investment towards education

One of the major steps that is taken to decrease the poverty rate in India is offering the best education. This is mainly done for girls who are needed for better jobs.

Development of skill

Skill development programs can also help to decrease the poverty rate in India. in turn, it helps to bridge the gap to improve employment.

Offering social protection

This majorly includes the healthcare program, and social security, in turn, can improve the safety net for the population.

Sustainable development

Another major step is to address the climatic changes and even promote sustainable development.


The poverty rate in India has increased way back years, but at the same time, some measures have been taken to decrease it. We can say that India has been on a mission to reduce the poverty rate.

However, there were few measures taken care of and in turn positive results is obtained. However, there is a need to focus on education, promoting growth policies, and even addressing climate change.

All of these factors have been undertaken and seen a tremendous growth towards the decrease in poverty rate in India.



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