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Most Expensive Pen in the World 2024

Most Expensive Pen in the World 2024

We have tons of essential things in our lives, but we cannot compare them to each other. The main reason is that each one of those has different benefits and utilization. But somehow with some stuff, we do not realize their importance (but keep on using them). 

We are not saying that we tend to use them without knowing them, but even sometimes a small thing can do wonders. Among all of those, one we here will be talking about is the “pen”. Hence the article is about the most expensive pens in the world.

Yet this happens with the pen, sometimes we consider it small, but do not realize how important it is. It is not only considered as the tool to write a piece of information, but to express one’s thoughts, and feeling and even to perform important work.

With such advanced technology, nothing could be able to replace a pen. They are quite important even at present and almost every individual carries them. We are sure even you cannot deny this fact.

But are they some or tons? Well, this will be interesting to know as we are here to explore the most expensive pen in the world.

Finest writing tool that world has got

Likewise, every stuffed pen is among one the tools that help people to be expressive. But they are not limited to one design or style, there are many. Right from simple to luxury, you can find many brands, varieties, and style of pens all across the globe.

So, without much ado let us help you to explore all of those.

List of the 10 most expensive pens in the world:

The world is full of expensive things no matter what category you are looking for. Each one of those has its history and price. Yet here, you will be able to explore all of those.

  1. Fulgor Nocturnus

Before the introduction of ball pens/gel pens, fountain pens were in demand and even they serve great. In this category, Fulgor Nocturnus is one of the top most expensive or we could say luxurious pens in the world.

In one of the charity functions, it was on auction and it went off for $8 million (2020). Now you might be thinking what it was made up of. What made it cost so higher?

Fulgor Nocturnus is packed with precious gemstone (which majorly includes black diamonds and rubies). But this is not what it made to sell in such a bigger amount, there is a lot more to know about this.

It was researched that the design of Fulgor Nocturnus was with a Golden ratio (of Phi in mind). This ratio served as an inspiration for a pen. It was originally found in nature.

The ratio of the pen cap we would say was around 1.168 (which indicates the number of Golden ratio). Further, the design was even more enhanced with gemstones to both cap and barrel and was named Fulgor Nocturnus.

Fulgor Nocturnus later on was also determined as Night glow.

  • Its Manufacturer is Tibaldi
  • The Price to which it was sold was $8 million
  • It comes in Color Black

Unique features

  • 945 black diamonds 
  • 123 rubies
  • 18-carat gold nib
  1. Taj Mahal Limited Edition

Another top expensive pen that is added to the list is Taj Mahal Limited Edition. There are different people in the world and each one of them has different choices.

But there are even those, who love to collect some expensive or luxurious pens. So here we have come up with one such edition whose history is embarked behind the development of the Taj Mahal.

The building is not just developed but it combined various gems that add beauty to it. Taj Mahal Limited Edition came out to be the inspiration from the Taj Mahal and came in various colours like black, tears of the moon, and Insignia of power.

Taj Mahal Limited Edition combined various gems and even has a curved shape. Likewise, people love the Taj Mahal they even showed love to Taj Mahal Limited Edition. It is also incubated with rubies and diamonds to it. This cost it to be one of the most expensive pens in the world.

  • Its Manufacturer is Montblanc
  • The Price to which it was sold was $2 million
  • It comes in Color Gold

Unique features

  • It is packed with tons of Diamonds, Sapphires, Malachite, Removable opal
  1. Boheme Royal Pen

Among the pen’s manufacture, one of the top and renowned companies is Montblanc. It has produced the most luxurious pen with the utmost quality and design. They can attract anyone and compel them to buy the one. 

It comprises 18 carats of white gold and its body is covered with 1,430 with slightly coloured diamonds. With its appearance, anyone can determine that it could range higher. In addition, with its retractable nib, it is the only fountain pen to be on the list of the most expensive ones.

However, the style of the pen came out into 2 of them. One is made up of white diamond and the other is black and white.

  • Its Manufacturer is Montblanc
  • The Price to which it was sold was $1.5 million
  • It comes in white gold

Unique features

  • It is packed with 18 carat of gold and the other pen comprises of white gold.
  1. 1010 Diamond Edition

Among the fourth position is the 1010 Diamond Edition which is again counted as the world’s most expensive pen. The pen is majorly distinguished by the Swiss brand Caran d’Ache. Although the inspiration for the pen came out from one of the luxury watches. 

This indicates, it is named upon the pleasing position on the clock, 10 minutes past, 10. This is the reason behind its name 1010 Diamond Edition.

The pen looks transparent and carries a shape of a watch and its clip looks like a clock hand. On the other hand, talking about its nib is completely engraved with a gear design.

Behind its so much of elegant design is an 18-carat white gold which has 850 diamonds shaped in a brittle style.

  • Its Manufacturer is Caran d’Ache
  • The Price to which it comes $1.28 million
  • It comes in white gold

Unique features

It has a diamonds in different cutting styles and a 18 carat white gold. This makes it so elegant and is one of the reason to be counted as expensive pen.

  1. Diamante

To what extent you can craze for anything? Well, honestly speaking there is no limit to getting anything. People are crazy about different stuff and they can buy the most expensive stuff around. No matter if it could be a pen. To this coming into the list of 10 most expensive pens is diamante.

Listed among the top rated and expensive pen’s in the world. The barrel of the pen is composed of pure platinum and is found to be covered with 2000 diamonds in it. 

To this 1, 919 is located to its barrel which signifies the founding year of Aurora. Further, it does have the customized nib most of the luxury pen own. This makes it the most expensive and luxurious pen across.

  • Its Manufacturer is Aurora
  • The Price to which it comes $1 million
  • It color is platinum

Unique features

Diamante is all over studded with diamond which makes it one of the most expensive pen in the world.

  1. Heaven Gold

Heaven Gold is a limited-edition pen that is one of the most expensive pens in the world. It is the Haven gold fountain pen and is a collection of only 8 pens. As per the Chinese culture, number 8 represents good fortune and this is the reason why it was created.

The artist was truly inspired by the planet and initially designed it for women and comes in rose gold. 

But what makes it the most expensive is that it is composed of 1,888 diamonds in multi-colour. In turn, it weighs 48 carats and its crest is made up of 161 brilliant-coloured diamonds.

On top of its, it does contain a gemstone called Tsavorite and it originated from Africa. It is quoted as 2 years old.

  • Its Manufacturer is Anita tan
  • The Price to which it comes with $995, 000 million
  • Its color is rose gold

Unique features

It is packed with diamond with different colours and has one of the rarely gem called Tsavorite

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  1. Mystery Masterpiece

Mystery Masterpiece resulted from the partnership of Van Cleef & Arpels. It is one of the most prominent and world most expensive pens in the world. But we have determined that it is one of the lowest rates when compared to the other top 10 pens. yet it is eye-catching because of its vibrant design and colour.

The style of the pen is designed using mastery techniques packed with different gemstones. In turn, it gives the floating-like shape and is made up of white gold and in turn, gives the perfect tribute.

Its first edition was completely designed with ruby gemstones. They in turn also releases other edition of rubies, sapphires, or emeralds.

  • Its Manufacturer is Montblanc, Van Cleef & Arpels
  • The Price to which it comes is $730,000
  • Its color is white gold

Unique features

Embedded with ruby gemstone and also diamonds.

  1. Stones Fortune Butterfly Sapphires 

Stones Fortune Butterfly Sapphires come with an eye-catching design like a butterfly. The pen is designed by St Dupont which demonstrates the metamorphosis process. A symbol of transformation which embraces the changes and coming out of the cocoon.

Composed of gold-plated bronze and 41K white gold with 6 diamonds (each one of those is 1mm in diameter).

In addition, it has 85 sapphires and the butterfly comprises 14k gold and it weighs around 23.3gm

  • Its Manufacturer is St Dupont
  • The Price to which it comes is $65,000
  • Its color is blue and gold.

Unique features

It has diamond, Chalcedony, Tourmalines

  1. Boheme Papillon

Boheme Papillon has gold and gemstone that has been serving an extraordinary design, containing gems and looks stunning. The company has designed six different varieties and even features different themes or colour palettes.

Further, it has 1000 stones embedded in it. If you are looking to determine one of the most expensive pens then Boheme Papillon is one of those.

  • Its Manufacturer is Montblanc
  • The Price to which it comes is $198,000
  • Its color is white and gold.

Unique features

Boheme Papillon is extremely elegant in shape and size. One’s you will carry Boheme Papillon then it can add a new charm to your personality.

  1. Prince Rainier III Limited Edition 81

The pen made its world premiere in 2007, at one of the charity functions of Monte Carlo. To this, 81 of the pen were sold for $256,000. The creation of pen is made with 18 Karat of white gold along with 8 carats of rubies and diamonds to it.

The pen is an edition of Montblanc and is rated among the top 10 most expensive pens in the world. It is extremely well-designed and is the aim for many to have it in their collection.

  • Its Manufacturer is Montblanc 
  • The Price to which it comes is $256,000 
  • Its color is white and gold.

Unique features

It is one of the limited edition of Prince Rainier III Limited Edition


For those who like to collect pens, then all of the above-mentioned pens has to be looked out. All of these are designed in such a manner that they can make people attracted. So, if you are one of those who often look to find expensive pens or want to have them in your collection then all of these are on top.

They are either compacted with white gold or diamond. They have a unique shape which makes them more attractive. This is the only reason why they are in the top 10 list.

However, on the other side, not everyone can afford them, to this their manufacturer has also made a lower version for pen lovers to add them into their collections.


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