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Job Security Worries In America, New Research Reveals Depth of Worries

New Research Reveals Depth of Job Security Worries in America, Troubling Findings by Recent Survey

A very recent study done by Professional Resume Writers gave some very insightful observations on the American job security scene. In the United States, more than 2000 full-time and part-time workers were questioned to collect this data. The highest worry comes at the executive level with as many as sixty-six percent of them expressing concern over job security 2023-this is the highest among all levels surveyed but there was evidence that growing concern spread across all workplace hierarchies and educational qualifications are also seen where early career workers say their concerns over job security have risen by 97% this year alone.

We further analyzed survey responses to find out about job security in America today.

What Are The Main Areas Of Concern?

The study revealed a number of areas that worried employees, these included:

Job Security

Unquestionably, job safety emerged as the most important matter for respondents; also, research showed that higher percentages came on top with 66% of executives worrying about job security in 2023 – this is highest compared to other levels studied yet there was an indication that anxiety has been rising across all sections of organizational structure, education backgrounds as well (even) new entrants say their anxiety about possible termination has jumped by 97% this single year.

In general, workplace-wide increase in worries about job vulnerabilities amounts to forty-nine percent while graduate degree holders show one hundred and eleven percent increase in anxieties or concerns voiced.

Cost Of Living

The cost of living has been another anxiety for many respondents thus; entry level workers saw cost of living greatly affecting them with ninety seven percent reporting so while several managers found it difficult to keep up with inflation’s pace. This gap between different categories of workers/ages was identified as a stress point and indicates wage stagnation could be linked to lack of employment security too.

Home And Remote Working

There were interesting results from the survey about home and remote working. Many stated they would like to continue working from home after the pandemic, however 21% of respondents said that working from home has affected job security-this is particularly relevant for those starting out in their careers who believe that they need personal interaction to progress in their careers.

A Desire To Change Careers

Lastly, this study found that many workers are not satisfied with their current jobs and want to try other occupations; six out of ten people are looking forward to changing their career within five years, with most claiming low wages and insecurity as main drivers.

Overall, the survey portrays an American workforce largely discontented about its present position and anxious about its future. Job security has never been a bigger concern so it is clear that more efforts should be made towards fostering secure jobs while providing appropriate compensation packages that can assist employees reach full potential.

Where Have Job Security Concerns Come From?

The US’ present level of job security concerns has taken various factors into account, some of which include:

The Pandemic

Job losses have been extensive in the United States due to the pandemic’s devastating global economic impact.

Additionally, the lack of economic stimulus from authorities and increasing sense of insecurity also heightened the need for support in some industries like hospitality. Jobs uncertainty has also been attributed to automation and a highly competitive job market.

The Little Pay

Much of the concern among workers is that wages have failed to keep pace with rising prices; therefore, they feel that their work is not properly compensated.


At lower employment levels, employees feel that there are no opportunities for career progression as compared to higher-ups within an organization structure.

About Tomorrow

In response to this , Michelle Masters, co-founder at Professional Resume Writers stated “This finding does not come as a surprise when considering today’s economic conditions.” Professionals should take prevention actions such as remaining current in an industry and improve skills if they want to remain employed. Those who are planning on switching careers should concentrate on transferable skills that can be applied elsewhere.

This calls for cooperation between employers and governments to create good jobs with living wages as job security concerns rise sharply. This means investing in education and skills development so that individuals have what it takes to move up their professional ladder.


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