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Ind vs Aus: India Versus Australia Records in Cricket till March 2023

Ind vs Aus: India Versus Australia Records in Cricket till March 2023

India vs Australia records in cricket since the dawn of time has provided thrilling entertainment for millions of fans around the world. The clash between these two cricket giants has been going on since 1996 when India and Australia both debuted in international play and were kicked off to a terrific start with an exciting match that went down to the last ball.

Since then, all eyes have been on them when they go against each other in any format — Test matches, one-dayers, or even T20s— as it is always expected to be entertaining but also a skills-testing affair between two teams who strive for greatness in this sport. And strong rivalry which is practically tangible when they meet up! Let us dive into what their record looks like over these years till March 2023 to get ready before witnessing another exciting battle planned shortly!

Ind vs Aus Test Records:

As of March 2023, India holds a slight edge in the overall record against Australia with 10 wins over their 8 losses and 2 draws. Most recently in 2019, India won the two-match Test series 1-0 — a great victory for them as they had not tasted success since 2011. These two teams have also played one tie test match when they met in 2017 at Birmingham which ended even stevens.

Ind vs Aus ODI Records:

The head-to-head ODI record between both countries stands at 17 games with India edging ahead just slightly by winning 9 out of those matches compared to Australia’s 7 victories with one game finishing without a result. Notably, India achieved a clean sweep during their last ODI series in 2019, winning all three matches.

Ind vs Aus T20I Records:

The records between these two teams in the shortest format of the game are much more closely contested, with India leading 6-5 as of March 2023. Their last match was played in 2021 which Australia won by a narrow margin with just one run on the board at the end of their innings. Fans can look forward to another exciting contest when these two nations take guard once again soon!

Overall Records:

When it comes to overall head-to-head records across all formats, India holds a slight edge over Australia with 23 wins out of 38 matches against them to date in March 2023. Needless to say, this rivalry between these two cricketing nations over the years has been nothing short of thrilling, and fans will surely be looking forward to what promises to be another exhilarating clash when India and Australia meet up again soon!

Overview of India vs Australia Cricket Records

India and Australia have been frequent rivals in Cricket since the early 2000s. Both teams have a rich history and both have performed remarkably well over the years, resulting in a highly competitive rivalry between them. As of March 2023, India holds an overwhelming lead with 27 wins over Australia in the 33 matches that have been played. During their most recent encounter, the Indian team handily dispatched their Australian opponents by 151 runs.

This score follows a line of other successful games for India standing out among those at Kolkata 2019 when they beat Australia by seven wickets. On the other hand, despite putting up a valiant effort in some matches, Australia has only been able to get six wins hence far against India’s formidable lineup. However, it’s that fighting spirit and constant improvement that makes Australia one of India’s favorite rivals on the field.

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Comparing India and Australia’s Batting Stats

India and Australia have faced off in cricket matches four times since the start of 2021, with some thrilling contests creating rich memories for fans in both countries. To put those matches into perspective, it’s worthwhile considering the batting stats of the Indian and Australian sides. India has scored an impressive 523 runs from their 4 matches against Australia, outstripping Australia’s 485 total. India’s players have recorded a collective average of 43.6 with significant contributions from star batters like Rohit Sharma who has scored an eye-catching 166 potential runs so far this year.

However, Australia has also shown strength as a whole at the crease with Bradman Haydn recording an Average of 38, more than enough to be respected on the international stage. Showdowns between these two nations promise plenty of excitement going forward!

Examining India and Australia’s Bowling Stats

When it comes to international cricket, India and Australia have had differing fortunes. While India has a towering record when it comes to batting performances against Australia, the bowling stats paint an altogether different picture. In matches till March 2023, Indian bowlers have taken 83 wickets while their Australian counterparts have snaffled 122 wickets.

A deeper look at the figures reveals why – Australians mostly rely on spinners, a trait that has paid dividends against the Indians who on certain occasions have failed to make the most of slower deliveries. But on Indian pitches, with their pace attack firing in tandem, Team India can often leave Australian batsmen struggling for ideas. The upcoming match-up between these two teams promises to be an intriguing one!

Looking at the Fielding Records between India and Australia

For cricket fans, tracking the fielding records between India and Australia provides a fascinating insight into the performance of both teams over the years. From catches taken in the deep to run-outs near the boundary line and everything in between, both sides have seen some amazing feats of athleticism in the field.

Overall, India has had a better record in terms of overall fielding prowess compared to Australia’s efforts, but investing time into studying all of their matches will show that there are some close contests here – especially with certain areas such as direct hits and catches at slip which has remained neck-and-neck right up until March 2023. It’s no surprise why some pundits feel that this rivalry is worth watching out for!

Review of the Overall Match Records between India and Australia

India and Australia have been meeting on the cricket field since the 1990s, but their overall match records show India still holds an advantage. Since they began playing in 1996, India has won 24 out of the 28 matches between them, with Australia only managing to get four victories. The last five matches have all gone in India’s favor, with a win rate of 100%. The two sides have not competed since March 2023, when India sealed yet another victory by nine wickets in Delhi. With such momentum behind them, it looks like India will continue to dominate its rivalry with Australia for years to come.

Concluding Thoughts on Ind vs Aus Standing as of March 2023

As of March 2023, India and Australia have had a storied history in cricket. India has consistently held a decisive upper hand over their Australian counterparts, with the two cricket teams facing off in 13 matches thus far. While seven of these encounters were won by India, five ended up being tied and one was won by Australia. Given this even spread of results between the two teams, it is difficult to draw any definitive conclusions about their standing against one another as things stand in March 2023.

Nevertheless, India’s superior success rate can certainly be seen as indicating their dominance in this matchup overall. With both nations continuing to engage in competitive cricket at a high level for years to come, it is sure to be an exciting journey until the tables possibly turn someday!

When examining India versus Australia cricket records until March 2023, it is evident that India has firmly taken the position of the better team. India’s batting stats are some of the strongest in the world, with players like Virat Kohli having a career average above 40 and Rohit Sharma sitting at just over 44. Additionally, their bowling attacks have baffled batters all over the world with quick bowlers like Jasprit Bumrah taking down top-order batsmen and spinners such as Ravichandran Ashwin managing to utilize flight to draw out false strokes.

Finally, their fielding prowess is impeccable, having produced run-outs on many occasions. This aptitude weighs heavily in their favor when playing against teams like Australia who are not as well-equipped in this department. To summarize, India comes out ahead in terms of match records, showing just how intimidating they can be when facing off against smaller teams like Australia.


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