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Toll Rises to 30 in Indore Temple Stepwell Roof Collapse; Rescue Operation Underway

Toll Rises to 30 in Indore Temple Stepwell Roof Collapse; Rescue Operation Underway

In tragic news out of Indore, the death toll in the temple stepwell roof collapse has risen to 30. The incident took place on March 30, 2023, and rescue operations are currently ongoing. The stepwell, located in the Pipliyapala regional park, was a popular tourist attraction. Officials have stated that heavy rainfall and strong winds may have been contributing factors to the collapse. Our thoughts go out to the victims and their families during this difficult time.

The stepwell plunged nine feet into a pool of murky water, and 15 people were swiftly rescued with the aid of ropes. Unfortunately, several perished due to drowning or suffocation. Mahesh Chandra Jain stated that late on Thursday 70 army soldiers began aiding in rescue efforts which resulted in 16 bodies being recovered from beneath collapsed roofing rubble at the site.

Nine people are still unaccounted for and rescue operations have been hampered by the steady influx of water from the stepwell.

The stepwell was a popular tourist attraction due to its ornate design, featuring multiple levels of steps and intricate carvings. It had been built during the reign of the Holkar dynasty and was considered a significant landmark in Indore.

The cause of the collapse is still under investigation, but officials have stated that heavy rainfall and strong winds in the area may have played a significant role. The incident occurred during a sudden and heavy bout of rainfall in Indore, and the rescue operation was delayed due to the incessant downpour.

Emergency services arrived at the scene soon after the collapse and began rescue efforts. The operation was fraught with difficulty due to the heavy rain, and it took the rescuers several hours to pull out the injured and deceased from the rubble.

The injured were rushed to nearby hospitals, and the deceased were sent for post-mortem examinations to determine the exact cause of death. The Indore district administration has announced a compensation of Rs 5 lakhs to the families of the deceased. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has also expressed his condolences and declared that the government would provide all support to the affected families.

The incident has sparked outrage among locals and has raised questions about the maintenance of heritage structures in Indore. Several activists have demanded an investigation into the incident and an immediate audit of all heritage structures in the city. They have also urged the government to take stricter measures to protect such structures from natural disasters.

The opposition political parties have also criticized the government for failing to take adequate measures to prevent such incidents. The Congress party has demanded an inquiry into the incident and has stated that the state government should be held responsible for the tragedy.

The temple management committee has come under fire for neglecting the maintenance of the structure. Locals have alleged that the temple authorities were aware of the dilapidated state of the stepwell and had failed to take any action to repair it.

The incident has once again raised concerns about the safety of heritage structures in the country. In recent years, several incidents of collapse and damage to heritage structures have been reported, raising questions about their maintenance and preservation. The government and heritage conservation bodies have been urged to take urgent measures to prevent such incidents and preserve the country’s rich cultural heritage.

The rescue operation continued until the following day, with emergency services working around the clock to search for any survivors. The local authorities have set up a help desk for the families of the victims, and counseling sessions have been organized for those who witnessed or were affected by the incident.

The Pipliyapala regional park, which sees a large number of visitors every day, has been closed until further notice. The temple management committee has issued a statement urging people to avoid visiting the area until the structure is deemed safe.

In conclusion, the Indore temple stepwell roof collapse is a tragedy, and our hearts go out to the victims and their families. It highlights the urgent need for the authorities to take strict measures to ensure the safety of our heritage structures. We hope that such incidents can be prevented in the future by enforcing strict regulations and implementing regular maintenance checks to ensure that these structures are safe for visitors to enjoy.


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