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How To Access New Energy Efficiency Rebates For Windows Replacement Oshawa

How To Access New Energy Efficiency Rebates For Windows Replacement Oshawa

If you are a homeowner, there is a possibility that you may be contemplating on replacing your old windows with new ones which are energy efficient. However, the cost of windows replacement Oshawa can be significant investment hence one should take advantage of any available incentives or rebates.

It may not come to mind as the first thing when thinking about home improvement projects but window replacement is among them. Your windows may be costing you money and comfort if they are old, drafty or damaged. The following is a guide on accessing new energy-efficiency rebates for Oshawa windows and doors.

Schedule An Appointment With An Energy Advisor

Your home will become more energy efficient if you work with an energy advisor who can give you direction. If you don’t know much about this field it’s better to get an adviser.

Determine Your Eligibility For Rebates

You need to establish whether you qualify for the new energy efficiency rebates for windows replacement Oshawa as part of your initial step. There are several programs that offer rebates for energy-efficient upgrades. These schemes have different requirements thus it is critical to do research and identify the best match according to your own judgment.

Choose Energy-Efficient Windows

To qualify for discounts, one must choose windows that meet specific criteria of saving energy as laid down by the board. Models with high star rating in terms of efficiency include U-factor which shows how well window insulates heat loss from it.

Energy-efficient windows could lead to significant savings on power bills by maintaining a warm house in winter and cool one during summer times.

Hire A Professional Installer

To qualify for rebates, it is necessary to hire an installer certified under Window Wise program who will replace your windows.

This training makes sure that installers understand the process involved while installing these devices in such a way that they don’t lose any energy. Hiring of a professional installer also helps to make sure that your windows still have their warranty.

Submit Your Rebate Application

Once your windows are installed, you can submit your rebate application to your chosen program. Be sure to gather all the required documents: receipt for replacement, proof of installation and energy star label on windows.

Deadlines must be met and the application should be followed up in order to expedite the processing of one’s rebates.

Enjoy Your Savings

These steps will enable one access new energy efficiency rebates for windows replacement and this will lead to huge savings on energy bills. You stand a chance of saving more money as well as getting a comfortable and efficient house.

Windows Replacement Can Increase The Value Of Your Home

This is because having energy efficient windows adds value to your home while reducing the cost incurred by using power.

New window installations are sought after by potential buyers, who look at various factors including energy efficiency levels. In fact, homeowners can recover approximately 72.3% from the proceeds of selling their houses through window replacements.

Energy-Efficient Windows Are Good For The Environment

By replacing old drafty windows with ones which save energy, then you can have a reduced carbon footprint thus promoting sustainability.

Windows Replacement Can Improve Indoor Comfort

This implies that energy-efficient windows are designed to reduce heat loss or gain in a house and as such, little energy is needed to warm or cool it down. As a result, this can greatly decrease the volume of greenhouse gas released in the process of generating power.

Professional Installation Is Key

When your house feels drafty or you cannot regulate temperature properly, one solution could be replacing the windows with new ones.

Hence, hiring a professional for this task is crucial despite DIY window replacement appearing cost effective.

Professional installers possess necessary tools, experiences and expertise for proper and secure installation of your new windows Oshawa. Structural integrity of your house and even its energy efficiency may be affected by poor installation leading to air leaks, water infiltration among other issues.


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