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Exploring the Growing Demand for Private Chefs in Los Angeles

The jobs for private chef are highly sought after, and it is expected that the job market for analysts will grow by 11% from 2018 to 2028.

However, demand changes with geography and customer type. Aspiring home cooks should study their target market and create a strong network that allows them to find suitable employment.

In the Employability Assessment by CareerExplorer, there was an F ranking in the home cook job market predicted to grow by 5.2% between 2016 and 2026.

US will require over the next decade-9,300 home cooks; additional chefs -1,300; existing chefs retiring -8,000.

Home chefs are needed in different regions and populations with dietary restrictions as well as exotic cuisine offering better career opportunities.

This means having experience and being able to network with prospective clients are indispensable in this competitive environment.

Private Chefs Roles

A personal chef service offers a unique culinary experience tailored according to visitors’ tastes and dietary preferences.

It includes adjustment of menu, ingredients shopping, mise en place, cooking at client’s location, providing meal service, as well as kitchen set up and cleanup.

On the other hand if you want your guest to choose his or her own food without considering any fee charges that may be applicable then this is not a part of service charge. Private chef services are perfect for intimate meals or special occasions where people would like to enjoy gourmet dinners at home.

Chef may prepare mise en place prior visiting the house of a client because he has complex menu which he will have to cook from there.

Many foodies love spending time chatting with chefs about cooking techniques and assisting them in kitchens too.

Demand for Personal Chefs

There was once a booming business in personal chief industry but it still exists because of several reasons such as novelty of ideas brought about by high quality ready-to-eat foods specialization in high end line grocery store concept stores and grocery stores.

While jobs for full-time home chefs are scarce, the market is fragmented with busy families hiring cooks to prepare frozen meals for them.

This can also create other opportunities for older adults or people living with disabilities. Most home chefs are self-employed and must be motivated to start and run an independent business.

Some of these chefs teach cooking classes while writing articles about cooking, and working in restaurants at the same time.

As your company grows you may need to sell your consulting services through specialty stores, employ assistants or establish a referral firm.

Increasingly, formal culinary training is important as culinary schools acknowledge it as a vocation and offer in-person cooking classes.

If you’re an aspiring private chef, then you should turn to The American Personal & Private Chef Association (APPCA).

Cost of Private Chefs in Los Angeles

The cost of hiring a personal chef depends on the number of guests in LA.  A reservation for two costs $139/person on average.

However, as more guests come on board there would be reduction in price. For bookings involving 10 people plus; the mean cost is around US$89. Additionally, prices may vary depending on food type preferred and additional services required

The average pricing is $113 for 3-6 people and $111 for 7-12 persons. At 13-upwards marks it’s about $107 on average. Prices are also influenced by seasonality effects along with seasonality as well.

The table below presents average price charged per month by home chefs in Los Angeles:

These rates are just an average and may vary on individual client preferences.

Additionally our company’s professional chefs can also cater for the dietary needs and preferences of each customer thereby creating delicious meals that have been personalized to suit every guest.


The following table shows monthly variations in Los Angeles private chef bookings. Seasonal changes in private chef reservations can be seen in Los Angeles, with the monthly fluctuations indicated in the table below.

When planning to visit, book during off-peak seasons and other factors like big events or holidays.

Secure your booking ahead of time to get the best prices and availability as well as do a bit of research before picking between any two options and look at what special offers or packages different private chefs in town might be having.

Make your reservation early enough since costs may change especially on last minute engagements, if there is anything specific you would like excluded or added by the chef let him know before hand as well, it is important you have dinner with friends or family so that the cost is broken down.


There are four hundred eight private chefs within Los Angeles who provide an exclusive customized meal experience at home. Just fill out and submit a form requesting menu proposals from the top four chefs near your place of residence.

This will help you choose correctly among them. Our service allows you to find a perfect restaurant for your needs using customer reviews and ratings.

To select either one of them or both depending on what best suits your interests, you can also take into account their professional biographies.

In addition they can alter this after considering both your preference and dietary requirements.

For big occasions or everyday dinners it is easy to hire a personal cook through online reservation systems which also allows payments to be made via debit cards, credit cards etc.

You may go for one that suites you from different cuisines because several private cooks specialize in various foods.


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